December 18, 2008

(Rumor) Oracle: Major layoffs are to come in January 2009

According to rumors from different sources: “There were several layoffs reported between November – December, 2008 in Oracle’s North America consulting unit. The reduction in force included 140 IT consultants specializing in Siebel, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, and Hyperion products.”

Rumor: “A bunch of people were laid off from Oracle’s business units including utility and retail. Major layoffs are to come in Jan 2009”.

Rumor: “at least 2 people were laid off from PeopleSoft/Oracle unit with no warning.”

Rumor: “20% of the Education staff was let go”.

Update: According to Dow Jones and CNNMoney: “Oracle Corp.’s (NASDAQ: ORCL) fiscal second-quarter net income fell slightly, with the stronger dollar dragging on revenue and profitability.
Revenue for the quarter was lower than Wall Street expected, reflecting both the currency impact and weaker information-technology expenditure, but cost control and a strong flow of maintenance support revenue helped Oracle hit its quarterly earnings per share guidance.”

Update 2 (1-09-2009): According to rumors:

  • SAP layoffs: “A source reports that SAP is making some deep cuts in SAP’s Strategic Growth Enterprise (SGE) unit (focused on the SMB space). A 300 sales-related positions were affected in North America.”
  • Infor layoffs: A source reports that “Infor just laid off a staggering 85% of their senior managers and executives across UK and Europe.”

Update 3 (1-11-2009):

  • India’s Oracle office in Bangalore lays off 40 people, according to The Time of India.
  • Oracle India has an extensive network of more than 400 channel and alliance partners in India, which includes Infosys, Satyam, Sonata, Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro.

Update 4 (1-12-2009):

  • Reports said that after the acquisition of i-Flex, Oracle was planning to lay off almost all employees of that company, though the decision was scrapped after intervention of Oracle’s management, as the layoff of all i-Flex employees could project a failure of the acquisition, according to rumor

Update 5 (1-13-2009):

Update 6 (1-13-2009):

  • Oracle cut around 500 positions in its North American sales and consulting businesses last Friday (January 9, 2009), according to WSJ and other sources.
  • Investors had anticipated a larger scale of the job cuts thanks to the rumors last week that the company was aiming to eliminate thousands of its employees, according to Yahoo Finance
  • Oracle  employed 86,657 globally at the end of November.

~ Please feel free to comment this info and/or send us your updates regarding Oracle layoffs. ~
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  1. IF Layoff’s justice or not makes much difference. If it lose the fair,then Layoff becomes the tool of politics. It’s nothing more than a witch-hunt.

    Comment by Merry Christmas — December 24, 2008 @ 2:54 am | Reply

  2. Ingram Micro(India) is planning to layoff 100 people on March2009

    Comment by Kishore — December 28, 2008 @ 5:32 am | Reply

  3. Layoffs continue at SAP. SAP says goodbye to most of its Business Objects talent.

    Comment by tfpissedoff — January 7, 2009 @ 12:29 pm | Reply

  4. Oracle started ditching NA field today. Continues to tomorrow.

    Comment by Michael — January 8, 2009 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  5. Well, no more rumors – I’ve got a “pink slip” today.

    Comment by pnora — January 9, 2009 @ 6:47 am | Reply

  6. I heard over 5% RIF. I know of 15 people let go between yesterday and today so far

    Comment by Hozer — January 9, 2009 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  7. I got laid off from oracle today. They are conducting layoffs in the morning, and fed-exing last checks and legal papers today. 10-15% Across the board is what I was told. All layoffs will be done by the end of the day.

    Comment by lgt — January 9, 2009 @ 9:51 am | Reply

  8. Layoffs are happening today. I was laid off this morning. Notifications happened this morning and last checks and legal forms are being fed-exed today.

    Comment by lgt — January 9, 2009 @ 11:47 am | Reply

  9. I’m hearing 10%. so 8,000 people

    Comment by Enonymouse — January 9, 2009 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

  10. I got laid off today. I am in Oracle CRM field sales.

    Comment by Nancy — January 9, 2009 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

  11. Really sorry to hear this, guys. This is sad..

    Comment by DF — January 9, 2009 @ 1:59 pm | Reply

  12. Ditto, I was in the Channel

    Comment by Anonymous — January 9, 2009 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

  13. Anyone have information as to departments / org units affected?

    Comment by AF — January 9, 2009 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

  14. Me too ….I was in Sales Business Operations.

    Comment by MK — January 9, 2009 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

  15. Oracle today laid off at least 20 people in front of my eyes. and many more which i just heard. Conditions are really bad. Oracle India.

    Comment by msr — January 9, 2009 @ 2:27 pm | Reply

  16. The Channels group was obliterated. Very sad.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 9, 2009 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

  17. Was also in channels and alliances org U.S. realized later in day I wasn’t alone

    Comment by Looking for Work — January 9, 2009 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

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  19. BI group has been obliterated

    Comment by Hozer — January 9, 2009 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

  20. How come Oracle layoff wasn’t shown in the WARN site? Wasn’t large company supposed to report their planned layoff?

    Comment by ywh — January 9, 2009 @ 4:06 pm | Reply

  21. trust me Oracle was beyond any loopholes on this one, what are the consequences if they did not abide by the law

    Comment by Hozer — January 9, 2009 @ 4:20 pm | Reply

  22. Does any one know which depts or areas are getting laid off?

    Comment by als — January 9, 2009 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

    • Als, we don’t have this info, but some people above did post which department they were at. FWIW.

      Comment by 7macaw — January 9, 2009 @ 4:38 pm | Reply

  23. All day today the Oracle stocks were traded at very low volume till end of the day when the block of 4+M shares were bought. Could it be Larry or somebody close to him? Can it be construed as an “insider” trading?

    Comment by pnora — January 9, 2009 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

  24. I am pretty sure it was all depts within Oracle

    Comment by Hozer — January 9, 2009 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

  25. At least 3 people in my group were let go including one person needed for a presentation today. very sad indeed

    Comment by phg — January 9, 2009 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

  26. Hi Guys
    I was the part of the hair cut too.I am into consulting.and my utilization was 87% this year.
    I asked my manager what is the reason but have not got the clear cut answer? ( Does the folks in oracle expect me to work in holiday season).I worked my ass off billing the client and pumping the money to oracle treasury and I am not pissed off because they let me go but have not intimated few
    days advance.

    Comment by Raj — January 9, 2009 @ 5:19 pm | Reply

  27. I was in the NA NATO Sales org. (Fusion middleware) Cuts were over 10%.

    Comment by lgt — January 9, 2009 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

  28. I was let go today, 9 years with the company and countless awards for utilizations and leadership roles in major high profile projects.

    200 were let go in 1 group alone. So this is major shit.

    Severance is a pitty as well – max of 12 weeks for PeopleSoft legacy employees.

    Comment by oradork — January 9, 2009 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

  29. Its very true that Manager’s know the name & list of the employee who is getting laid off before a week.
    They layoff employees today night also without any previous intimation

    Comment by sun — January 9, 2009 @ 7:19 pm | Reply

  30. Hey guy, I am about to hire a employment lawyer to review my severance package and it’s legality. Anyone willing to pool together to do this?

    Comment by lawsuit — January 9, 2009 @ 7:32 pm | Reply

  31. I do not see Oracle’s layoff notice at WARN list for California, 2009:

    (NOTE: link contains Adobe PDF document)

    Click to access eddwarncn09.pdf

    Comment by DF — January 9, 2009 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

  32. All departments in Oracle India and all locations had about 10% layoffs. Oracle Direct is where I am and yesterday was Black Friday. Felt really bad seeing my collegues being asked to leave.

    Comment by msr — January 9, 2009 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

  33. Mercury News –
    Oracle Co-president Safra Catz started the new year out in style by exercising her right to buy half a million shares of the Redwood City software giant, paying $5.85 million, or $11.70 a share. She then sold the shares for about $18 each, leaving her with a $3.15 million profit for her 2009 tax year.

    Now a ton of layoffs? Seems fishy to me.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 9, 2009 @ 10:26 pm | Reply

  34. “She then sold the shares for about $18 each, leaving her with a $3.15 million profit for her 2009 tax year.” – hmm.. this does not look good

    Comment by DF — January 9, 2009 @ 10:36 pm | Reply

  35. easy come east go…..

    You are talking about being thrown off a pirate ship..

    this is Oracle…

    are you surprised,

    drink more coolaid ,

    wish you all the best of luckkkkk.

    I mean that.

    Comment by Man oh Man — January 9, 2009 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

  36. I used to work in OracleDirect till last year. Resigned only in December to join a much smaller but a MNC consulting firm. Imagine my horror when I find a depressed roomie who was employed in OD till yesterday ask me if I have any openings in my current company. Then I got the dope on what transpired. 82 folks just from the Bangalore Center, dumped in a brutal, unceremonious style. They were just told to pack up and leave…no questions asked. I heard it was a global initiative, and the same happened in OD centers in US, Canada and Romania. What irks me is none of the managers got hit, but some people who have put 2 or more years of consistent performance was let go. The managers in OD are a pampered lot, they just suck up to higher management, do little work and just finger the BDCs. A lot of them are indisciplined too, and are alcoholics and womanisers. As regards Safra Catz, she is a brutally efficient woman, when she crunches the redundancy figures, heads roll. Oracle is an extremely aggressive and inhuman but that’s probably the reason why it did so well for the last 30 years.

    Comment by DeeDee — January 10, 2009 @ 1:04 am | Reply

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  38. I just got whacked, as well, less than 3 months after my hire date, 1 day after my new hire training was completed.

    Comment by anonymous — January 10, 2009 @ 5:42 am | Reply

  39. Are there any layoff from hyderabad office also? If yes which department.Are there any layoff in Ebiz Product development als?

    Comment by amit — January 10, 2009 @ 5:47 am | Reply

  40. Very cheap on severance package: One month for the first year you serve at Oracle and one week for each additional year you serve. 30 days Oracle covered COBRA. Brutal.

    Comment by Me — January 10, 2009 @ 8:27 am | Reply

  41. This is only the first round. More to come if Oracle miss Q3 or Q4 target. Good luck!

    Comment by HK — January 10, 2009 @ 8:28 am | Reply

  42. I hit my number, and they still let me go …

    Comment by SC — January 10, 2009 @ 8:45 am | Reply

  43. Were there any cuts in product development?

    Comment by UK — January 10, 2009 @ 8:58 am | Reply

  44. Three of my co-workers in US were asked to go and they are in Oracle’s PeopleSoft area. I know we have few hundred of workers in India and am sure if they are hit as well.

    Comment by BC — January 10, 2009 @ 9:13 am | Reply

  45. Hey #43. Thats a better severance than in the past it used to be 2 weeks for the first year and 1 week for each subsequent year. Larry musta been feeling generous.

    Comment by Hangin On — January 10, 2009 @ 9:32 am | Reply

  46. Yesterday was a the worst day of my professional life… I saw my colleagues asked to leave.. just like that..!! I feel really bad for those who had to leave without a clue… wish good luck for those who left.. and to those who are hanging there… still!!

    Comment by Eddie — January 10, 2009 @ 9:42 am | Reply

  47. Eddie. Man up dude. Its a recession, this stuff happens. If you’ve been around the O for awhile this goes on alot. The last recession saw the ax fall quarter after quarter at Oracle.

    Comment by Hangin On — January 10, 2009 @ 10:30 am | Reply

  48. Hey, lawsuit keep us posted on your progress.

    Comment by pnora — January 10, 2009 @ 10:50 am | Reply

  49. Hi my e-mail ID is
    I am a reporter at a newspaper called The Hindu. COuld you plaese inform me if you know anyone who;s been laid off in ORacle Bangalore.
    Please keep in touch whenever you hear more.
    Feel free to drop your number to

    Comment by Deepa Kurup — January 10, 2009 @ 10:51 am | Reply

  50. Hi my e-mail ID is
    I am a reporter at a newspaper called The Hindu. COuld you plaese inform me if you know anyone who;s been laid off in ORacle Bangalore.
    Please keep in touch whenever you hear more.
    Feel free to drop your number to
    Please respond to this comment

    Comment by Deepa Kurup — January 10, 2009 @ 10:52 am | Reply

  51. How come the layoffs are not on local news? Haven’t seen anything here in the bay area.

    Comment by HK — January 10, 2009 @ 11:18 am | Reply

  52. re:”How come the layoffs are not on local news? Haven’t seen anything here in the bay area.”
    The layoffs could be not that massive as they look like.
    Anyway, this is still a rumor until it confirmed by different news sources.

    Comment by DF — January 10, 2009 @ 11:29 am | Reply

  53. Layoff have touched nearly everyone. I am no exception. I was laid off in December from a news organization after 30 years. It seems the blogs are good at keeping the public informed on inside information.

    C. Jenkins

    Comment by cards6 — January 10, 2009 @ 11:31 am | Reply

  54. 10% workforce layoffs started this morning at Oracle. Not sure if it is across the board or not. Those affected have already been contacted and teams are holding conference calls to try and keep morale up. Wife (who works for Oracle) is on a team call right now (she survived).

    Comment by David — January 10, 2009 @ 11:39 am | Reply


    Oracle lays off over 40 in India

    Bangalore: More pink slips are being handed out in the IT sector. Enterprise software major Oracle laid off over 40 employees across its offices in India.

    A company source said they were mostly in sales. “It’s part of the global cost-cutting move. This is just the initial move and the numbers will definitely increase. By next week, we should get the actual figures,” said an employee in the Bangalore office on condition of anonymity. When contacted by STOI, a company spokesperson speaking from Delhi said, “We will not comment.”

    Comment by Steve — January 10, 2009 @ 11:55 am | Reply

  56. Hey #55,

    Layoffs really happened on Friday in the US. We lost two people from our seven people team. I am in CRM pre sales. Our region did lousy in Q1 and Q2. Don’t see any improvement in Q3 and Q4.

    Comment by HK — January 10, 2009 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

  57. Looks like it impacts more employees in India than the US? Is that why it’s not on WARN site?

    Comment by Me — January 10, 2009 @ 1:37 pm | Reply

  58. Hey #55,

    Layoffs really happened on Friday in the US. We lost two people from our seven people team. I am in CRM pre sales. Our region did lousy in Q1 and Q2. Don’t see any improvement in Q3 and Q4.

    Comment by Me — January 10, 2009 @ 1:40 pm | Reply

  59. Hi David (#57), you said your wife was on a call today (saturday)? Is this in US or India? Oracle does not work on Saturdays in US…

    Comment by als — January 10, 2009 @ 1:48 pm | Reply

  60. As noted above, I was laid off yesterday from NATO NA tech sales org. I have friends that were not laid off who told me that they had morale calls for the survivors as soon as the layoffs were done yesterday morning (friday morning).

    Comment by lgt — January 10, 2009 @ 2:07 pm | Reply

  61. Thanks lgt.. Also is the severence package of 1 month for first yr and additional one week for every additional yr worked with Oracle… plus one month’s COBRA … TRUE?

    It seems too much from Oracle standards and history!

    Comment by als — January 10, 2009 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

  62. Hi #64, yes, it was one month pay for first year of service and one week pay for every addtional year of service plus one month company paid COBRA. Not sure if it’s generous since this is my first Oracle layoff. But other companies seem to be more generous than Oracle. They also let people stay to use Oracle network until end of day Friday. I still have my laptop and will return it early next week.

    Comment by JJ — January 10, 2009 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

  63. I was a bea acquisition employee and we get the bea acquisition package which is 3 months severance, 3 months cobra. The regular package for non-bea oracle employees is 2 weeks for each year of employment, 30 days cobra. (which really sucks for a large company. I am glad I got the bea package) Each large acquisition (peoplesoft, etc) may have a separate type of package that was part of the acquisition agreement.

    Comment by lgt — January 10, 2009 @ 3:28 pm | Reply

  64. Yep, it is on local news around here:

    Comment by Anonymous Coward — January 10, 2009 @ 4:21 pm | Reply

  65. I think that the severence package is different based on the acquisition.

    BEA employees – 3 months, plus 3 months COBRA
    PeopleSoft employees – 1 month plus 1 week for each additional yr, plus 1 month COBRA
    Oracle employees – 2 weeks, No COBRA

    Comment by als — January 10, 2009 @ 5:09 pm | Reply

  66. Wow, #68, that makes sense. I was Siebel employee so I got one month for first year and one week for additional year plus one month COBRA.

    Comment by JJ — January 10, 2009 @ 7:56 pm | Reply

  67. I am working in oracle… just wanted to know, do we get a mail when we are layed off???? i am sure manager also informs… just wanted to know hose who have been laidoff by oracle any of u got a mail??

    Comment by edmond — January 10, 2009 @ 8:50 pm | Reply

  68. yes. morale calls. our manager and director called all of the survivors to the cabin and said not to worry as the exercise is over. one team member is out of 12. there is a SWAT team in India OD Bangalore where 5 people were laid off one of them was 4 1/2 in Oracle(and probably the oldest member of the team). Just heard CRM team is dissolved consisting 8 members.
    I think this is over for atleast this quarter for worker class and now its coming for Managers for this quarter.
    We survived because we did good in Q2 but I know Q3 is going to be bad and then we are preparing ourselves for the worst to come.
    Market in India for IT has gone bad majorly after this satyam issue. The market is flooded with resumes when the jobs mostly dried up.
    The problem is more with people who have taken loans to buy house or Cars.
    God know when this will be over. We have all seen the good days of IT and now the bad one. But we have to sail through this as well. Remain calm and composed and I am sure we all will come out of this.

    Comment by anonymous — January 10, 2009 @ 9:50 pm | Reply

  69. for anonymous

    OD is it On-Demand???? And also i think fusion dev team is in big mess, coz i heard the poject is going nowhere… and r u in OnDemand???

    Comment by edmond — January 10, 2009 @ 10:04 pm | Reply

  70. Man.. This is really sad. I got selected for a post in Oracle hyderabad a few months back.But they put the recruitment on hold due to the recession. Thank god!!. I still have a job.

    Comment by VM — January 11, 2009 @ 3:53 am | Reply

  71. OD meas OracleDirect (inside sales)

    Comment by anonymous — January 11, 2009 @ 4:41 am | Reply

  72. Re #70, no email just a call from your manager and a Fedex package by noon in the US.

    The typical package for regular Oracle employees is 1 month for first yr and additional one week for every additional yr worked with Oracle… plus one month’s COBRA in the US.

    Good luck to all of us !

    Comment by anon — January 11, 2009 @ 7:10 am | Reply

  73. Dear all, Any idea if there’s any lay offs in Ebiz group? especially the PEOPLESOFT – PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT teams.

    I’m so much scared, bcos the job market is also very bad in India right now. Please post your comments if you get any clue abt the same.

    Comment by N — January 11, 2009 @ 7:23 am | Reply

  74. plan to join in sales in com vertical, got another offer. Any suggestions from internal visibility standpoint?

    Comment by KAM — January 11, 2009 @ 7:23 am | Reply

  75. For 77, comm is holding up pretty well in this downturn (so far), and Oracle has a solid offering there with ROI. Might be ok to join.

    Layoffs were in India and NA field/marketing. Dev layoffs are going to be later on.

    Comment by Larry Ellison — January 11, 2009 @ 8:42 am | Reply

  76. Does anyone have information on EnterpriseOne/JD Edwards division?

    Comment by Indian Guy — January 11, 2009 @ 9:11 am | Reply

  77. Anyone heard what’s going on in Europe? Looks like it’s the usuall US & India first and they have to clear some legal obstacles before layoffs in europe. Or is it coordinated world wide this time?

    Comment by NN — January 11, 2009 @ 9:26 am | Reply

  78. for indian Guy,

    not sure about other divisions dude. yeah sales is badly affected for sure…. january is going to be a challenging month for all oracle india employees.. best of luck to all….

    Comment by edmond — January 11, 2009 @ 9:29 am | Reply

  79. Was that Larry really?

    and any idea about developers in Fusion or ebiz??

    Please provide as much updates as possible???

    where do these divisions earn their revenue from and are they affected because of this recession??if so are there gonna be lay offs?

    Comment by Hi — January 11, 2009 @ 9:32 am | Reply

  80. #82

    Of course it was “Larry”, I can’t imagine why blogging wouldn’t be number one on his list daily activities…

    Comment by Gullible — January 11, 2009 @ 12:19 pm | Reply

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  82. I’m in FMW consulting and got the axe. Just curious… are there any legal ramifications if I go to a previous client as indy?

    Comment by OnTheBubble — January 11, 2009 @ 4:02 pm | Reply

  83. #85, No. Oracle ended it’s voluntary employment arrangment with you, not vice versa. You are free to go where ever you wish.

    Comment by SB — January 11, 2009 @ 4:24 pm | Reply

  84. Hey guys and gals,
    Be strong and keep your heads up high. There is a season for everything. We had our up moment and we are in a recession now. We will get through this. Before you know it, tech jobs will spring up again.

    Comment by JA — January 11, 2009 @ 6:47 pm | Reply

  85. Any idea if this is going to continue this week also as indicated in the TOI Sunday edition ?

    Comment by Someone — January 11, 2009 @ 7:16 pm | Reply

  86. I am in BPM/SOA group and I was laid off on Jan 9th.

    Comment by Peoplesoft_Consultant — January 11, 2009 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

  87. Does anyone has any idea if there will be layoffs in OD-EMEA iTech (India) also?

    Comment by x — January 11, 2009 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

  88. I am on vacation and was on vacation when US layoffs happened. I haven’t got any email from my manager abt layoff. I am wondering abt the process they follow to lay off an employee who is on vacation.

    Comment by rupak — January 11, 2009 @ 9:13 pm | Reply

  89. Hi!
    What’s the situation with Oracle education? I mean people working for the education dept in Oracle.

    Comment by Anish — January 11, 2009 @ 11:02 pm | Reply

  90. Does anyone have information on layoffs in ORACLE SSI??

    Comment by RTG — January 12, 2009 @ 1:01 am | Reply

  91. I got “demoted” on Jan 9. Several folks in OD Sales, BI Sales, Channels, and Consulting got told to leave immediately. Thankfully I was spared, but knocked down a peg. I’m amazed that such a large layoff by an enourmous public company can avoid press coverage.

    Comment by brewer9 — January 12, 2009 @ 5:34 am | Reply

  92. I am in Oracle-Hyderabad. But, I have not heard of any layoffs here in Oracle-Hyd. My friends at Oracle-Bangalore too do not know if the layoff at Oracle-Bangalore is a rumour or real.

    Comment by Oraclite — January 12, 2009 @ 6:13 am | Reply

  93. I called a few friends in development and I.T. and they were clueless there was a blood bath with Sales and Consulting organization last Friday. I did hear from someone they’re holding back because of WARN regulations, but might do so closer to the end of the month.

    Comment by oradork — January 12, 2009 @ 6:26 am | Reply

  94. Hi Guys,

    I’m really sorry about the layoff’s.

    – If any of you guys are technically qualified (software) and are looking out for a technical training position of a BPM software product. Training experience is preferred.

    Please leave a note with contact info on this Blog and I will get in touch with you.

    Do pass the word around.


    Comment by T — January 12, 2009 @ 7:30 am | Reply

  95. Friday – Jan 9, came as a shock! I am really sad to see my friends and colleaugues being asked to leave. There were no clear cut reasons given to them, which is strange. And, I am shocked that this happened in a company like Oracle(supposedly “the giant”). Is there any chance that those will be called back? because few of them I know were amongst the most promising and were awesome performers!!?…

    Comment by kayc — January 12, 2009 @ 7:56 am | Reply

  96. Is there any word on the number of people affected in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially in the Santa Clara (old Hyperion campus), Pleasanton (old PeopleSoft campus) and Redwood Shores?

    Comment by jaydub — January 12, 2009 @ 8:54 am | Reply

  97. In one of the earlier statements Oracle had said that they won’t take such extreme steps as laying off the staff. It said that they ll cut down major expenses to sail thorough the recession. They may reduce the compensations offered and would restore it once recession is over. But now they have started laying off. This comes as a major shocker. And sad to see that more layoffs are going to follow soon

    Comment by x — January 12, 2009 @ 9:12 am | Reply

  98. Is there any layoffs in Bangalore at all or is it rumour. Coz I checked with most of my friends across BLR and heard none. I may be wrong. But pls share the info.

    Comment by Blr_dude — January 12, 2009 @ 9:19 am | Reply

  99. There were around 500 layoffs occured in the entire organization and around 100 from Consulting.

    Comment by Peoplesoft_Consultant — January 12, 2009 @ 10:05 am | Reply

  100. Sure. Have years of technical training experience in BEA/Oracle software. Contact me at
    If any of you guys are technically qualified (software) and are looking out for a technical training position of a BPM software product. Training experience is preferred.

    Comment by MK — January 12, 2009 @ 10:27 am | Reply

  101. Hello,

    I’m looking to hear from folks who were let go from Oracle in recent days. Please call 617-239-7827 or e-mail


    Chris Kanaracus
    IDG News Service

    Comment by Chris Kanaracus — January 12, 2009 @ 10:49 am | Reply

  102. I got the ax from fmw sales on 1/8. My sev. package was:
    2 weeks pay, no paid COBRA. Was also told it was not reduction in force, etc. My guess is that sales is easy enough to fire that they don’t need to call it a layoff. Besides, Oracle is at-will employment, they can let you go for any reason at any time.

    Comment by N — January 12, 2009 @ 11:05 am | Reply

  103. Previous Comment by Peoplesoft_Consultant — January 12, 2009 @ 10:05 am :
    There were around 500 layoffs occured in the entire organization and around 100 from Consulting.

    NEW COMMENT by brewer9:
    That number sounds low to be the entire company. Is that just for your division? I’m curious what the entire toll of this layoff was. I’ve seen some thoughts that it is up to 8,000 employees. Thanks.

    Comment by brewer9 — January 12, 2009 @ 11:10 am | Reply

  104. […] word on the street has it that the figure in question here is somewhere around 8,000. But there’s no mention of […]

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  105. It is for the division that report to Keith. I think it is around 600-800 for the entire org. Not more than that.

    Comment by Peoplesoft_Consultant — January 12, 2009 @ 11:48 am | Reply

  106. There’s no way it was 8,000. The number was probably between 500-1,000. and @100 – this was bound to happen with the amount of acquisitions that were happening. There was tons of overlap in both skills and titles, so this was a chance to get leaner, imo.

    Comment by commenter — January 12, 2009 @ 11:49 am | Reply

  107. There is a second round coming. Development has not been laid off yet. There is another 10% coming out of Keith’s org as well.

    Comment by don't shoot the messenger — January 12, 2009 @ 11:53 am | Reply

  108. FYI: The rumor got into Oracle FAQ website (unofficial site for Oracle-related issues):

    Comment by DF — January 12, 2009 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

  109. Hi T,

    I have 12 years of software training experience, please contact me at

    Comment by CF — January 12, 2009 @ 4:11 pm | Reply

  110. […] word on the street has it that the figure in question here is somewhere around 8,000. But there’s no mention of […]

    Pingback by Oracle Layoffs: Hundreds, Not Thousands [Digital Daily] | LinkTouch — January 12, 2009 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

  111. “Oracle declined to comment. Message boards, blogs and even the microblogging service Twitter has been abuzz since Friday about the layoffs, which had been rumored for the past two months.” –

    Comment by DF — January 12, 2009 @ 6:28 pm | Reply

  112. Hi,
    Any idea how the Retail unit is doing – are there layoffs either in US or India that anyone can update on.I joined this unit 5 months back just before the october mess, so I am wondering if they do, they the newbies would be the first ?

    Comment by Chandykunju — January 12, 2009 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

  113. Is there any rumour on when they are going to start cutting heads in the Development areas? Specifically in PeopleSoft’s Pleasanton Campus?

    Comment by Cherub_Rock — January 12, 2009 @ 9:26 pm | Reply

  114. Hi
    Is there any layoff’s planned for Oracle in Australia and if so any particular business units to be targetted

    Comment by Moni — January 13, 2009 @ 2:27 am | Reply

  115. Im the first to get layedoff !!! :-(

    Comment by RR — January 13, 2009 @ 2:40 am | Reply

  116. Hi

    I am a jounralist for and Computing, please contact me if you have been laid off.

    Thanks, Rosalie (0207 316 9172)

    Comment by Rosalie Marshall — January 13, 2009 @ 4:54 am | Reply

  117. God bless all who have been affected and those that remain and worry.

    Oracle doesn’t do much without planning it first. My hope is that this is isolated to redundant positions created because of the mergers. The financial statements show an additional 100+ million dollars worth of severance pay accrued (roughly 38 million already paid). So it may be that the remaining layoffs will be BEA people.

    Having said that, if you are one of those ‘redundant’ employees Godspeed.

    Comment by Obamawillsaveus — January 13, 2009 @ 5:46 am | Reply

  118. So – I work for the big O in EMEA. Not heard anything about EMEA redundancies. UK/DE/FR employment law a lot tougher than US – UK is probably weakest of lot.

    There’s been lots of gossip about coming redundancies but we’re yet to see anything definite.

    My gut feeling is that we will do a certain amount of “right-sizing” – and it may hit “legacy” O employees differently from acquired employees.

    Its a fact of life – been a few years since we’ve seen this – am sure it will come!

    Keep you nose down and work hard and hope for the best.

    For those of you made redundant – what a nightmare…. my sympathies!

    Comment by BigOguy — January 13, 2009 @ 8:13 am | Reply

  119. […] Enterprise System Spectator Layoff Blog […]

    Pingback by Oracle Layoffs 2009: Sorting Fact from Rumors | The Daily Anchor | Marketing and Advertising Blog — January 13, 2009 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  120. According to rumors from inside (Oracle, US): “People from sales and IT consultants (mostly H1B visa holders, who are working via vendors) let go based on .. (picture this!).. ‘performance review’ results! The word ‘lay off’ is strictly prohibited. The company trims a couple of jobs here and there in different groups. I barely noticed the disappearance of a dozen or two folks from our building.”

    Comment by DF — January 13, 2009 @ 9:18 am | Reply

  121. Hi – Sorry for the trouble. No official news from europe but Employee representatives consultation rules are very strict and prohibit any redundancy plan unilateral deployment. More news to come on

    Comment by FR Labor Union — January 13, 2009 @ 9:21 am | Reply

  122. I have a very close friend, who graduated from Harvard. Worked for ML for over 8 years, last year he’s laid off too. OMG, now the banking industry is badly hurt, how long it would take for those financial background like him get back to the job market. Banking jobs are not there as much as before as easily seen on and other job sites in the region

    Comment by Jeff — January 13, 2009 @ 9:21 am | Reply

  123. If anyone wants to talk about their experience please drop me a note.

    Comment by dj2007 — January 13, 2009 @ 9:25 am | Reply

  124. Not sure how true all the rumors are… there are def layoffs (duh), but I just spoke to a friend at oracle who said he’s fine and that this isn’t anything serious… but then he conceded he didn’t know much, so here’s hoping.

    Anyway, here’s a post that helps to sort the facts from rumors:

    Comment by Noah — January 13, 2009 @ 10:05 am | Reply

  125. Noah,

    Several of my colleagues were laid off last Friday – both Sales Engineers and Sales Reps – NA Sales org.

    Comment by anonymous — January 13, 2009 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

  126. Hi #122,

    I would be careful using the phrase ‘performance results’ as people were told specifically that it was job elimination as opposed to performance based. Oracle does fire sales people but what happened on Jan 9th was a RIF. People did get severance packages. If it was based on performance, then there wouldn’t be any severance package.

    Comment by SC — January 13, 2009 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

  127. Hi #128,
    We do not know if _all_ people have been informed in advance. Example: IT contractors, whose contract could be terminated in any time, without reason, and they are not eligible for severance package.

    I think we need someone from Oracle here to clarify the situation.

    Comment by DF — January 13, 2009 @ 2:13 pm | Reply

  128. @ #128 and #129.

    I *was* from Oracle, got let go Thursday afternoon. Mine was based on performance, but I did not know it was coming for sure. I was told specifically that it was not a RIF, so maybe mine was just separate from the layoffs.
    I did also get a severance package, although it was fairly small. Friends of mine were laid off as well. One in particular said he figured it would happen because “all they(his group) did was spend money” on traveling, etc. If these people and groups were making lots of money for Oracle, there’s no way they would have been let go.
    I will point out again that Oracle sales is AT-WILL employment, which means an employee can leave or be fired at any time, without reason. Oracle did not need to do a formal layoff to let a bunch of salespeople go. That being said, I know that at least some positions will not be filled again after letting people go.

    Comment by N — January 13, 2009 @ 2:23 pm | Reply

  129. #130, Sorry to hear that.

    Don’t they have to some kind of warn the employee about his lack of performance prior of issuing ’employment termination based of performance’ notice?

    Comment by DF — January 13, 2009 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

  130. @ DF

    Technically I don’t think they have to, however as far as I know they usually do set performance goals first. Again, AT-WILL employment.
    I said I didn’t know if it was going to happen or not, but I was given some warning specifically for myself. As I mentioned, I was told I was not part of a RIF. Not sure my manager even knew that was going to happen, as he was let go the next day!

    Comment by N — January 13, 2009 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

  131. #130 sorry for this scenario – In major European Countries the company may gets a major troubles for issuing “performance employement terminations” instead of “economic layoff procedures”. Economic dismissal get important attention from employee reps, and governements ensure appropriate training, notice period and termination packages are distributed, based on company financial capabilities.
    Germany, Nederlands, Austria, France are the one having the strongest law enforcements and insider labor union representatives and works councils.

    Seems to me that Obama times may be an opportunity to move the legislation towards a new world adoptions of Employee Representations :
    This is also a way to have responsible employees sharing concerns and solutions.

    Comment by FR Oracle Labor Union — January 13, 2009 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

  132. #132 – Oracle EMEA is deploying for a few year in many countries the PIP process “Performance Improvement Plan” aimed to warn employees of under-performance and give them an opportunity to rejoin the expected performance plan. Written assessement, SMART goals and training are documented and should be enforced by local management before lanching a escalation procedure towards dismissal.
    You may also refer to “EMEA Managing Within the law” training for managers, that enforces good practices and legal aspects for a better way of coping with those kind of situations.

    Comment by FR Oracle Labor Union — January 13, 2009 @ 3:19 pm | Reply

  133. Guys!
    I am not surprised at all about what is going on in Oracle…
    I was laid off in 2005 when Oracle both Peoplesoft.
    I was waiting for Green Card 6 years…
    Finally I lost everything.
    But I have seen the management level in Oracle – really suuucks…
    90% of management needs be laid off first.
    They are not professional, they are – ass lickers!
    I used to work in Application then in CRM.
    I still keep letters when my manager harassed me…
    I have very hard arguments if somebody from Oracle will try judge me!!!
    Unfortunately Larry does not care of middle level of management…
    Or may be he does not want to see that…
    It is very sad, I needed Green Card.
    My friend had PhD in CS in database – and he was also laid off…
    I salute you! Be patient!

    Comment by dammy — January 13, 2009 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  134. I was expressly told the layoff on friday was NOT performance related, but was a reduction in force. This was a layoff of 10% of the sales org and other orgs are to follow later in the month.

    Comment by laidoff — January 13, 2009 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

  135. Hi #129 and #130,

    I was let go last Friday. I was in north america sales consulting team. I supported CRM On Demand. I was told my position was eliminated. I saw it coming. The region I supported have done lousy (closed 0 deal in Q1 and 1 deal in Q2). Our CRM On Demand product is weak compared to salesforce offering. We lost all CRM On Demand deals. I wasn’t engaged enough by reps since there is no CRM On Demand deals.

    I have heard that Oracle is shifting product focus from CRM On Demand to MDM and BPM. Hence, overlap teams in CRMOD and BI were hit hard.

    Comment by JR — January 13, 2009 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

  136. #137,
    Theoretically the should give you the chance to find job opening inside the company, if your position was eliminated..

    Comment by DF — January 13, 2009 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  137. I was told I was eligible for rehire and could find a job within the company Friday as part of the layoff “meeting”. They even put directions on how to apply for oracle jobs into the severance packet they sent us by fedex. The only problem is, oracle has a hiring freeze, etc….

    Anyway, my point is that it was a reduction in force and was not performance related. Our region missed its number each quarter so we all knew layoffs were coming. There is a spreadsheet floating around with the next 10% who are slated to be cut if the q3 number is missed.

    Comment by laidoff — January 13, 2009 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

  138. […] (Rumor) Oracle: Major layoffs are to come in January 2009 According to rumors from different sources: “There were several layoffs reported between November – December, […] […]

    Pingback by Top Posts « — January 13, 2009 @ 4:28 pm | Reply

  139. Hey #139,

    woudl you mind telling me which group were you in? Were you in commerical or strategic?

    Comment by JR — January 13, 2009 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

  140. 141, I was a sales consultant in NATO covering covering commercial accounts. 3 out of 12 of our team was let go. I will let you do the math. Overall, 10% of the org was laid off on Friday. Only sales and marketing and certain consulting divisions were laid off last week. Development layoffs are happening separately. The people laid off were a mixture of different acquisitions and legacy oracle employees (ie, employees not coming to Oracle from an acquisition)

    Comment by laidoff — January 13, 2009 @ 4:50 pm | Reply

  141. Hey #141,

    I was also a SC in commercial team. Looks like commercial team did pretty bad across the board (different product pillars). Those who survived are worried that they would be next. I can assure another round is coming, at least in commercial CRM. Pipeline for Q3 is Q4 is pathatic.

    Comment by JR — January 13, 2009 @ 4:53 pm | Reply

  142. Anyone know how they calculate the severance package? One week per year working there and maximum for 4 weeks paid?

    Comment by questions — January 13, 2009 @ 7:26 pm | Reply

  143. There are different severance packages depending on whether you came to oracle as part of an acquisition or not. The BEA severance for anyone lower in the hierarchy than a director, is 3 months severance three months cobra. The peoplesoft, hyperion and siebel packages are one month severance for first year of work and one week for each additional year, and one month cobra. The severance for oracle employees that are not a part of an acquisition is two weeks for the first year and one week for each additional year, no paid cobra.

    Comment by laidoff — January 13, 2009 @ 7:59 pm | Reply

  144. re: #145

    I can second that, as that’s the exact severance I got. That is also exactly what the sev. package documents outlined.
    I was an employee not from any acquisition.

    Comment by N — January 13, 2009 @ 8:55 pm | Reply

  145. There is no q3 or q4 pipeline, and the pipeline they have is not very qualified, at least in the group I was in. So even though the layoff is done for sales in this quarter there will be another lay off next quarter and then a big one at the end of the year. I checked with my friends and co-workers in development (a few of them are director level) and layoffs are coming in development at the end of the month. If you add up all the layoffs that have been quietly happening since November, a couple of thousand have already been laid off minimum, with several thousand more layoffs coming in a couple of weeks, and that is just in the US. How oracle manages to hide this from the press is pretty interesting.

    Comment by laidoff — January 14, 2009 @ 7:35 am | Reply

  146. FYI. Check your severace amount. The amount computer for mine was incorrect! They had to revise the letter and resend the package to me.

    Comment by wrong severance — January 14, 2009 @ 7:45 am | Reply

  147. Hi Guys,

    I’m really sorry about the layoff’s.

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    Location : Bangalore, India
    Position: Technical Trainer

    – There could be an opportunity If any of you guys are technically qualified (software) and are looking out for a technical training position with a BPM software product company. Training experience is preferred.

    ***Opportunity 2***

    Location: Delhi, India
    Position: Senior analyst
    Education : BE / MCA (MBA will be a plus)
    Exp : 5+ years

    Skill set
    Hands on experience with programming ASP.Net / C# /.Net

    Preparation of Prototype/ functional sepcification/ technical specs/ functional design
    Coding and verification of application against SR doc
    R&D for projects and tech team

    Please leave a note with contact info on this Blog and I will get in touch with you.

    Do pass the word around.


    Comment by T — January 14, 2009 @ 8:29 am | Reply

  148. @149 why do you think people would be ok putting up their contact info public?

    Comment by Anonymous Coward — January 14, 2009 @ 9:03 am | Reply

  149. I am a member of the North American CRM Sales Org (not laid off yet) and I can confirm that Q3 and Q4 pipeline is anemic. Cutting our Sales Consultants will only make it worse. Knowing this the next wave will probably be the last week of Feb or first week of March. Honestly I don’t know why our entire group was passed over but can only speculate that they are waiting to see Q3 numbers.

    Comment by NB — January 14, 2009 @ 11:41 am | Reply

  150. Any idea about dev layoffs,I wonder who will work ,if dev ppl are laidoff :) .

    Comment by Not yet — January 14, 2009 @ 12:17 pm | Reply

  151. For those of us who are still at Oracle the general mood on the floor is horrible. They either cut the rest now or get past the rumors.

    Comment by Still at Oracle — January 14, 2009 @ 12:19 pm | Reply

  152. All I can say to the SC survivors is to rack up you OT (milk whatever you can while it’s still available) and keep your rez up to date so when the storm comes you are ready.

    Comment by Me — January 14, 2009 @ 12:33 pm | Reply

  153. WSJ says Oracle cut 500 jobs: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

    Comment by fred — January 14, 2009 @ 1:41 pm | Reply

  154. 155, that is just in North america sales. The total was between 500 and 600 in north american sales. That does not count the consulting or training numbers or the development numbers that are coming later in the month.

    Comment by laidoff — January 14, 2009 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

  155. Someone mentioned April-May 2009 as a main layoff season in Oracle.

    Comment by DF — January 14, 2009 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

  156. Oracle’s fiscal year ends in May, so JUNE is their biggest time for layoffs.

    Comment by brewer9 — January 14, 2009 @ 6:15 pm | Reply

  157. Has anyone who got laid off from the sales org gotten their Q2 commision and bonus yet? When will severance check and COBRA form mail out? Thanks!

    Comment by Me — January 14, 2009 @ 6:24 pm | Reply

  158. “Investors had anticipated a larger scale of the job cuts thanks to the rumors last week that the company was aiming to eliminate thousands of its employees, according to Yahoo Finance” – looks like somebody got the last chance to short Oracle.

    Comment by DF — January 14, 2009 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

  159. @Me

    Your final Q2 commission should have been paid out to you at the end of December, unless something booked wrong and you had to jump through the hoops to get it done. Follow up with your manager and with payroll.
    I was told that you have 21 days to sign the sev. package and then they mail the check out to you, don’t know how long that takes.

    Comment by N — January 14, 2009 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

  160. Inside souce said low to mid level managers in sales/presales will be trimmed next round… watch out!

    Comment by Insider — January 14, 2009 @ 7:42 pm | Reply

  161. Hi, I would like to invite the information from Oracle grater china, including CN, HK and TW. Does anyone know the layoff in this region? Little John

    Comment by Little John — January 14, 2009 @ 10:19 pm | Reply

  162. What Most of OD India does in terms of sales prospecting is highly fraudulent. They make gochi calls (as in false calls) to augment for their call numbers and volumes, find out field and/or partner run deals from the crm and pipe them as their own opportunities. The managers fail to review the pipelines with fine tooth combs, and neither do they want to, cos, they have to make their own numbers as well. Such an organization cant go on for long with the same MO. In boom times, it doesn’t make a difference, but in lean times, organizations take a very hard, deep look at their “Cost Centers” So looking through a crystal ball, I would say that the worst in terms of OD layoffs is yet to come.

    Comment by Mr_Irony — January 15, 2009 @ 12:52 am | Reply

  163. Has anyone in the US received their COBRA packet yet? In my initial package it said that would be sent separately, but I haven’t seen it yet. Anyone else?

    Comment by Channel Layoff — January 15, 2009 @ 6:26 am | Reply

  164. More layoffs. $@%^#!

    I’ve been covering the Oracle layoffs on The Daily Anchor, and as a follow up today I wrote an article on tips for finding a job in a recession. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no magic trick for finding a job right now, but there are some things you can do to at least increase your chances of finding an opportunity and landing an interview…

    “What to Do if You’ve Been Laid Off: Finding a Job in a Recession”

    Comment by Andrew — January 15, 2009 @ 6:59 am | Reply

  165. #165, not yet. Haven’t gotten anything yet.

    Comment by NG — January 15, 2009 @ 8:31 am | Reply

  166. For all sales consultants that were laid off last friday, I called hr and this is what they told me about q2 bonus checks and the cobra packet.

    Q2 bonus checks are getting mailed today (those not laid off received the bonus in today’s pay check)

    Cobra gets sent from a separate outsourced company and takes a “couple of weeks” to arrive.

    Comment by laidoff — January 15, 2009 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  167. @ #164

    I can definitely attest to that as an OD sales rep for 15 months. I probably had 2 decent opps sent to me by bdc’s that entire time, the rest was crap; at least the bdc’s were nice people though.

    Comment by N — January 15, 2009 @ 9:56 am | Reply

  168. Hey #168, thanks for the update! I got my Q2 bonus direct deposted to my bank account today.

    Comment by NG — January 15, 2009 @ 10:55 am | Reply

  169. Hi, any update on severance check? I mailed in the release form early this week. Thanks!

    Comment by R — January 15, 2009 @ 11:04 am | Reply

  170. #170, me too, I just checked after reading your post. I got my last expense check direct deposited too.

    Comment by laidoff — January 15, 2009 @ 11:29 am | Reply

  171. First off, sorry to those affected by the layoff. Its rough and I’ve been there. I worked in OracleDrect 6 years – 2 as a rep and 4 as a sales manager. Honestly, there was tons of overhead in OD – people spent most of their time justifying their jobs. Also very political – its best for those still remaining to align strongly with their managers (even if you don’t like them) and to your field counterparts which really do determine your fate when all else is done. Lots of smart folks at Oracle, but the Peter Principle is in place and the wicked prosper.

    Comment by R — January 15, 2009 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

  172. @150 – To get a job

    Comment by T — January 15, 2009 @ 1:45 pm | Reply

  173. Anybody think next round could be as soon as tomorrow? There are some CRM sales teams at OracleDirect that are doing very poorly and are very nervous. It’s basically an overlap position. There is a VP at OD HQ meeting with managers as I write this.

    Comment by X — January 15, 2009 @ 2:09 pm | Reply

  174. #175,

    Oracle does layoff on Fridays. It’s their tradition.

    Please stay positive, folks. I was laid off last Friday and I just got a job offer today. There are still jobs out there. I was in CRM sales. Use your network resources such as

    Take heart and we will get through this.

    Comment by R — January 15, 2009 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

  175. There is a mid-management round coming this month as well, from what I heard from my friends who survived. I know for a fact that when they put together the spreadsheet for the 10-11% of sales that got cut last friday, they have the next 10% lined up and ready to go. (I heard this off the record from someone who has been attending the “stack ranking” meetings that management is having) They are looking at sales and costs on a weekly basis at this point.

    Comment by laidoff — January 15, 2009 @ 2:23 pm | Reply

  176. Yup, just heard from someone who attended the “stack ranking” meeting. Low to mid level managers are next to go in sales/presales. Too many mangers and few work done!

    Comment by Larry — January 15, 2009 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

  177. Hello All,

    I was apart of the Business Intelligence group and was one of the many let go on black friday. Our entire org was let go, Senior Director and all. We had no notice, and it was a done deal already. I actually had my severance package (FedEx) at home when I noon. My manager was also cut. The part that pisses me off is that two Indian guys were spared in our group because they are being sponsered by Oracle to work in the US. What kind of shit is that? Is that legal? Anyway….I am getting out of here and heading into another field…..

    Comment by Jon — January 15, 2009 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

  178. Friends,
    My strong condolence to all the people who are affected by the layoffs.

    I am hearing the layoff news (rather rumors) since 3 weeks and i have been following the happenings on different blogs and other sites.

    I am posting the news about layoffs i personally heard on my blog.

    I encourage all my friends to practice MEDITATION and YOGA to handle mental pressures.

    Life health and handle the tough situation carefully.

    I am planning to put more tips on handling pressure on my blog.

    Take care,

    Comment by Subbu — January 15, 2009 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

  179. #180: Thanks. But good job offer these days works better, IMO

    Comment by DF — January 15, 2009 @ 8:10 pm | Reply

  180. Severance package….

    Assume a person, who has 22 days accumulated leave, is laid off on 29 of month what will be he getting

    29 Days pay + 22 (Leave)Days pays + Severance package.. or
    it will be simply
    severance package ??
    please tell

    Comment by ss — January 16, 2009 @ 1:37 am | Reply

  181. Out of morbid curiosity I’m in touch with my friends at OD who survived the ordeal. I dont think they’re relaxing yet…another quarter, another review and the axe hovers ominously over their heads. I dont think any job, Oracle or otherwise warrants this kinda mental trauma.

    Comment by DeeDee — January 16, 2009 @ 3:05 am | Reply

  182. #181..

    I agree that for a person who is laidoff.. the best gift would be a (GOOD) JOB OFFER, but that is what is scarse these days. If some one is couraguoes we need to be least concerned about that.. But Some ppl fear a lot.. Just check .. Ppl commit suicide for the FEAR of losing job.. that person in the above news was not even fired.. That is the state of mind some ppl will be in.. Practicing meditation would help people a lot to have control on their mind and so on their body and acts..

    These are the testing times for ppl mainly with more commitments and those who live pay-check to pay-check..

    Hope this DISASTER ends fast and let ppl live and work honestly in peace.


    Comment by Subbu — January 16, 2009 @ 4:38 am | Reply

  183. Rolling layoffs (which is what oracle is doing to keep under the WARN limits) are never a good thing. My friends who are still there are afraid too and they should be. There will be more cuts, especially of former BEA people (which is what I was). I had one friend survive tell me that he wished he had got it now instead of a couple of months from now because now he is worried that oracle will lay him off after the BEA severance package expires. (The BEA severance package is much larger than the legacy oracle severance package). Most of the SC’s I keep in touch with are not claiming the overtime they are owed because they are afraid it will flag them. Since oracle cut bonuses in half when it instituted the overtime policy several years ago, (figuring that SC’s would still make the same overall salary if they claimed an average amount of overtime), those SC’s that are afraid to claim their overtime have just gotten a defacto “pay cut”.

    Comment by laidoff — January 16, 2009 @ 4:57 am | Reply

  184. If is easier for somebody who is not laid off to say,but whatever happens it is for the betterment of you,definitely there is something better waiting for you ,if you are lucky enough you will get it now ,other wise wait for your time to come.

    Comment by Not yet — January 16, 2009 @ 5:02 am | Reply

  185. Any layoffs reported today?

    Comment by R — January 16, 2009 @ 10:00 am | Reply

  186. God bless those that were laid off. God bless those that are laid off and just don’t know it yet (that could include us all).

    We left control of this Country in the hands of our Congresspeople and they literally ran this country into the ground….both parties. We sat back and let deficit spending go on unabated. We couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

    We are where we are because our personal spending habits caught up with us….debt spending that we suddenly couldn’t repay because our largest source of personal wealth (our homes) stopped appreciating 20% a year and actually devalued.

    Why is no one talking about the fact that the US Government is in worse financial shape than the average American who is being foreclosed on?

    I am afraid that if the perfect storm happens, those who have a job left will be in the minority. It’s a house of cards folks.

    Really sad

    Comment by Really sad — January 16, 2009 @ 10:08 am | Reply

  187. I haven’t heard of any layoffs today and it’s late enough I’m sure I would have heard something. Every Friday is going to be a nail biter now. VP’s here a lot meeting with managers. It’s very stressful. I wish they’d get it over with already.

    Comment by Still here — January 16, 2009 @ 11:24 am | Reply

  188. Is there going to any layoff in Fusion Applications Development. I hear it is in deep shit, because its going nowhere…

    Comment by ohno — January 16, 2009 @ 11:48 am | Reply

  189. To #189 and all survivors at the big O,

    Be strong. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Update you resume and download whatever you need so you are ready when the worst comes. Again, there are still jobs out there. You will find something sooner or later even if you get laid off. Just remember, your attitude determines your action; your action determines your faith. Hang in there and keep positive. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!

    Comment by be strong — January 16, 2009 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  190. It’s an unnerving shame that such a large company is having layoffs like this. I’m an IT student, taking classes in DBA architecture, Oracle being my goal. Not sure what direction to go with now. Not sure what the future holds, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not a recruiter, I do internet research, but I work with some who are looking for US oracle functional consultants and also sales people (not sure what kind of sales positions, exactly). I can forward resumes to them if you are interested.

    Comment by Kalin — January 16, 2009 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

  191. The company had 33,526 employees in the America’s at the end of November and 86,657 globally, now they have 75,386 globally.
    Oracle plan to spend $148 million on severance packages for laid-off employees of BEA, and Oracle has already spent $38 million on BEA severances, according to its Dec. 22nd filing, as it laid off 275 BEA employees in California, according to state records,so more to come.

    Comment by Anthony — January 16, 2009 @ 8:52 pm | Reply

  192. Hi!This is for those who has read about the PIP(performance improvement plan) procedure. Does anyone knows about the details of PIP? please check

    Comment by Little John — January 16, 2009 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

  193. #194: “The content that you have requested is not available outside of the intranet.”

    Comment by DF — January 16, 2009 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

  194. Hi all,is there any cut offs those of coming especially in Turkey Ops?

    Comment by Tracker — January 16, 2009 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

  195. I am looking for PIP procedure
    This web site has been locked and I am just try my luck see anyone has it on hand.

    Comment by Little John — January 16, 2009 @ 11:22 pm | Reply

  196. @Little John what do u need it for?

    Comment by Anonymous Coward — January 16, 2009 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

  197. #179

    Were you part of BI Dev Team or Sales Team?

    Comment by Ranger — January 17, 2009 @ 2:30 am | Reply

  198. #194, #195, definitly the locking is now active on this page.
    Let’sexpress our sadness and bring our support on this side of the Atlantic towards all the brillant folks beeing layed off or put under deep pressure.
    Let’s also take this opportunity for a broader exposure of this process, deployed through attorneys/big 5 consulting companies WW.
    The PIP process is aimed at reducing “legitimate exposure” and document “low performance”.
    For the employee, this is also a good opportunity to produce written comments on the economic difficulties, lack of resources preventing proper target achievement. If your manager is under an “Minus 10% headcount pressure”, it is important to properly cope this kind of situation with experienced labor union reps or attorneys.
    You will find oher entry points and many hit of “Performance Improvement” on myoracle describing EMEA copies of this process.
    Interesting documents (Just search through myoracle search)
    Low_performance_project_V1.13 PIP_V3_Jul05 P008-Performance Improvement.doc PIP_FORM
    And many mores with “performance improvement” key search

    Once again, proper employee representation is a key success factor, as built under the European Directive, when the PIP is not complying with smart achievable objectives, but just pre-documentating termination procedures. Wouldn’t it be now the time for employees in the US to ask for a proper representation – Just watch this internal video :
    Franck – Oracle France – France Labor Litigation Jury Officer.

    Comment by FR Oracle Labor Union — January 17, 2009 @ 3:18 am | Reply

  199. Well, sounds like europe’s got a fair advance in this arena, and many rights enforced by law.
    I even see you run an official labor union shop within Oracle and have your own blog on the internet talking about internal HR stuff !
    Good for you guys, but there’s still a very long way to go over here.
    Would definitely make sense to learn from your practices and ways to go ahead.
    Not sure where to start, but would like a try.
    Any opinion in this community ?

    Comment by Kevin — January 17, 2009 @ 3:55 am | Reply

  200. No comments

    Comment by waiting to be laidoff — January 17, 2009 @ 4:40 am | Reply

  201. #194, you are trying to show a page from which is the employee intranet and can’t be accessed without a vpn. The page isn’t locked, its just that you need your vpn to be on before you go to the page. PIP plans have nothing to do with layoffs, in fact they are a way that big companies like oracle try to get rid of people without having to lay them off and give them severance. The layoffs that happened last friday were not pip plans for most of us, they were straight forward elimination of our positions which included a severance package. I actually had excellent performance reviews and was laid off anyway. Our group has missed its number each quarter and the pipeline is weak for the rest of the year. I was a principal sales consultant and therefore more expensive than the staff sales consultants and senior sales consultants on the team. I am sure that is part of the reason I was selected. Anyway, the pip plan has nothing to do with the layoffs.

    Comment by laidoff — January 17, 2009 @ 6:37 am | Reply

  202. Did any of you receive your severance payment yet? How long will it take to process the payment to us?

    Comment by got severance? — January 17, 2009 @ 10:35 am | Reply

  203. Hey 102,

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an union representing Oracle US employees? The way Oracle treats its employees is horrible. Telling people what they can and cannot do; writing people off; big boys club; political, etc. Whole bunch womanizer conducting improper relationships within the company. It’s all coming from top. Oracle was once a good company to work for but can’t say the same anymore. Though many good and nice people there but top management needs to lead by example.

    Comment by US Oracle union — January 17, 2009 @ 11:38 am | Reply

  204. #204

    you said:”#194, you are trying to show a page from which is the employee intranet and can’t be accessed without a vpn.”

    Shouldn’t this guy be laid off? A person working at Oracle who does not distinguish between internet and intranet accessible pages does not deserve a position there…

    Comment by ramgen — January 17, 2009 @ 12:01 pm | Reply

  205. Hey number 202….

    Don’t be a hater…..Larry doesn’t tell you what to do with your salary, so don’t tell Larry what to do with his. Look up Larry’s Trimaran he just bought, primo.

    Bottom line, companies grow and contract…it’s just part of the game. Look at the fact that the economy is in SHAMBLES and the fact that only a few thousand are laid off when the company employs 80,000 is not bad. I could be one of the next.

    If you want to complain at someone how about complaining at Congress for creating a tax system that gives economic reason to send your job to India. How about complaining at Congress for bringing about the Freddie and Fannie mess just to buy votes and their unwillingness to do anything about 4 years of extreme gas prices–both which brought about these layoffs.

    I would venture a guess that if Larry could, he would continue with all of these people but he can’t. He has a responsibility to the remaining 70 something thousands of employees who remain, stockholders, people’s 401-K’s, and himself.

    Wealth envy has a great deal to do with where we are today as a Country.

    I could be laid off from the Big O Tuesday when we go back to work but I won’t hate Larry because he’s rich and because he likes his boats. What do you want him to do, give everyone working at Oracle a personal check instead of buying something that makes him happy?


    Comment by LeaveLarryAlone — January 17, 2009 @ 12:11 pm | Reply

  206. Agreed with 208. Despite all Oracle layoffs ( I was one of them), Larry is considered one of the best technology leaders in the world. He earns his wealth. Oracle can lose you or me but can’t lose Larry. Though can’t agree with some of his personal conducts. But again, it’s like criticizing Clinton’s personal life when we had the boom economy under his turn.

    Comment by True — January 17, 2009 @ 12:54 pm | Reply

  207. Hi #197, the page is not locked but linked to OFO Public material. You need to provide SSO Login to access those pages.
    Few adds on theses pages that seem really odd :
    – Growing with Oracle
    – Recognising Work Excellence
    – Staying Connected
    – Ensuring your Well Being
    – Making a Positive Difference

    Comment by Mike — January 17, 2009 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

  208. #208, #209 Agreed, no need to care about Larry’s life. However better employee representation would make no harm and I love #200 Link with the consultative forum for a better workplace . A great advertisement.
    What’s good for our english sub should be good for the other offices !

    Comment by Anonymous — January 17, 2009 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

  209. Had anyone consulted a lawyer? I found many interesting articles about labour law in Canada. This is just one site:

    Comment by waiting to be laidoff — January 18, 2009 @ 4:19 am | Reply

  210. Hi 208, 209,

    Agree with you. Larry did a great job to build a good IT solution portfolio, strong technology stack, and his rich wealth, simply by acquisition so to shrink the entire IT software industry and kill our job opportunities.

    Comment by LarryKilledTheIT — January 18, 2009 @ 5:16 am | Reply

  211. haha!!! #207 you are so right. Oracle could be smarter and leaner afterall.

    Comment by brewer9 — January 18, 2009 @ 10:36 am | Reply

  212. #213…

    Perhaps you should have started your own software company and Larry could have bought you out too…. :D

    Don’t be a hater.

    Sorry, I could be laid off by Larry tomorrow but you know what, I wouldn’t hate him. Might be a little mad at him for a day or two but I wouldn’t take his wealth away or hate him for it.

    Comment by Myotherbrotherlarry — January 18, 2009 @ 12:20 pm | Reply

  213. Hey Guys
    These are rumours only. Don’t you get an email every friday about the recruitment. I think people are fool to believe in these rumours and those who consider these to be true. They deserve to be laid off.

    Comment by Justin — January 18, 2009 @ 1:05 pm | Reply

  214. 216,

    I don’t which planet you are from but people did get laidoff on Jan 9th. Perhaps you need to check your source again.

    Comment by Are you a fool? — January 18, 2009 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

  215. Hi, Justin’s cell phone here. We don’t get coverage all the time, so we don’t know that there were a bunch of layoffs on Friday, or that my manager was trying to call all day. I’d like to sit here and chat, but there’s a guy from FedEx at the door! Wonder what I got!?!?

    Comment by Justin's cell phone — January 18, 2009 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  216. I am under PIP procedure and very pessimistic since they gave me only one month which I think it’s not right. I think I have right to argue this one month short period. Also I should get a fair performance review.Can anyone help me for the PIP details?

    Comment by Little John — January 18, 2009 @ 11:07 pm | Reply

  217. hi guys, need some advice, i was planning to join as sales manager in comm vertical in Indiaa. in the wake of current restructuring somebody from oracle india advise how things look for lets say next 9-12 months?

    Comment by kam — January 19, 2009 @ 4:53 am | Reply

  218. and remember that managers submit stack rankings up every month so pucker up if you want to keep your job through the next round.

    Comment by Disposable — January 19, 2009 @ 6:43 am | Reply

  219. 219, if they have you on a 30 day pip they want you out. They only do the longer pip’s if they are truly trying to rehabilitate someone. They are trying to push you out without a severance, and if you get pushed out on a pip it will be difficult to claim unemployment too. A pip is NOT a job elimination. I don’t think you will be able to fight it, and you are in a pretty bad situation so I would start looking for another job immediately.

    Comment by laidoff — January 19, 2009 @ 6:55 am | Reply

  220. I just hope that Oracle lays off at least few thousand employees in Bangalore. This hopefully will make the real eastate little softer. Similarly, if other IT companies cut the staff by several thousands and match it up to USA numbers, it would bring some sanity to the real estate market in Bangalore. It is simply not coming down. the real estate market in Bangalore.

    Comment by BC — January 19, 2009 @ 10:25 am | Reply

  221. @223 Hey %#%$. Bangalore is developed like it is today because of the IT economy.
    And the real estate was worth peanuts before IT came along since no one wanted it. So shut up. If IT goes down, much there’s too much to lose.

    Comment by AA — January 19, 2009 @ 11:02 am | Reply

  222. Rumor (Oracle, India): “One of the world’s largest software products company Oracle is known to have begun linking the payment of its 20,000-odd employees in India with the productive hours they spend in the company. This has given way to salary cuts, ranging between 10 and 50 per cent.”

    Comment by DF — January 19, 2009 @ 5:01 pm | Reply

  223. I have checked my legal counsel says the PIP procedure is key. They have to do it according to the book. I need to know the PIP details so as to suggest the right duration. Finding another job is one thing and to be let go without proper treatment is another.

    Comment by Little John — January 19, 2009 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

  224. Hi #219 – Yes PIP is a key procedure Oracle needs to deploy in order to demonstrate all training, help and support has been properly deployed to “help” the employee overcome his low performance. The documentation is key to make your points and highlight the company’s responsabilities. In France this procedure is very important to assess the company or the employee responsability in the low performance, and decide accordingly, if applicable, the severance indemnities (by court order, 6+ months after 2 years with Oracle France).

    Comment by FR Oracle Labor Union — January 20, 2009 @ 4:28 am | Reply

  225. Hi #226

    If you are Oracle employee just call HR department or your manager and ask. They have to tell you. I do not understand why it is so complicated.

    Comment by waiting to be laidoff — January 20, 2009 @ 4:47 am | Reply

  226. 226, if you are on a pip, hr is already involved. Usually in pip’s your manager comes up with a plan to improve your performance in a certain number of days (in your case 30). In this plan there will be concrete benchmarks you will have to meet, listed in a list in the plan. These goals or benchmarks have to all be met within 30 days. Usually they are impossible to meet. You usually meet with your manager and hr once a week while you are on a pip to go over progress towards the listed goals. If you do not meet all the goals in 30 days, you are terminated without severance. One of my closest friends is an SC manager and he had to put someone on a pip last year and it is brutal. You really don’t have any course of action for fighting the pip, they are trying to push you out of the company. I would think of your 30 day pip as 30 days of “paid severance” and look for another job while you are on this plan.

    Comment by laidoff — January 20, 2009 @ 7:25 am | Reply

  227. Listen, if you are on a PIP you are history. Been there, done that, put on a PIP ahead of a merger for no reason at all, adhered to the PIP, and was still terminated.

    A PIP these days is akin to a shot across the bow of your battleship. They are trying to give you time to get yourself lost from their sandbox. I would take advantage of it.

    Never seen a single person who lived to tell about how ‘I was once on a PIP here’.

    Sad dealings and not my preferred way to handle things but…..


    Comment by GladysKnightAndThePips — January 20, 2009 @ 7:46 am | Reply

  228. #223.

    Not only Bangalore, development in many cities in India came beacause of the Finance, IT and ITES companies. I too agree that Real Estate was over priced, but it is NOT WISE to think that IT companies should layoff people or people should loose jobs and that will bring down Real Estate prices or house rents or etc..

    Mass layoffs won’t just bring down real estate, house rents, etc but also the WHOLE ECONOMY, it would have severe affect.

    Hope this layoffs stuff ends soon..


    Comment by Subbu — January 20, 2009 @ 9:58 am | Reply

  229. Thanks for people who share one’s view about PIP. I appreciate it. I am panic and don’t know what to do. But it’s practical to negotiate severance pay. At least I get a payment.

    Comment by Little John — January 21, 2009 @ 4:16 am | Reply

  230. This blog is interesting, I was let go on black friday the 9th after many years at the big O. If it wasn’t for the lousy economy and the absolutely rediculous Cobra amounts, i would say Oracle was doing us a favor. Oracle is a great company with great products. Like any large organization, it has its share of politics, etc. Loyalty is relative and depends on the organization and economy. During the “glory years” of 1999-2001 I saw some of the best sales/management regimes in Oracle history – when there is a downturn sometimes the ugly behavior appears. There are some very good and noble people left at the company, but unfortunately others who are testicularly challenged. I would imagine this would be the same at SAP, MSFT, IBM, etc.
    So the net/net – hang in there and you might be a better person from this

    Comment by DIH — January 21, 2009 @ 6:10 am | Reply

  231. Hi!228
    HR intentionally hide the PIP information and change the link to an OFO public folder. This is why I can’t get the real picture of PIP.

    Comment by Little John — January 21, 2009 @ 6:20 am | Reply

  232. Hi #235 (Little John)

    I may be in the same boat soon because i got some verbal indication yesterday,nothing in writing yet. I guess you are part of consulting like my self. I am trying to find out the reason, you were not laid off on Jan 9 when others were? Thanks for all the info you have provided earlier.

    Comment by Hari — January 21, 2009 @ 1:20 pm | Reply

  233. Does anyone know how does SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) work if employee is laid off using PIP / unsatisfactory performance?

    Comment by A Well Wisher — January 21, 2009 @ 5:27 pm | Reply

  234. #237: “A person who quits work or is fired from work will be scheduled to a telephone interview because there is a separation issue that must be resolved”. Source: Employment Development Department, California (section ‘Reason an individual is unemployed’):

    Comment by DF — January 21, 2009 @ 9:27 pm | Reply

  235. Thanks # 238 (DF), Yes, I did this site. However, it seems that if an employer can build a case that an employee was not able to perform well and therefore fired, then employer can avoid paying COBRA and severance package.

    On the similar note, if employer (manager) makes the life of employee darn difficult, and employee quits, then again employer can avoid paying COBRA/Severage package. Am I missing something?

    Comment by A Well Wisher — January 21, 2009 @ 10:09 pm | Reply

  236. #239: “if an employer can build a case that an employee was not able to perform well and therefore fired” — in this case the company’s HR must have bulletproof case against the employee who performed ‘not well’, and they have to have serious evidence of it. If they don’t, the company is risking to be sued.
    This is my ‘IMO’, since I am not a legal professional

    Comment by DF — January 21, 2009 @ 10:28 pm | Reply

  237. Severance and unemployment insurance are two different things. For severance, if the company fires you for bad performance, or you quit you will not get a severance package, no exceptions (or very very few exceptions). For unemployment insurance, if the company fires you or you quit you may get unemployment benefits, but you will have to have a face to face meeting with the unemployment office and have a hearing or something and write up why you were fired etc or quit and then the unemployment office will decide if you are eligible. Some people will get approved and some won’t. Your employer will have to make a case for why you should NOT get unemployment benefits.

    Comment by laidoff — January 22, 2009 @ 6:00 am | Reply

  238. Re: 241, you are nominally correct. But if the company lays off a large number of workers at the same time doing the performance related termination, then its very hard for them to claim its performance based when the dispute is held.

    Comment by Safra Catz — January 22, 2009 @ 8:43 am | Reply

  239. 242, lol at your “name”. That made me smile. I think in these times most people will be able to prove their case for unemployment insurance unless they pulled a gun on their boss or something. Oracle would rather pay the higher payroll taxes than face a lawsuit. My guess is that they would not contest a claim and even if they did the claim would still most likely get approved by the state unemployement office, especially in california which is very worker friendly.

    Comment by laidoff — January 22, 2009 @ 8:58 am | Reply

  240. For those that have already been laid-off, and for others with experience with Oracle, what are the chances of negotiating better severance (pay and cobra). Especially if there are extenuating conditions such as medical, etc.?

    Comment by concerned about layoffs coming — January 22, 2009 @ 11:44 am | Reply

  241. layoffs are hard for everyone

    Comment by LX — January 22, 2009 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

  242. I just read a blog regarding the MSFT layoffs. They are giving out 6 months severance! WTF?! Oracle should be ashamed!!!!

    Comment by Binky — January 22, 2009 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

  243. 6 months severance is a nice touch. Oracle doesnt give a hoot about its people like that. Never has, never will. Just numbers.

    Comment by brewer9 — January 23, 2009 @ 3:57 am | Reply

  244. eBay 6 months, Yahoo 4 months, including paid COBRA, regardless year of service. I’ve been with Oracle 10 years and merely 13 weeks pay! Oracle also laid off one of my girlfriends who is 6 months pregnant. She is in a bad shape worrying about medical expense (Again, Oracle only pays one month COBRA). Not to say who is going to hire a six months pregnant woman?

    Comment by Jen — January 23, 2009 @ 8:19 am | Reply

  245. Reading through these posts from people overseas is so sad. Here in the USA, when dot-com turned to dot-bomb, high tech turned to high wreck. It seemed as if everyone I knew, including myself, got laid off. Many, many hardworking, well-educated people were ruined. The safety net here had been pretty much gutted by the last administration, too. Many of us had spent all our money and then borrowed a bunch for education and training, and that all became nearly worthless as our jobs were sent overseas. At first, we blamed free trade, but later, it became clear that it was just greedy American corporations doing what they do best — making money. I did manage to get re-employed, but it took nearly 3 years and another fortune spent on training. Now we’re experiencing a worldwide recession/depression, whatever it turns out to be. I’m sorry and sad for you, because I’ve already seen the ugly side of unfettered free trade, and now it turns out it’s even worse than I thought.

    Comment by OldGuy — January 23, 2009 @ 2:21 pm | Reply

  246. Hey 249, please don’t get all anti-capitalism here. Having all these great corporations that can build enough wealth to support the families of up to 80,000 people is a wonderful thing. Sure getting laid off sucks, and thats why this blog focused on it. But they add tons of great jobs to the economy. Do we wish they didnt have to cut costs during economic downturns? And do we debate that we prefer longer severance packages to shorter ones? Yes for sure, but on balance having companies that hire a lot of people is a really great thing. Free trade rocks!

    Comment by brewer9 — January 23, 2009 @ 5:07 pm | Reply

  247. Hey #250, it’s not about getting anti-capitalism here. It’s about building a better capitalism, working in social, responsible way, towards longer achivement results in a sustainable way. Let’s not forget that for a market to work you need people to buy. Corporation enrichment shouldn’t jam the employee capability to enforce the market growth. And we should also consider their are frontiers to our world that prohibits continuing forever with customer money captation, when customer are like you and me.

    Comment by FR Oracle Labor Union — January 24, 2009 @ 6:15 am | Reply

  248. There are already news that the major layoff of 9K+ is done… employees are saying that the strength in internal org charts are already showing 9000 less numbers…

    Comment by Layoff Gossip — January 24, 2009 @ 11:14 am | Reply

  249. ” … Oracle hasn’t lost money on bank failures and doesn’t own any auction-rate securities, co-President Safra Catz said. Accounts receivable amid the global credit crisis are “so far so good,” she said, responding to a question. …”

    Comment by orcle employee — January 24, 2009 @ 4:37 pm | Reply

  250. When does a company have to report the actual figures? Do they have to report if they go above a certain number of layoffs at one time, or within a specific amount of time? Aren’t there laws about this? Thanks.

    Comment by brewer9 — January 25, 2009 @ 7:35 am | Reply

  251. As long as a company spreads it’s layoffs across its different addresses and locations it can hide a large layoff and avoid WARN notices. Oracle has a lot of “work at home” field sales and consulting that were laid off and a lot of locations across the US so it is easy for them to lay off large numbers without filing anything.

    Comment by laidoff — January 25, 2009 @ 9:49 am | Reply

  252. Hi #254, 255, European operations are following a very strict procedure with mandatory official employee reps consultations both at the country level and at the European Level. We will publish figures as soon as they are been made available over here.

    Comment by FR Oracle Labor Union — January 25, 2009 @ 11:13 am | Reply

  253. Hi – Any news from APAC and Europe regarding layoff figures ?

    Comment by laidoff — January 26, 2009 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

  254. Oracle to cut 75 jobs in Asia Pacific,39044192,13031939,00.htm

    Comment by Oracle SG Employee — January 26, 2009 @ 8:34 pm | Reply

  255. the news quoted above dates bac to 2001.

    Comment by anonymous — January 26, 2009 @ 9:09 pm | Reply

  256. #258 – That article was published March 21, 2001. Don’t add to the fear with ignorance.

    Comment by SomeoneWhoCanRead — January 26, 2009 @ 9:15 pm | Reply

  257. Hi there, Total people under Larry as of today is only 75,326 people. So, it means , Layoff is already over from the figure that is quoted in the site 86,657 .

    Comment by OraIndia Employee — January 27, 2009 @ 6:49 am | Reply

  258. So, its more than 11K less since November. Isnt it alarming ? AND No news in any authentic news sites about this !!!! This is strange. Anyone has any idea – Is this really over Or going to happen in waves ?

    Comment by OraIndia Employee — January 27, 2009 @ 6:51 am | Reply

  259. Have the Orlando,Florida offices been hit by the waves of layoffs?

    Comment by Fatima — January 27, 2009 @ 7:58 am | Reply

  260. It is not over. Development gets hit this week. New round of field layoffs after q3 numbers are in.

    Comment by laidoff — January 27, 2009 @ 8:29 am | Reply

  261. i just joined india in sales , i hope didnt take an unwise deceision

    Comment by kam — January 27, 2009 @ 9:13 am | Reply

  262. What is under reported here is that we will never know how many of the workers were in fact temps, consultants, contractors or part time and how many were on the Oracle payroll.

    Comment by jack snyder — January 27, 2009 @ 10:38 am | Reply

  263. #266: Re: “were in fact temps, consultants, contractors or part time and how many were on the Oracle payroll”: A new voting pool posted here may help to figure this out; It will not be 100% accurate, but at least it may show the picture in general. IMO.

    Comment by Next cubicle — January 27, 2009 @ 10:44 am | Reply

  264. Next cubicle:

    Per #266-277. I live and work in the state of California. There is a disconnect between the Federal laws and regulations and state laws and regulations and most company handbooks as to their mission statements. Under Federal law major employersof 50 or more must serve a 30 day warning to emplyees before a layoff, but most states including California state that they can fire and layoff at will with no notice and most do just that. Some do inform the state or the Federal government as to their plans but never tell their employees ( in many cases start ups do not). And where there is a law there are lawyers that find loop holes – most of these layoff laws are not enforced because the penality is a slap on the wrist with a wet noodle. Employers stagger their layoffs over time as to time and the number of fired – such as 40 in January and 40 the next month and so on while they reach their set point magic number.

    Comment by jack snyder — January 27, 2009 @ 1:11 pm | Reply

  265. #261 How do you know? Where this information is coming from?

    “Total people under Larry as of today is only 75,326 people. So, it means , Layoff is already over from the figure that is quoted in the site 86,657”

    Comment by waiting to be laidoff — January 27, 2009 @ 1:22 pm | Reply

  266. Pardon me for being redundant, but were there any layoffs at the Orlando based offices??

    Comment by fatima050 — January 27, 2009 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

  267. @264 How do you know development is being cut this week? I’ve been asking around in development teams and no one knows about rumors of layoffs coming soon?
    @261 That is very weird, 75K now is displayed in Aria internal site, but no news anywhere about recent layoffs (besides the one on Jan 9), that is odd. I find it difficult that Oracle cut 9k jobs and media is not aware of it. I cannot remember the previous number in Aria, but maybe the 86k employees reported back on November are not all in the org chart in aria ??

    Comment by Developer in Panic! — January 27, 2009 @ 1:56 pm | Reply

  268. Per #268: Jack, exactly. No one knows the real numbers. That’s why I hate to work for big companies; I’d prefer small start-ups: same shit, but less paperwork. (I am from California too)

    Comment by Next cubicle — January 27, 2009 @ 1:57 pm | Reply

  269. Next cubicle per #272:

    I think every American should read Kevin Phillips new book “Bad Money” and if they do they would form a lynch party rebellion. It seems that the courts, employers and the government has been fixing, spinning and lying about the real numbers of the economy for over 65 years. Too bad most Americans contunues to eat the lies about the unemployment count. Until the day they find that the lies are like diet coke and fries they will continue to be true believers. I think my cousin the village idiot knows that the U3 model of emplyment/unemployment is not only not true but irrational.

    Comment by jack snyder — January 27, 2009 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

  270. @271 – dude check the 10K form from the oracle site on internet and u will know that atleast 84K were there in april…. and rest the intranet site will show as of how many are left out now as per people it is 74K now… so 10K people are already out and no one knows…

    BEA contract of giving 1 year severence is getting over in april… so they can lay off BEA employees with less severence or negligible severence… I think that is next in queue… It wont be a surprise if you hear thousands of EX BEA employees out… I just wish these people get some humanity and instead of spending on a stupid yatch give good severences when employees get laid off…

    Another point here is they lay off people and pay short term losses (on severence) and by the time they think they can get those long term gains the economy has come back up and they have to spend again on hiring… quite stupid….

    Comment by Scared — January 27, 2009 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

  271. Does anyone know if peeps have lost their jobs in Orland Oracle firms?

    Comment by fatima — January 27, 2009 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

  272. #269 and 271, I have a very close friend who is in charge of the stack ranking and subsequent layoff for his team (fusion middleware dev). They are breaking the layoffs up by business unit to “hide the bodies” from the analysts and keep the stock price from tanking, but layoffs are definitely coming in development in the next week or so.

    Comment by laidoff — January 27, 2009 @ 6:58 pm | Reply

  273. Any news about Oracle Banglaore, Fusion Product Development?

    Comment by ohno — January 27, 2009 @ 7:44 pm | Reply

  274. laidoff:

    Unemployment comp and severance rules, laws and regulation are set by state and federal authority. Is there a law that requires employers to provide severance pay? No. An employer has no obligation to provide severance pay. The only benefit that employers must provide is unemployment compensation in most cases and all monies earned. If I am laid off do I qualify for unemployment comp? Any time an employee is discharged, or even quits of his or her own free will, s/he can file a claim for unemployment benefits. The state will determine if she or he qualifies for any benefit and the amount of that benefit. The most recent employer reserves the right to contest said claim, but the state can over rule the employer counter claim.

    Comment by jack snyder — January 27, 2009 @ 8:19 pm | Reply

  275. Are there any layoffs coming to Oracle Singapore?

    Comment by Pradeep Inside Me — January 27, 2009 @ 11:02 pm | Reply

  276. Are there any layoffs coming to Oracle Orlando, Florida? Need to know the inside scoop!

    Comment by fatima — January 28, 2009 @ 5:07 am | Reply

  277. Hi,

    I think current headcount is around 76000 now. Some one posted that 86k in Nov, so nearly 10 laid off in 45 days??

    Comment by Oracell — January 28, 2009 @ 8:16 am | Reply

  278. Over 10 K laid off in 45 days and it is not in media.. great work :(

    Comment by Oracell — January 28, 2009 @ 8:18 am | Reply

  279. Oracle is known for hiding their layoffs from the media. They are very stock price driven

    Comment by laidoff — January 28, 2009 @ 9:03 am | Reply

  280. Oracle’s intranet employee numbers doesn’t include employees from few wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Japan, and few others, whereas 10-K/Yahoo Finance numbers includes them. Oracell/OraIndia are simply misleading other folks on this forum. Oracle didn’t layoff 10,000+ people in past 45 days.

    Comment by BayAreaRockStar — January 28, 2009 @ 9:38 am | Reply

  281. @284 Yes that makes more sense to me, 10K layoffs in few days, and media not knowing about it, sounds difficult to achieve, even for Oracle…

    Comment by Developer in Panic! — January 28, 2009 @ 12:28 pm | Reply

  282. Does anyone the development areas that might be hit? I’ve heard that BEA and Fusion teams are a possibility, but what about other acquisitions such as Hyperion, JDE PeopleSoft teams?

    Comment by Hyperion Folk — January 28, 2009 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

  283. Correcting 286: Does anyone KNOW the development areas that might be hit? I’ve heard that BEA and Fusion teams are a possibility, but what about other acquisitions such as Hyperion, JDE or PeopleSoft teams?

    Comment by Hyperion Folk — January 28, 2009 @ 12:38 pm | Reply

  284. Anybody lose a job in Orlando based office?

    Comment by fatima050 — January 28, 2009 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  285. Today Oracle laid of 15 people from Sevices in their Atlanta office.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 28, 2009 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

  286. laidoff (#283)

    I was told by a Yahoo recruiter that those that work in HR no longer use the term perm to describe employees because no one is permanent. She said that any one that signs on at any company in America understands or should regard his or her position as dubious and be prepared for the worst despite their best efforts and being fired or laid off might not have any thing about their work or being.

    Comment by jack snyder — January 28, 2009 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

  287. #287, fusion development is being hit for sure and whatever is left of BI, not sure about any other depts.

    Comment by laidoff — January 28, 2009 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

  288. Does anybody know if more consulting layoffs are to follow? Possibly Jan end?

    Comment by aminext — January 28, 2009 @ 7:43 pm | Reply

  289. yes…layoffs are coming

    Comment by urnext — January 28, 2009 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

  290. Yes, there were more layoffs for consultants including a VP at the Atlanta IGBU and at CA. Word is that more is on the way. O is doing it in waves to hide the layoffs and protect it’s stock price.Embrace!!!

    Comment by concerned — January 28, 2009 @ 11:36 pm | Reply

  291. Concerened – when you stated that “O is doing it in waves…” did the “O” stand for Orlando?

    Comment by fatima050 — January 29, 2009 @ 6:28 am | Reply

  292. Atlanta Office Layoffs: It was 26 total people. This is from the Insurance Global Business Unit consulting group, a new business unit that was created when AdminServer and Skywire were acquired mid-last year. Most are expected within the insurance group consulting area because of very low utilization #s…

    Comment by anonymous coward — January 29, 2009 @ 6:38 am | Reply

  293. Fatima, no the ‘O’ is referring to ‘Oracle’.

    I haven’t heard of any impending layoffs in Orlando. Though certainly don’t take that to mean there won’t be any. But if support gets hit I’m sure it will be from all the sites and not just Orlando.

    Comment by Smitty — January 29, 2009 @ 7:38 am | Reply

  294. Thanks for the response, Smitty. Also, thanks for enlightening me on what the ‘O’ stood for – LOL.

    Comment by fatima050 — January 29, 2009 @ 8:59 am | Reply

  295. fatima050 >>> “O” is Oracle!

    Comment by Concerned — January 29, 2009 @ 9:07 am | Reply

  296. @287 No one is safe nowadays, but I think JD Edwards and PeopleSoft development teams should be safe since they are short-staffed already. I am not sure about Hyperion tho…

    Comment by Developer in Panic! — January 29, 2009 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

  297. 282, That’s not correct. wrong information and rumur.

    Comment by SomeOne — January 29, 2009 @ 6:23 pm | Reply

  298. “O” is a better company than many other IT companies around. Employees get best satisfacion and work culture.

    Comment by SomeOne — January 29, 2009 @ 6:27 pm | Reply

  299. Does anybody knows if Oracle in Washington D.C. is also going to be affected in the coming layoff?

    Comment by concerned — January 29, 2009 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

  300. #302, I agree. I came over to the “dark side” from the PeopleSoft acquisition. So far, they’ve treated their employees fairly.

    Comment by psftguy — January 29, 2009 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  301. #304 – I came over through the psft acquistion. I think orcl is better place to work than psft. just my opinion. Not as nice on the vacation end, but benefits are great. And I barely have to work. As for layoffs……
    – They are coming in development. Some teams (E-biz/PSFT) are going to get hit. Supposedly Fusion Apps/MW, the cuts will be minor. JDE people should not be worried. They have already laid off most of those as/400 fanboys. World is probably 100% safe.
    – Field will face another layoff SOON, like maybe this week, if not at the end of Feb. RUmor is the cut list was set at 16-18% for keith blocks org. They took out 4% on Jan 9th, the other 12% is coming. Re-orgs are also on the way.
    – if you work in support, you are probably safe for now. Support revenues are holding steady. same goes for public sector.
    – In NA, geography is irrelevant. It has to do with business unit. If you are in consulting, you should be scared. Same for sales. Any side function, marketing, partners, HR, other crap, you should be terrified. Support/development shouldn’t be hit too hard.
    I don’t actually work for Oracle but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night.

    Comment by Dave Duffield — January 29, 2009 @ 9:07 pm | Reply

  302. well ! any news today, guys ?
    All has gone quiet.
    What is going on ?

    Comment by pissed off — January 30, 2009 @ 10:42 am | Reply

  303. I’ve been with Oracle for many years and this is not an unusual occurence (layoff’s) within Oracle. The big red managment always does this very quietly in order to avoid having it impact stock prices. Those of you that were let go that are contemplating lawsuits shouldn’t waste your time because you are employeed at will, the will of the employer, and can be released at any time with or without cause (excluding discrimination). As concerns severence packages be glad that you got anything at all as there is no legal requirement for any company to provide anything to released employees. What were the numbers? Nobody seems to know. I heard that it was 10% across the board which would put the number at around 9000 then I heard that it was 10% of Keith Blocks organization which would put the number at 1000 to 1200 and finally I heard that it was around 500 people. Fact is no one really knows (except HR) what the number is. I feel terrible for all of you and wish you all of God’s blessings and hope that this nightmare will end for all of you soon. Me? I been around a long time at Oracle so I just sit and wait…

    Comment by Oracle Insider — January 30, 2009 @ 11:28 am | Reply

  304. Well said , 307, and all true.
    BUT February is the traditional witching month at the Big O, as you will be able to attest to.

    Comment by pissed off — January 30, 2009 @ 12:35 pm | Reply

  305. #304 I figured that you do not work in Oracle when you say that Oracle is a better place than PeopleSoft was: NO WAY! For starters PS had way better benefits than Oracle, and salary increases, promotions and awards bonuses were way more substantial than Oracle’s, not to mention the vacations which used to be more days a year than Oracle’s.

    You mentioned that support teams should not be concerned but that PS development should. For your info PS development team is a combined team of support and new development, meaning that we all do support dev and new dev, so there is no way they are touching PS development at the moment. Where do you get your info from?

    Comment by AshishS — January 30, 2009 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

  306. I meant to say #305 in the previous note… dude reveal your sources!

    Comment by AshishS — January 30, 2009 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

  307. So Peoplesoft development is all doing bug fixes now? I know a lot of the top developers there booted once Oracle tookover and then many others left after the Siebel aquisition. Peoplesoft is a crappy old legacy application and not getting any new sales so … do the math.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 30, 2009 @ 5:53 pm | Reply

  308. My previous comment was based on “O” core employees. No idea about employees of acquired companies.

    Comment by SomeOne — January 30, 2009 @ 6:33 pm | Reply

  309. Anonymous – know basics before posting. PSFT products are still selling good

    Comment by psft — January 30, 2009 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

  310. #311 Hmmm you think so? Is that why 50% of fortune 500 companies use PeopleSoft, as well as many of the US top universities.

    Comment by Developer in Panic! — January 30, 2009 @ 6:59 pm | Reply

  311. #314 Larry has an Ivy fetish for those who hold a degree and maybe that fetish is a compensation for his very humble beginnings and possible family dysfunctions. Despite the size of the company the company enjoys a rigid top down management style that is known to sometimes micromange day to day operations even as to who gets hired in the none management ranks.

    Comment by jack snyder — January 30, 2009 @ 9:09 pm | Reply

  312. @315 can you explain more? Does oracle lean towards those with Ivy League college degrees?
    I heard Larry has an avertion to MBA’s..

    Comment by sydneham — January 31, 2009 @ 5:08 am | Reply

  313. AshishS
    Oracle is better than psft. yes, bonuses and raises are not as nice as they were at psft. But this is not unique to oracle over the last 4 years. high tech salaries have stagnated. The vacation benefits were way nicer at psft. I am not going to dispute that. But psft management was very unethical in the last few years. They repeatedly lied to the market place, and to the employees. Ram and Craig were scumbags. Plus psft didn’t really have a functioning business towards the end. They were getting by but hardly in growth mode.

    As for layoffs, dev is going to get hit. I heard it was going to be yesterday, but apparently not according to this board. I know no numbers, or allocation across organizations. Just from a reliable source. Now, with regards to support, i mean actually the support organization, not sustaining development. Support took a big whallop in the summer time. They have limited room to cut further. Plus their business is very high margins.

    Comment by Dave Duffield — January 31, 2009 @ 7:41 am | Reply

  314. I heard dev was going to get hit yesterday too, but it looks like it didn’t happen yet. It’s coming in the next couple of weeks for sure. The “spreadsheet” for Keith Block’s org has 15% on it that they have stack ranked and are letting go in waves. The first wave in Keith Block’s org was between 4% and 18% depending on the group. Overlay groups and channels were all hit very hard the first round, the next round will be groups that were not hit yet.

    Comment by laidoff — January 31, 2009 @ 9:12 am | Reply

  315. #316 Let me put it this way. You have a far better chance of getting hired at Oracle with a Stanford MBA than you would with an MBA from San Jose State. Your work history and undergrad school would not count for much unless you went to Ivy or a top tier school. Oracle even run job posts stating that if you do not have an MBA from a top school you need not apply.

    There is lots of mores and manners about Silicon Valley that you will not find on blogs and the 5 PM News on Fox News or read in the Wall Street Journal or some IEEE rag. Most Silicon Valley VC men and women are of and for the same social network – they went to the same schools, they live in the same zip codes, and attend the same social functions. If you are not of their network you most likely work for them and if the did not lay their hands on you it is not likely you will be a CEO thus the lack of high visible noneWhite men and women that run the day to day operations of most companies here. Indo-Asians are seen as great technocrats (they also have their own Indian legal mafia that goes right back to India) but most do not go beyond the cube to head sales/marketing/or finance unless they become “made” men. When you step back and look at it Silicon Valley has it’s own class/cast system that looks like Feudalism but American style and like the old serfs of Europe those that work for THEM live day to day on hope, faith and are driven by fear and greed (they will not bad mouth THEM unless they are thrown under the bus and because they live in a fish bowl they wish to remain unknown to past and or future employers).

    PS When John W. Thompson, CEO of Symantec Corporation takes up a job with President Obama he will make Silicon valley look like Mississippi of 1955 where the only black is the color of the shoes of the CEOs.

    Comment by jack snyder — January 31, 2009 @ 11:15 am | Reply

  316. Laidoff – I heard 18% for keith’s block final cut, with the rest coming in late feb/early march. Not sure if its true. The team I am on has seen about 12% in the last 3 months, with most being on Jan 9th.

    Comment by Dave Duffield — January 31, 2009 @ 2:09 pm | Reply

  317. I was a former PSFT dev working on CRM and got laid off on the Siebel takeover. It was hard to find a job at that time. The big PSFT customers AT&T, Wells Fargo, etc are difficult to get into and take forever to even contact you. I really didn’t want to do PSFT anymore since it was over with. So all I had on my resume was Peoplecode, Peopletools, bah bah, that nobody cared about. They wanted Java, J2EE etc.

    So 4 months went by, not any interviews for jobs I really wanted. Then I took a Vantive job. Good old Vantive saved me! I worked at this new company for over a year and a half and learned a lot of .net stuff and did their Vantive stuff as well. Now I’m a .net architect for a major consulting firm.

    So hopefully you PSFT-ers don’t get laid off, but if you do there’s always something better ahead.

    Comment by Fomer PSFT — January 31, 2009 @ 3:47 pm | Reply

  318. #320 (Dave) I heard 18% for Keith Block’s total org too. The group that I was a part of (I was a Jan 9 layoff, I am former bea) saw 11-12% cuts on Jan 9. There were a couple of spreadsheet stack ranking meetings last week amongst the managers in that group to get ready for the next round, which will come in a couple of weeks. (I have a source who has attended the planning meetings for the next round)

    Comment by laidoff — January 31, 2009 @ 5:19 pm | Reply

  319. I didn’t attend the planning meeting but I was asked my opinion of various people. I know my name will appear on a list eventually, but not this round. I am way too valuable for now. I am attached to a hot product, and I have good connections. But my skillset will not be that useful in a sinking market.

    I know a lot of BEA people that got cut on Jan 9th. Want to share where you were?

    Comment by Dave Duffield — January 31, 2009 @ 11:23 pm | Reply

  320. Hi All, I hav got an offer from Oracle to join somewhere in Feb…. now i work for a relatively safe company… But the kind of work i am doin right now is not what i wanted to…in oracle i will be working on Fusion M/w dev which i like ..
    I am in big time dilemma… want suggestion from you guys out there…so pls guide me..

    Comment by Mahi — February 1, 2009 @ 11:17 am | Reply

  321. In continuation with post number 324… Its for oracle consulting, Bangalore office….

    Comment by Mahi — February 1, 2009 @ 11:19 am | Reply

  322. #323 (Dave) I was in the New York Metro area. I was a principal sales consultant covering wall street firms. (not exactly a growing market…)I am very happy to be out of there in all honesty. All of the BEA people feel like they are going to be dumped this year, it’s just a matter of time. I am glad to have been laid off when the BEA acquisition package is still in effect so that I didn’t get Oracle’s horrible severance package. I feel for the BEA folks who will be let go after april 29, the one year anniversary of the acquisition and will only get the oracle severance package, which is two weeks salary.

    Comment by laidoff — February 1, 2009 @ 3:02 pm | Reply

  323. Oracle is a good place to work…Stay positive and work hard..nothing in this world comes easy…

    Comment by Vj — February 1, 2009 @ 3:07 pm | Reply

  324. #326

    BEA was purchased for it’s intellectual capital that extends from copyrights, patents, customer list, processes and what lies between the ears of labor. Like the Borg that has absorbed it’s victims it has no further use of the BEA labor pool that might be highly paid for knowing something the Oracle Borg did not know such as an intellectual symbolic process, the former BEA employee can be dumped because they are less important to the survival of the Oracle Borg Hive. Oracle now knows the BEA process, it owns all intellectual property.

    Comment by jack snyder — February 1, 2009 @ 3:12 pm | Reply

  325. Hi 324
    My suggestion is keep your current job. Safety is the most. “O” is in a messy situation. A newcomer can be laid-off not yet probation.

    Comment by Little John — February 1, 2009 @ 8:37 pm | Reply

  326. Did anybody got laid off in the Oracle D.C. Area?

    Comment by concerned — February 2, 2009 @ 7:28 am | Reply

  327. I heard that another large block of layoffs is coming down the pipe this month. Since our training and material requests have been put “on hold” I’m guessing our unit is next.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 2, 2009 @ 8:54 am | Reply

  328. #331, are you from the Oracle D.C. area?

    Comment by concerned — February 2, 2009 @ 8:59 am | Reply

  329. regarding the dev layoffs coming soon – has anybody heard which teams – north America teams vs indian teams – are more in danger? i am in NA dev and have heard from a couple of ppl in the indian non-development teams that they have applied for positions in development, have been accepted but have been asked not to move but until the end of feb – does that mean that they are targeting NA teams? does it mean they are planning to replace more expensive developers with cheaper ones overseas??? this question is specific for development… thnks!

    Comment by lost soul — February 2, 2009 @ 10:32 am | Reply

  330. There’s indications that a big reduction is coming acorss the board. It would be very sooner than expected. Probably within first 3 weeks of Feb.
    Managers has been asked to prepare the list (ranking the employees).

    Comment by Failed Capitalism — February 2, 2009 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

  331. Is this across the board for all development? In particular, is Charles Rozwat’s org. affected?

    Comment by concerned about layoffs coming — February 2, 2009 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

  332. I thought they already laid off big way.. still coming?

    Comment by Eddie1 — February 2, 2009 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

  333. Big meeting tomorrow here in Rocklin CA office. :-(

    Comment by Bill Lumberg — February 2, 2009 @ 4:04 pm | Reply

  334. Keith Block mentioned in his “Straight Talk” call last Friday that they are done with layoffs. Is that all BS?

    Comment by OnTheBubble — February 2, 2009 @ 4:10 pm | Reply

  335. @337 What teams are in Rocklin, CA? Or what teams are attending that meeting?

    Comment by Working in Pleasanton — February 2, 2009 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

  336. @338 – Are you sure KB mentioned that on his starigh talk? The only part I remember was him saying 2 things – 1. no kick off this year. 2. SAP/IBM/MSFT laying off people which I thought was very distasteful considering the number of ppl let go in his org !

    Comment by concerned not scared — February 2, 2009 @ 5:35 pm | Reply

  337. @337 – whats the tomorrow’s Rocklin meeting about?

    Comment by Failed Capitalism — February 2, 2009 @ 5:52 pm | Reply

  338. […]What is the connection with Cisco Systems and Rocklin Meeting #339 [..]

    Comment by Eddie1 — February 2, 2009 @ 6:05 pm | Reply

  339. #342: I apologize. Message #339 has been linked to Cisco discussion thread by mistake. It now belongs to Oracle’s topic.

    Comment by DF — February 2, 2009 @ 6:15 pm | Reply

  340. #341, Rocklin is the HR group that processes the layoff paperwork. If they are meeting on a Tuesday then it would be safe to assume that layoffs are coming the end of this week or next.

    Comment by laidoff — February 2, 2009 @ 6:24 pm | Reply

  341. There are plenty of other functions in Rocklin besides HR. I thought the HR presence in Rocklin was 10-15 Operations (entry level) folks.

    Comment by Areyousure — February 2, 2009 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

  342. #345, all the layoffs are being processed out of Rocklin.

    Comment by laidoff — February 2, 2009 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  343. HI, I am willing to team up with anyone who is willing to take legal proceedings because of unfair reasons for layoff. I used to work in the consulting division for Oracle and inspite of being 100% billable was laid off without a reason. Please note that there are several options available for laid off employees to fight for their rights. You can approach EEOC (online) and they will conduct an investigation free of charge and file a lawsuit if the other party is found to have done mischief.

    In any case, DO NOT sign the agreement or accept the miniscule severance package. Because if you do, you are basically signing to the fact that you will never file a lawsuit against your employer.


    1) Anti-retailition: If you employer lays you off because you complained about unfair practices, then you can fight in this category.

    2) Over work: If your employer forces you to work beyond 40 hours without being billable at the client, that is also questionable.

    3) If your manager shows favoritism against employees. Some employees in consulting division are sitting idle for months while others are sent to client places as experts withotu training.

    4) Companies are supposed to retain emails for a period of 10 years, so during an investigation, a company can be forced to bring up the emails from archives.

    Comment by mow — February 2, 2009 @ 7:10 pm | Reply

  344. Everyone !!! If you are worried about layoffs, dont forget to do the following:

    1) Keep a backup of your emails if you feel that you will be targetted for the wrong reasons.

    2) Get your expenses cleared. Because they will cancel your corporate cards and you wont have any access to view your expenses and Amex is bound to take you for a ride and maybe Oracle too !

    3) Fill up the Projects page with all your achievements if you have not already done that and make sure your appraisals are up to date.

    4) If you are on vacation, enter time withotu fail otherwise you will be on the hot list of targets for layoffs. My manager fooled me telling me I did not have to enter time for unpaid vacation but thats probbably why i appeared on the hot list.

    Comment by mow — February 2, 2009 @ 7:14 pm | Reply

  345. Are there any layoffs occuring in Orlando, Florida??

    Comment by fatima — February 2, 2009 @ 7:47 pm | Reply

  346. As former management now laid off and previously had to lay off, I heard on a Wednesday that I was to tell the person a week from Friday (essentially 9 days notice to me). If there is a big meeting tomorrow, then oooohhh looook, Friday, the 13th will be a scary day for a lot of folks.

    Comment by Disposable — February 2, 2009 @ 8:20 pm | Reply

  347. Disposable – is this meeting concerning the Orlando location?

    Comment by fatima — February 3, 2009 @ 5:06 am | Reply

  348. Fatima stop embarrassing yourself and shut IT

    Comment by Mohammed — February 3, 2009 @ 6:01 am | Reply

  349. Did anybody got laid off in D.C. area?

    Comment by concerned — February 3, 2009 @ 6:36 am | Reply

  350. Hi folks. My name is Ben Worthen and I’m a reporter at the Wall Street Journal. I’d be interested in talking/emailing with anyone here about their experiences or concerns.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 3, 2009 @ 9:18 am | Reply

  351. Ok.,. Rocklin Meeting got over.. outcome.. Oracle is planning to hire 20,000 in 2011… :)

    Comment by Eddie1 — February 3, 2009 @ 10:23 am | Reply

  352. #354.. You mean to say they have plan to fire up to 20,000 for next 2 years.?

    Comment by Orcell — February 3, 2009 @ 10:39 am | Reply

  353. The Rocklin meeting was just the new CFO checking in. No layoffs or anything like that. It is the time of paranoia I guess.

    Comment by Bill Lumberg — February 3, 2009 @ 10:41 am | Reply

  354. ?? Any Update from Rocklin? ?

    Comment by Orcell — February 3, 2009 @ 10:46 am | Reply

  355. #354: Ben, you are welcome to read this thread. All concerns are logged here.

    Comment by DF — February 3, 2009 @ 10:51 am | Reply

  356. Does this mean that there’s no more lay off coming? That it is over?

    Comment by concerned — February 3, 2009 @ 1:14 pm | Reply

  357. Mohammed – First of all I am not embarassing my self. You should be ashamed of yourself making fruitless statements against me. All I am asking is a simple question, and have not received an adequate answer – So, I continue to press on until I find out the status of the Orlando offices relative to current layoffs.

    SO YOU SHUT IT, or someone else will, INSHALLA!!

    Comment by fatima050 — February 3, 2009 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

  358. @361 Fatima, though I think Mohammed was a little too direct, you don’t need to ask the same question over and over. If anyone knew and is reading this forum, they would have posted. It’s kind of annoying and makes you appear desperate. All of us are in the same boat, suffering from a lack of information and ambivalence on the part of Oracle.

    That said, I can tell you there have been no layoffs in most of the former BEA engineering. My hunch is that most of this will occur after the end of April. There have been a lot of political battles going on over product strategy of former BEA products all the way to the TK level. My guess is that those will result in a lot of cuts to former BEA folks. I have witnessed a lot of jealousy from the Oracle engineering managers and PM.

    Comment by Joe Schmo — February 3, 2009 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

  359. Thank you Joe for your answer, and I apologize for being redundant. I guess you can label me as “desperate” and that I am. I have a very dear friend whom I am looking out for. Anyway, with that being said, I will quietly peruse this blog for insight regarding current and future layoffs within O.

    Apologies to Mohammed for me being so brash.

    Regards and good wishes for those whose lives have been upside down due to the job cuts/layoffs.

    Comment by fatima050 — February 3, 2009 @ 6:04 pm | Reply

  360. Somebody told me that his reliable source (historically) told him that a ranking was prepared in server technology group. He did not ask his source %age cut. Does anyone know about Fusion development?

    Comment by A Well Wisher — February 3, 2009 @ 7:43 pm | Reply

  361. ST has always done stack ranking – for compensation in good times – layoffs in bad times.

    Comment by Peter Pan — February 4, 2009 @ 9:04 am | Reply


    Comment by concerned about layoffs coming — February 4, 2009 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  363. Oracle wouldn’t have to layoff as many people as they are if they would just pay their sales org on time and accurately. That would drive motivation up equalling more sales. But as it is, what motivation does an Oracle sales rep have to close deals when they don’t even know if they will ever get paid?! So via trickle down effect this impacts every dept. in the company. Oracle, WAKE UP!

    Comment by Binky — February 4, 2009 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

  364. binky – I always manage to get paid.

    Comment by Keith block — February 4, 2009 @ 4:52 pm | Reply

  365. Fatima050,
    you need not apologize, right now, all of us are uncertain of our future irrespective of where we work. You have every right to inquire about what may happen to your group/org but if I were you, I would disregard all this speculative chatter about possible riffs. AFter all Fatima, we have no control or say decisions made by management.

    Comment by don't apologize — February 4, 2009 @ 7:13 pm | Reply

  366. #365
    It is highly unlikely that oracle will layoff people in engineering (ST and other teams) but performance related might morph into layoffs. Typically during the downturn, other wings of the org (sales, mkting, consulting) are not in demand but engg is.
    people in ST might be moved around.

    Comment by ex-oracle — February 5, 2009 @ 1:05 am | Reply

  367. Any news if a reduction is coming tomorrow? I work in ST and very concerned.

    Comment by insider — February 5, 2009 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

  368. Do not worry 371, keep faith on Oracle. It’s a good company and it is standing taller than others.

    Comment by SomeOne — February 5, 2009 @ 7:36 pm | Reply

  369. #371 Embrace your fear. Seize it. Come to the dark side.

    Comment by Scott H. — February 5, 2009 @ 8:50 pm | Reply

  370. I am hanging at the edge of being laidoff. In fact,Laidoff is not the exactly. Force to Leave could be more likely. Comapny here(CN) try their best to PUSH sales to self-quit by kinds of tricks:”PIP(terms fair?), Unfit…” etc, If use layoff this word, company need to give package to sales,but Push self-quit could save a lot! If you reject to self-quit,then you nightmare begins….

    Comment by Future — February 5, 2009 @ 11:14 pm | Reply

  371. Has any layoffs hit Canada? If so, what do packages look like; are they as tiny as their US couterparts?

    Comment by Curious — February 6, 2009 @ 4:29 am | Reply

  372. Hi 374 Future
    I am likewise. Is this happen in CN? Can you check PIP procedure?
    Get a better term for your PIP and try to get an internal transfer so as to run away from the impact. Be careful with MP she is a devil.

    Comment by Little John — February 6, 2009 @ 9:14 am | Reply

  373. What is the severance package at Oracle layoff?

    Comment by FD — February 6, 2009 @ 9:30 am | Reply

  374. Lets get organized in some sense to help ourselves and save our country. Otherwise we will only loose to these corporations.

    Comment by Organized Labor — February 6, 2009 @ 9:49 am | Reply

  375. Oracle has purchased far too many software companies and is quickly gaining the reputation as a software burial ground. They have redundant product lines and are rapidly losing focus on the message they are trying to deliver to customers. Customers of software products Oracle has bought are growing more and more hostile toward Oracle and will close then out from any future business.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 6, 2009 @ 10:25 am | Reply

  376. Question is what really works.

    IF acquisitions and consolidation works for both Corps and customer then its good.
    Else it is not a sustainable model.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 6, 2009 @ 10:48 am | Reply

  377. 60-70 consultants in an offshore group in India were just canned. The group was part of the insurance business unit.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 6, 2009 @ 9:22 pm | Reply

  378. Hi 380
    Oracle has no such capability to manage so many softwares. The message to outside is also messy. What’s the point? It’s only prove you have charged your customers too much. Oracle has too many meaningless political fights. Too many good people have gone for different reasons. “O” is doomed to fail!!!!!!

    Comment by Little John — February 6, 2009 @ 9:59 pm | Reply

  379. This is what i am hearing, that rolling layoffs will start on Feb 20th, and go for the next 3 weeks. Another 10-12% in NA sales. Dev is going to get hit too, not sure how many though. Rumor is that e-biz dev will take the biggest chunk. I have no insight on support, or international sales.

    Rumors abound that TK will consolidate his base of power and pretty much control all of dev, minus database.

    God bless all of you. Its not going to be pretty.

    Comment by Carlos the janitor — February 7, 2009 @ 4:46 pm | Reply

  380. #383 Carlos – are the percentages to layoff given already to VPs? – what’s your source for mentioned numbers?

    Comment by clueless employee — February 8, 2009 @ 2:01 am | Reply

  381. Tk is an a**hole, although he is Princeton and Stanford MBA. I have a feeling that his job will also go…Lets hope..

    Wohl – Thrown
    Wookey – Gone (But he was a nice guy)
    TK – ????

    Comment by Chutia Chatak Chand — February 8, 2009 @ 2:44 pm | Reply

  382. Lets hope that our fellow brothers do not pay for so many reckless acquisitions that Oracle had had.

    Comment by Senor Gandoo Gomez — February 8, 2009 @ 2:47 pm | Reply

  383. is there any layoff from bangalore office in Feb? If yes which department ? Are there any layoff in Ebiz Product also?

    Comment by unknown — February 9, 2009 @ 1:59 am | Reply

  384. I thought the rolling layoffs are already happening every week since Nov 2008.

    Comment by insider — February 9, 2009 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

  385. Anyone know of anyone that has been laid of recently? If so, where?

    Comment by Dandoo — February 9, 2009 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

  386. Hey Carlos the janitor,

    I announced in my most recent “straight talk” that the NA sales layoffs were behind us.

    Comment by Keith Block — February 9, 2009 @ 4:53 pm | Reply

  387. Hey Keith,

    You said the layoffs were behind us as if we were to look to the future now but didn’t
    come out and say “straight” that there will be no more. You spun it very creatively.
    I mean, what else would you say? “get ready for more”? I don’t think so. Carlos seems
    to have some interesting information.

    Comment by X-men — February 9, 2009 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

  388. When is it coming to Fusion?

    Comment by Chodu Mal Jo Kud Chud Gaya — February 9, 2009 @ 7:46 pm | Reply

  389. I heard Feb 17th is the d-day going along . . . not sure
    atleast in India

    Comment by Anonymous — February 9, 2009 @ 8:02 pm | Reply

  390. Does any one has confirmed report as to when this is going to happen? Some says 17th others 20th. Is it going to be there before this Qtr end on 28th? Or planned for next Qtr?

    Comment by insider — February 10, 2009 @ 6:51 am | Reply

  391. I herd from a support analyst that support management told them that layoffs are taking place at Oracle. She was told by her support manager that they are looking at the numbers of each employee in support and if her numbers did not improve she could be next. It seems some Oracle support managers are using layoffs as a fear to improve the numbers of the team.

    Comment by Jose Cuervo — February 10, 2009 @ 8:02 am | Reply

  392. X-men

    What kind of credibility crisis do I create for myself if I tell my organization that the layoffs are behind us and then we execute a layoff a few weeks later?

    Comment by Keith Block — February 10, 2009 @ 9:03 am | Reply

  393. It always happen on Friday.

    Comment by Sun Flower — February 10, 2009 @ 9:10 am | Reply

  394. Hi Jose, by any chance do you know which support organization they are talking about as oracle owns too many support groups. Is it from Oracle Apps/Bea/hyperion/PS or some other. any info greatly appreaciated! Thanks

    Comment by Dandoo — February 10, 2009 @ 9:47 am | Reply

  395. Hi Keith,
    Leaving your BS “Stright Talk” aside, can you tell when and how many are are you going to cut? You better wath your a$$ too as you may be next.
    Louri Disco

    Comment by Larry the Gandoo — February 10, 2009 @ 10:19 am | Reply

  396. Friday the 13th…

    Comment by Orcell — February 10, 2009 @ 10:47 am | Reply

  397. Hi Larry the Gandoo #399

    Keith would NEVER announce how many will be cut and when as it would get to the public and impact stock price. So people have to be nervous every Friday for a while.

    Comment by steve — February 10, 2009 @ 4:16 pm | Reply

  398. Any layoffs on Ed Abbo’s organization?

    Comment by here we go again — February 10, 2009 @ 4:20 pm | Reply

  399. I am hearing that Fusion dev would be spared this time and whatever little that might be cut in fusion might come from PM/QA.

    Comment by amarillo — February 10, 2009 @ 8:28 pm | Reply

  400. Not yet,

    Thats very old post.

    Written by Rosalie Marshall, 13 Jan 2009

    its not latest posting.

    Comment by Dandoo — February 10, 2009 @ 11:41 pm | Reply

  401. ORCL is strong and will continue ahead with plans, its time to cut BEA and other M&A fat off. Its also time to lay off several, worthless, lazy Consulting Sales Managers. They don’t do anything to chase deals and are mostly chasing paper tigers — and putting the rest of the solution and implementation teams to work harder. Its time to everyone to engage early and close unique value add opportunities across APPS and Tech stacks!

    Comment by John Doe — February 11, 2009 @ 6:18 am | Reply

  402. I heard that EBS and Fusion will be merged…When, I do not know…One of the VPs in Fusion team told people that there will not be any layoffs in Fusion….

    Comment by Gaand Band Ho Gayi Meri — February 11, 2009 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

  403. My friend who is a SC manager has been in management meetings all week planning the next round, which is happening on the 20th, at least for North america field sales.

    Comment by laidoff — February 12, 2009 @ 7:36 am | Reply

  404. Does anybody know if OracleDirect (inside) NA Sales will be affected? Like HQ? It seems they go hand in hand with NA field sales.

    Comment by Captian Poopenstein — February 12, 2009 @ 7:57 am | Reply

  405. I heard rumors that there will be layoffs in ACS ( Advanced Customer Service). Does anyone have any hard facts?



    Comment by Paul — February 12, 2009 @ 10:26 am | Reply

  406. About EBS/Fusion merger, it already happened in some groups.

    Comment by amarillo — February 12, 2009 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

  407. #411,

    Which groups – Financials happened long time ago…but do you know of some other groups too.

    Comment by Kismet ne Choda mujhe - Bina Tel Ke — February 12, 2009 @ 10:56 pm | Reply

  408. Some NA sales managers at HQ not in their office all morning today, in a meeting at another bldg. hmmmm.

    Comment by john doe — February 13, 2009 @ 11:31 am | Reply

  409. Does anyone know if the senior support engineers at Oracle Orlando, Florida will be laid off or have been laid off? Appreciate any information – thanks!

    Comment by Heidi — February 13, 2009 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

  410. Oracle is hiring a lot in india in server tech group, sofware group etc.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 13, 2009 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

  411. I was recently laid off from Oracle Premium support. I was asked to come over for my yearly review
    by my manager and olny to be inform that today was my last day. No notice!!
    Oracle management staff is mean. So, be prepare it can come anytime .


    Comment by Oyad — February 13, 2009 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

  412. Does anyone knows or anybody got recently laid off from Oracle Washington D.C. area?

    Comment by concerned — February 13, 2009 @ 1:59 pm | Reply

  413. Oyad,

    Recently means when (date) ?

    Comment by curious — February 13, 2009 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

  414. to 418, got laid this month or this week?

    Comment by concerned — February 13, 2009 @ 2:24 pm | Reply

  415. to 419 .

    Why are u asking me ? I am still working.

    I am questioning oyad (416).

    Comment by curious — February 13, 2009 @ 3:29 pm | Reply

  416. I know several people that were laid off out of the DC office. Supposedly next friday is d-day. I would be astonished if it actually is. The qtr is ending, you would hate to distract anyone. But the fucktards in management forget that

    Comment by Amanda Hugenkiss — February 13, 2009 @ 4:55 pm | Reply

  417. Thanks Amanda for the info.

    Comment by concerned — February 14, 2009 @ 7:10 am | Reply

  418. Few companies are laying off silently without giving any notice period.. It seems they are not following local labour laws. Very Bad !!

    Sapient had laid off people in India in 2nd Week of Feb..

    Hope this ends soon..

    Comment by Subbu — February 14, 2009 @ 8:18 am | Reply

  419. One hiring manager in Oracle told me that hiring is more or less on freeze, but once in a while he sees a window open to hire people.

    Comment by Lodu Larry Lund Choos — February 14, 2009 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

  420. I hear that layoffs will be next week and week after to take care of q3 end.

    Comment by Kismat ne li meri - sukhi sukhi — February 14, 2009 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  421. Accounts payable has asked employees to submit expense reports by Feb 19, and invoices by 20th. May be anybody who is laid off, will be denied expense claim…

    Comment by Mein chuda aage, peeche, upper, neeche se — February 14, 2009 @ 2:09 pm | Reply

  422. #426, that is a routine procedure every quarter for AP, to ask for expenses and invoices submitted in advance before quarter close. Somehow, it is very hard to imagine that there will be layoffs before the quarter close – maybe there will be some after the quarter close.

    Comment by Peoplesoft_Consultant — February 14, 2009 @ 8:36 pm | Reply

  423. #427, In general (nothing to do with Oracle), it may make sense to lay people off before a quarter closes, than to fire afterwards – because a company can say that in next quarter, company will save so and so because of control on costs, or take a charge in a quarter if that quarter is expected to do better than analyst estimates.

    Comment by Mujh Chode Ko Meri Biwi Ne Choda — February 14, 2009 @ 9:26 pm | Reply

  424. If you want to make sure the next quarter’s budget works out according to the new adjusted margin, you would need to lay off resources right around the close, preferably before. Execs have been getting their budget reviews recently, and most are coming back asking managers about who can be cut in order to meet the new budget.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 14, 2009 @ 11:20 pm | Reply

  425. Oyad,

    Premium support..Oracle/Hyp/ps..?
    if its Ok please let us know the location.


    Comment by VJ — February 15, 2009 @ 1:31 am | Reply

  426. if you resign from oracle will they pay for your vacation leaves?
    if you are laid off will they pay the leaves also?

    Comment by Curious — February 15, 2009 @ 3:07 am | Reply

  427. #431,

    Upto best of my knowledge, a company shud pay for your leave balance, if u resign.

    But check with your HR, HR people do not disclose this type of query to your reporting manager. Or you can just call HR (anonymously) and ask this quetion to confirm.

    Comment by Chud Chud kar Khoon Nikala mere Peechhe se — February 15, 2009 @ 10:11 am | Reply

  428. 431 and 432. It depends on the country (or even state in the US). In California, for example, they are generally required by law to pay you for any unused vacation, even if they fire you.

    Comment by Ben Dover — February 15, 2009 @ 11:09 am | Reply

  429. 433, you are right, but in US companies are encouraging employees to take off instead of keeping vacations in balance.

    Comment by Chud Chut kar, Aage Peechhe ka surakh Ek Hua — February 15, 2009 @ 6:11 pm | Reply

  430. You are right that they are encouraging employees to take time off. I’ve never really understood this practice. It makes sense if they shut down the office for a week, since it saves them facilities costs. When people are getting frequent raises, it makes some sense, as it means that the employer doesn’t pay the increased amount. It also makes some sense when people transfer around a lot. I once had a person transfer into my group who had lots of vacation time and some comp time, and I forced the person to go ahead and take the comp time (or lose it) and take some of the vacation time so that I wasn’t stuck with someone who would need to take a lot of time off. But otherwise, all it means is that the company has to keep some money in the bank to pay for the vacation time. They get to earn interest on the money. So, how does it help a company to ask employees to use up their vacation time?

    Comment by RJH — February 16, 2009 @ 7:00 am | Reply

  431. #’s 434, 432, 428, 426, et al

    Can you guys stop using disgusting names? Let maintain a decent dialog in this forum.

    Comment by Employee@oracle — February 16, 2009 @ 8:40 am | Reply

  432. 435, I agree with u

    Comment by Bus, Ab aur mat chodo mujhe — February 16, 2009 @ 8:43 am | Reply

  433. 436. What name do you want me to use? I think you have a problem.

    Comment by Ben Dover — February 16, 2009 @ 3:55 pm | Reply

  434. # I agree with 438. 436 has some problems. 436 does seem to understand metaphors.

    Comment by Ok Chodo, Magar Tel Laga Ke — February 16, 2009 @ 7:09 pm | Reply

  435. Any one knows if these guys are still working there and at senior level management?

    Comment by God Bless Oracle — February 17, 2009 @ 9:26 am | Reply

  436. Now, I am curious. What does “Chud Chut kar, Aage Peechhe ka surakh Ek Hua” mean?

    Comment by Ben Dover — February 17, 2009 @ 9:30 am | Reply

  437. I left Oracle after spreading the “art of pleasing the American manager” there.

    Comment by Mahesh Anand — February 17, 2009 @ 9:36 am | Reply

  438. Did any group got a annual raise this year? any possibility of it coming in march?

    Comment by appraisal — February 17, 2009 @ 9:43 am | Reply

  439. yahoo to layoff another 700 or already layed off on 13th feb!!
    see this link:

    Comment by appraisal — February 17, 2009 @ 9:58 am | Reply

  440. Can anyone think of paycuts instead of layoffs…Why should the companies not think of
    paycuts across the board everywhere in each group instead of layoffs, isn’t that
    sending the right message of saving and trying to live within the means.

    Comment by Dick — February 17, 2009 @ 8:30 pm | Reply

  441. #445

    I don’t like that. Whats the guarantee that they don’t cut people few months
    down the line after pay cuts ?

    Comment by curious — February 17, 2009 @ 10:43 pm | Reply

  442. 445,

    Why would you do that? There are two types of employees in every company:

    1- Guys who deserve more than what they have been paid for.
    2- Guys who deserve to be kicked off ASAP.

    Now why would class 1 (above) share the same faith with class 2? A logical and reasonable response would be to send out class 2 and possibly increase the salary of class 1 for better motivation…

    Comment by ramgen — February 18, 2009 @ 2:39 am | Reply

  443. I think that people like #323 are the cause of the current problem in America. This emphasis on who you know and not on what you know is destroying innovation and productivity in Amaerica. The only reason that idiots like Chuck price/ Stan o’Neal etc ever rose to positions of power was because of “positioning” and knowing the right people (“good connections”) and getting their name associated with “hot products” (Think mortgage backed securities in early 2000s)

    Comment by Disillusioned — February 18, 2009 @ 6:16 am | Reply

  444. Does anyone know if the senior support engineers at Oracle Orlando, Florida have been laid off?

    Comment by Heidi — February 18, 2009 @ 8:43 am | Reply

  445. 446, 447
    I understand where you are coming from, however, in order for people to spend money they need confidence
    that they would have their jobs for sometime. If there is no guarantee, then most of the people,
    no matter how much money they have will not spend, and the economy will be in a bad shape for quiet some

    Comment by Dick — February 18, 2009 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  446. Can any one confirm that this friday is going to be the day? If any one knows the news , its worth sharing it here, we all know that other wise nobody cares for us, so we should be helping each other in what ever way possible. Please share the info.

    Comment by scarred — February 18, 2009 @ 10:48 am | Reply

  447. I know a lot of people (wife/husband) both working for the same company/ or in some cases a different one. May be one of them should be let go rather than leave a family unemployed so there is atleast one working member for each family.

    Comment by what to do — February 18, 2009 @ 11:14 am | Reply

  448. I think, Dick (450) is correct one way.. More layoffs are not good for economy and not good for the businesses. Until consumers gets confidence, there is no light…

    Comment by Orcell — February 18, 2009 @ 12:00 pm | Reply

  449. I was wondering: when it comes to managers to make ranks of people to layoff, when they have international teams -e.g. spread all over the globe, as many oracle teams have people in the US, India, Canada, etc… if we keep in mind that all the team members are in the same division and department, which one is more convenient for them to lay off? Thinking for example about two team members with same performance but in different countries, do they select the person that is in the lower cost country or the other way around?

    Comment by Ashish — February 18, 2009 @ 12:34 pm | Reply

  450. Every body knows its most easiest to layoffs workers in US compared to any other country. If you read your offer letter it clearly says that the employment is at will. any party can terminate it without notice.

    Comment by US worker — February 18, 2009 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

  451. #454, when it comes down to laying off or recruiting, global costs are beeing considerered. This is why you should take care to these global costs, including salary (this is why compensation workbench is know presenting a compensation index ratio calculation versus a job/level baseline), the Facilities Usage Reports Cost reports

    We are seeing in EMEA a huge facilities investment in Roumania (470 USD/Headcount) to compare for strictly as an example to boston 6300 USD/Head Count Ratio.
    This is why we seen presales headcount flat/decreasing to the benefit of eastern europe presales shared service centers.
    Same figure with India where facility usage is 136 USD/Head Count.
    Have a look to those reports, available on a month per month basis, they are very interesting on where Oracle is aiming to in terms of headcount.

    So #454, if your guys in different countries get the same performance, your manager’s P&L will very probably direct the shot towards the elder, more payed one.

    Comment by FR CFDT Labor Union — February 18, 2009 @ 1:35 pm | Reply

  452. It is a big mess.. spiraling around.. very hard to get out of this mess.. It is all because of Bad banking and government regulations.. Too late to wake up.. People with $$ they are the king.. others who have invested for better return .. keep fingers crossed and up…

    Comment by Orcell — February 18, 2009 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

  453. A precision, the manager’s P&L should also be impacted by layoff costs, or severance/litigation costs !
    Exception is whenever the ride towards the exit is guaranteed as costless for the manager and globally budgeted.

    Comment by FR CFDT Labor Union — February 18, 2009 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  454. Does anybody knows if there are layoffs that occured in D.C. this week? Thanks…

    Comment by concerned — February 18, 2009 @ 4:09 pm | Reply

  455. Light your own CANDLE in the DARK… Adversity leads to opportunity..

    WHEN did WE Americans give up our own SELF RELIANCE…Giving all our power over to our EMPLOYER or our government???

    Lets All Take A STAND for OURSELVES and those we LOVE….Become SELF RELIANT

    “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”- Henry Ford

    Comment by dwentland — February 18, 2009 @ 4:16 pm | Reply

  456. can someone post a snippet of the report. The facilities usage report probably is a good indicator on where the jobs will move.

    Comment by slashdot — February 18, 2009 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

  457. d day in 2 days then?

    Comment by abcd — February 18, 2009 @ 6:32 pm | Reply

  458. No rumors this week of layoffs, or at least no new rumors. So might not happen. Week of Jan 9th, rumors abounded! And bosses told me layoffs would occur. I do know some re-orgs are in process in NAS. So maybe. Only thing you can do at this point is wait.

    Comment by Jesus — February 18, 2009 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  459. I heard that d-day is starting from coming Friday onwards.

    Comment by Lodu Larry Lund Licker (Choos) — February 18, 2009 @ 10:47 pm | Reply

  460. Lay-off is not going to happen. The management is frightened by the forum discussion. They are thinking other ways to resolve this.

    Comment by Little John — February 19, 2009 @ 7:01 am | Reply

  461. @465 management frightened? that’s hillarious.
    It’s business, John. If they need to layoff, they will, forum discussion or not.

    Comment by sydneham — February 19, 2009 @ 7:05 am | Reply

  462. There’s a “required” all-hands meeting in about 20 minutes for Flame’s group. I’m not sure what it’s about but it disturbs me that it’s so close to the rumored February 20th layoff rumor. *crossing fingers*

    Comment by Anonymous — February 19, 2009 @ 7:11 am | Reply

  463. Does anybody knows if there are layoffs that occured in the Orlando area this week? Thanks…

    Comment by Bertha — February 19, 2009 @ 8:08 am | Reply

  464. @467 , was it related to RIF?

    Comment by US worker — February 19, 2009 @ 9:54 am | Reply

  465. FedEx is gonna have a big day tomorrow !!

    Comment by FedEx Man — February 19, 2009 @ 10:34 am | Reply

  466. dwentland, I agree with the sentiment of what you wrote. But you have to realize that getting laid off is not just a typical occurance for most people. It doesn’t mean that getting laid off will ruin anyone’s life, but it does mean they may be unemployed for some time and that they will have to endure the grueling cycle of interviewing, prepping, and networking – none of which is very enjoyable. Its also embarrassing and awkward. So, with that said, I’d rather stay employed. Self reliance means getting AND keeping a job.

    Comment by brewer9 — February 19, 2009 @ 4:45 pm | Reply

  467. Friend @471, thanks a lot for your detail msg. But there is a old saying if u have a dog, and if dog does any mistake then the owner of the dog needs to be punished, not DOG. I hope you understand whoz the dog and whoz the owner here.

    Comment by Nanny — February 19, 2009 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

  468. Any news on if Corovan boxes arrived on any floor or any building…

    Any later comers from the office can tell…

    :- 0

    Comment by Behan Ki Choot, Un Behanchodo ki — February 19, 2009 @ 8:48 pm | Reply

  469. Almost half of the day’s gone in India, has anyone heard about layoffs in development?

    Comment by Ashish — February 19, 2009 @ 11:48 pm | Reply

  470. No news in Hyderabad India

    Comment by Not yet — February 20, 2009 @ 2:52 am | Reply

  471. Are there any layoff occuring in the U.S. TODAY especially the Washington D.C. area?

    Comment by concerned — February 20, 2009 @ 5:50 am | Reply

  472. Any news from IDC, UK or East Coast offices?

    Comment by Curious — February 20, 2009 @ 5:56 am | Reply

  473. Any news? Did any layoffs happen in NA today?

    Comment by Gypsy — February 20, 2009 @ 10:46 am | Reply

  474. #479: By good tradition if there are no screams here on Friday – that means no layoffs reported in NA. This is number 1 blog for Oracle layoffs (google for “oracle layoffs”)

    Comment by uspsucks — February 20, 2009 @ 11:04 am | Reply

  475. Well, D-Day came, and nothing happened…

    Comment by Ashish — February 20, 2009 @ 11:21 am | Reply

  476. A lot of people are still trying to close Q3 deals, no matter how small. Laying off today I think would have been a huge distraction to the point of losing a little business. Next week’s a different story, though.

    Comment by stillhere — February 20, 2009 @ 11:42 am | Reply

  477. Any news about layoffs in Ebiz / Fusion Development?

    Comment by scared!! — February 20, 2009 @ 12:41 pm | Reply

  478. Rumor has it all HQ server rooms, labs, etc are having their badge access lists reset on 3/6 and anyone needing access after that time needs to re-apply.

    Comment by itscoming — February 20, 2009 @ 2:24 pm | Reply

  479. most layoff rumors are crap. Ignore them. Get your asses back to work. Make uncle larry some $$

    Comment by Sonny Singh — February 20, 2009 @ 5:35 pm | Reply

  480. Anybody got laid off today especially in the D.C. area?

    Comment by concerned — February 20, 2009 @ 5:56 pm | Reply

  481. #184:
    This happens every 10 years or so, so hold on. The safety net is to save at least 6 months worth of pay for situations such as these.

    Oracle can do better than this for their devoted employees.

    Comment by AFriend — February 20, 2009 @ 6:54 pm | Reply

  482. je regret le vin

    Comment by pissed off — February 20, 2009 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

  483. Most of the managers in Oracle are all assholes. They just want to get the work done. They have very myopic vision, and do not care about long term. They all are chickens who are scared to sh*t to say anything before their managers, so not really true leaders…
    bunch of manager (but not leaders)

    no wonder, pratically no Oracle manager has ever become a senior manager in another company or opened up his own company.

    Comment by Gand Mein Dum Nahin, Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin — February 21, 2009 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

  484. At last … 3 from our team got the slip out of 11 members. That a good figure. One of them is gem. Only problem is he finds fault in manager :( Hope he will learn from this.

    Comment by Oracle_Bang — February 22, 2009 @ 3:35 am | Reply

  485. Are all the layoffs discussion centric for North America only or the Indian workers will also be laid off?
    Any idea if its gonna hit the Indian employees on a larger scale?

    Comment by x — February 22, 2009 @ 8:15 am | Reply

  486. Hi #489

    May I know from which office you are in at bangalore and you are talking about which team?

    Comment by x — February 22, 2009 @ 8:17 am | Reply

  487. #489

    Oracle Bang, can you please tell if this team is in Fusion Apps, EBS, PS, Server, or Middleware development or Sales or Marketing or what.

    Chodu Mal

    Comment by Dheere Dheere Lo Meri, Aage Peeche Se — February 22, 2009 @ 8:33 am | Reply

  488. It seems that Oracle Bang Bang (489) is not from HQ – see the time stamp – 3.35 am.

    Lund Ka Chhilka

    Comment by Choot Ka Dhakkan, Lund Ka Chhilka — February 22, 2009 @ 8:55 am | Reply

  489. i think layoffs shud happen on Feb 27 (Friday) and last day of quarter. Isn’t it.

    Thoda Ragado

    Comment by Loda Khada Nahin Hota Mera — February 22, 2009 @ 11:14 am | Reply

  490. It means that the coming week is going to be a blood bath.

    Comment by Dada Kondke — February 22, 2009 @ 11:27 am | Reply

  491. # 489, Oracle_Beng

    Are you the manager of that Gem guy?

    Comment by Curious Person — February 22, 2009 @ 4:16 pm | Reply

  492. Oracle is a scumbag of a company – Oracle management comprises ass-lickers and most lick Larry’s ass – meritocracy ha sno place in Oracle – It is blatantly political and most management will openly encourage employees to lick Larry’s butt

    well, Oracle Direct is the cheapest you can imagine on earth – roadside trashcans will have more welath than OracleDirect leavs for its people

    verall, I would not wish even the most dangerous human being a stint at Oracle

    Comment by RavBalkish — February 22, 2009 @ 8:19 pm | Reply

  493. Oracle is such a shitty place, that after a layoff the management will not even thank the employee for the service rendered – Larry wil be busy womanizing, and his immediate lieutenants busy doing crappy stuff

    Comment by Oracleisshitty — February 22, 2009 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

  494. # 497 and 498, Any layoffs in your group/division lately.

    Comment by Curious Person — February 23, 2009 @ 8:11 am | Reply

  495. Any layoff occuring in Washington D.C. area lately?

    Comment by concerned — February 23, 2009 @ 8:55 am | Reply

  496. Well, for anyone still inside Oracle who doesn’t believe the scale of the layoffs !! Check ARIA, its now down to around 76k employees listed (was at least 83k last year and a previous post reports it as 86k)

    Oracle does like to keep layoffs very quiet, my manager and director knew nothing about what was going on currently !!!

    What a crazy way to run a company. When things pick up they will lose a lot of valued staff who are currently being shafted over and over while the company still keeps making money hand over fist.

    In real terms my salary is probably down 25% over 5 years ago when you take the less than inflation rises, bonus cuts, share scheme removal into account. I will be off as soon as something better comes along and I know many of my colleagues will be too.

    My heart goes out to anyone being layed off especially if you have given Larry your ‘All’ for a long time and now feel thrown away like a piece of garbage !!! Lets hope Karma does exist

    Comment by Anonymous — February 23, 2009 @ 11:42 am | Reply

  497. Layoffs are happening today…so I heard

    Comment by Anonymous — February 23, 2009 @ 11:54 am | Reply

  498. Argg, what are your sources? These rumors are killing me! My team is still here and we are super busy working! Managers keep telling us that we should be ok, for now. What teams are affected today? BTW, Oracle is not perfect but it can be a great place to work…its not all bad.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 23, 2009 @ 12:51 pm | Reply

  499. Lay off on Monday??.. Strange.. usually happen on Friday!!.. May be , last Friday’s layoff happening today, delayed by a day..

    Comment by Orcell — February 23, 2009 @ 12:52 pm | Reply

  500. #502, do you know which location? thanks…

    Comment by concerned — February 23, 2009 @ 12:52 pm | Reply

  501. @501 we have discussed previously this: in aria there’s never been 86K employees. The 86K employees reported in Yahoo Financial includes ppl that belong to subsidiaries that are not listed in aria… oracle has not laid off 10k employees.

    Comment by P2AC2YKK — February 23, 2009 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

  502. As a former employee that was acquired by the big O, I have nothing but dismay for this company. Once we were acquired our existing customer base treated us much more hostile, despised the acquisition and put a roadblocks for doing further business. They all indicated doing business with Oracle was painful, slow, ineffective, and viewed Oracle as opportunists that capitalized on the software maintenance revenue streams, jack up the consulting rates, and blow the synergy/integration/red stack non sense at the base. When you swallow up as many companies as Oracle has you will get a case of bad indigestion evidenced by lack of focus and genuinely pissed off customer base. All the best to the soon be former big O employees. Believe me it is a better club to be a part of.

    Comment by freebird — February 23, 2009 @ 1:21 pm | Reply

  503. @503 I know a few folks who were just let go

    @505 Santa Clara & Stamford

    Comment by Anonymous — February 23, 2009 @ 6:12 pm | Reply

  504. Check this about msft goof

    orcl would make similar mistake. the only diff, it will make mistake by underpay instead of over.

    Comment by SunFlower — February 23, 2009 @ 6:13 pm | Reply

  505. Sounds about right. I got underpaid when BEA laid me off. Contacted them about it, got the runaround, and didn’t have the money to pursue it. Wouldn’t it just be hilarious if I got the same from Oracle now? The circle of life and all that…

    Comment by orclsucka — February 23, 2009 @ 7:27 pm | Reply

  506. @508 What departments were affected? development, consulting? I know in Santa Clara they have the Hyperion Development teams…

    Comment by P2AC2YKK — February 23, 2009 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

  507. Any layoffs expected in this week?

    Comment by Thok Thok Ke Lenge Sabki, Chaat Chaat Ke — February 24, 2009 @ 1:26 am | Reply

  508. Any information from IDC or East Coast

    Comment by Pleazzzzzee — February 24, 2009 @ 7:45 am | Reply

  509. Any layoffs going on in Oracle D.C. area?

    Comment by concerned — February 24, 2009 @ 8:01 am | Reply

  510. 513 , no

    Comment by pissed off — February 24, 2009 @ 8:30 am | Reply

  511. Any layoffs in the Orlando area?

    Comment by Kendra — February 24, 2009 @ 8:33 am | Reply

  512. @511 Various groups under OU & BEA

    Comment by Anonymous — February 24, 2009 @ 9:56 am | Reply

  513. Will US citizens get a preference over H1B when O is laying off? Or will it be the other way around?

    Comment by US Citizen — February 24, 2009 @ 11:53 am | Reply

  514. @501 Since first reading this thread, I’ve been checking Aria pretty much every day for the last month, recording the totals, and it’s gone up and down by at the very most a couple of hundred, but it’s actually settled higher now than it was 5 weeks ago.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 25, 2009 @ 4:20 am | Reply

  515. Will there be any layoffs at O in Orlando, Florida?

    Comment by Kumar — February 25, 2009 @ 8:16 am | Reply

  516. Yes, #520. You will be laid off just as soon as we can process the paperwork. Please start saving your money and cutting expenses so you can better be prepared for your upcoming layoff. That is all.

    Comment by Human Resource — February 25, 2009 @ 10:35 am | Reply

  517. That’s great now HR also needs this blog :)

    Comment by Not yet — February 25, 2009 @ 10:48 am | Reply

  518. #521 I guess I can take that big trip to Paris on my severance pay then, huh?

    Comment by kumar — February 25, 2009 @ 11:01 am | Reply

  519. when is oracle starting this process does any one have info

    Comment by test — February 25, 2009 @ 11:30 am | Reply

  520. Isnt is quite obviuos that a company of the size of Oracle will have to layoff employees.Things are not getting any better.Economy is in the dumps.The writing is on the wall.Sustaining over 75K employees is just not oing to happen.Cuts will have to be made all accross.Whether we like it or not, economy is not going to recover for a long time.

    Comment by bailout US — February 25, 2009 @ 12:39 pm | Reply

  521. #523 Kumar,
    With O’s Severance package , you cannot even go to Disney :(

    Comment by Orcell — February 25, 2009 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

  522. #523, #526: The company could later say “ooops! we made a mistake. we need your severance package money back!” – like Microsoft did recently :)

    Comment by Anonymous — February 25, 2009 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

  523. OU had layoffs in Rocklin, CA on Monday 2/23-I have no official headcount of who.

    Comment by Post OU — February 25, 2009 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

  524. Rocklin? Isn’t that where the layoffs were being processed? Maybe if they layed off the people processing the layoffs, then they are done laying off?

    Comment by Ben Dover — February 25, 2009 @ 4:14 pm | Reply

  525. #527 – Well, I am high man on the totem poll, and if I get laid off, I will have a good severance package and lots of other perks – I am special!

    Comment by kumar — February 25, 2009 @ 6:18 pm | Reply

  526. #530: The perks would be: 1. free boxes to pack stuff; 2. badge clip/neck strap with the company logo on it, 3. free security escort to the door.
    Dude, just kidding. Do not take it personally :)

    Comment by Anonymous — February 25, 2009 @ 6:27 pm | Reply

  527. I won’t #531 – There is a song my mother used to sing to me, it went like this:

    There was an old joker who had a wooden leg. He had no tobacco, nor tobacco would he beg. The second old joker was cunning as a fox. He always had tobacco in his own tobacco box. Said the first old joker, “would you give me a little chew?” the second old joker said “I’m darned if I do. Save up your money and when you’re on the rocks, you’ll always have tobacco in your own tobacco box.”

    I think this is good food (or snuff) for thought, especially in these times

    Comment by kumar — February 25, 2009 @ 6:42 pm | Reply

  528. #483, itscoming: that’s an interesting tidbit…any additional detail on that?

    Comment by ratiug — February 26, 2009 @ 4:46 am | Reply

  529. This site is comical every week people stirring the pot sayin “this is the week of massive layoffs” then nothing happens. Most of the comments from “insiders” are talking about shit that hasn’t even happened.

    Comment by fbbq — February 26, 2009 @ 6:50 am | Reply

  530. Hey 527 – Haven’t you read the followup articles from early in the week where Microsoft told people they could keep the extra money?

    Comment by RJH — February 26, 2009 @ 7:05 am | Reply

  531. #534: What’s the problem? This (mass layoff) was happening in the past, this (layoff) will happen in the future. Here (at the blog) people are able to share the news, confirm/bust rumors, get immediate advise, etc.

    Comment by DF — February 26, 2009 @ 8:42 am | Reply

  532. For those who are ‘laid off and looking’, ‘not yet and looking’, etc: guys, feel free to post links to your profile at LinkedIn. There are companies who are still hiring these days.

    Comment by AnonO — February 26, 2009 @ 8:46 am | Reply

  533. 537 and all. I just looked on and there seem to still be jobs in the Bay Area. At least today. Who knows in 1 month.

    Comment by Ben Dover — February 26, 2009 @ 1:37 pm | Reply

  534. #538: AFAIK, Dice has lots of duplicated job ads. One opening could be submitted by several headhunters. Also there are some ads listed as an openings, but in reality they are not; they are submitted just to collect resumes.

    Comment by DF — February 26, 2009 @ 1:45 pm | Reply

  535. peoplesoft all hands meeting happened today, and no word about upcoming layoffs… silence means something is in the oven??

    Comment by dave — February 26, 2009 @ 1:52 pm | Reply

  536. #519, the high number if head count under Larry is because of acquisition, not because Oracle didn’t layoff people form BEA, Hyperion, etc. For sure a layoff will come, it just depend on how big and when.

    Comment by HR — February 26, 2009 @ 2:07 pm | Reply

  537. Unfortunately, turns out that a few extremely valuable guys were laid of in the Jan. 9 round. The “sieve” being applied, whatever it was, may need to be improved, lest we’ll shoot ourselves in the foot. I am now being asked to serve as a reference for colleagues whom I’d hire back on the spot if I were to make the decisionst. A few performers were laid off from the sales force there. Sad.

    Comment by NotSoHappy — February 26, 2009 @ 4:59 pm | Reply

  538. TI has started layoff in India as well, though they don’t call it layoff.
    Employees are laid off quitely with ZERO severance.

    Do you want to work for such un-ethical company??

    Comment by Anonymous — February 26, 2009 @ 6:08 pm | Reply

  539. #540- Interesting that the GM did not bring it up. He tends to skirt issues that make him uncomfortable. I had submitted questions regarding layoff and revenues, and he did not address them. In fact, what was up with the panel and the Emcee fielding questions? It was laughable. Anyway, he did not address my questions I submitted, nor anyone else in our group. And what was irritating was there was no numbers given. Just giving lame excuse regarding breakfast (lack there of). A few weeks back I was notified by a manager in another country, to set up meeting with me and HR and go over my performance on a certain project. I didn’t even know this person, let alone work for her. She said it had to be done by that Friday. She had copied the HR guy. Well, she obviously didn’t pay attention to her own direct’s name, as their name was a shortened version of my last name. So I sent it back to her, denied the meeting and told her basically to check the names next time, for something so serious as doing performance review with HR and layoff. I never got a response. I say that to say that most managers at Oracle are incompetent. Harassment, etc, still happens and HR never does anything about it. Especially if the manager is Indian or Muslim. There are many managers and directors without direct reports, they should offload those people first. They are useless.

    Comment by PSFTRules — February 26, 2009 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

  540. IMO the posts saying that the layoffs were this Friday for the last 3 weeks were just trolls trying to scare people.

    Comment by fbbq — February 26, 2009 @ 9:41 pm | Reply

  541. @545 In case you are not aware, layoffs did occur this week (Monday) in OU, BEA and Sales… as usual “O” is hiding the bodies, so ppl like you didn’t even realize…

    Comment by Fatima — February 26, 2009 @ 9:57 pm | Reply

  542. @541

    “the high number if head count under Larry is because of acquisition, not because Oracle didn’t layoff people form BEA, Hyperion, etc. For sure a layoff will come, it just depend on how big and when.”

    For that to work based on what I’ve seen, then they are firing *exactly* the same number of people they are acquiring, at the very same time.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 27, 2009 @ 3:46 am | Reply

  543. any layoffs in IDC, or East coast

    Comment by Pleazzzzzee — February 27, 2009 @ 5:04 am | Reply

  544. Fatima, where did the layoffs occured?

    Comment by concerned — February 27, 2009 @ 5:17 am | Reply

  545. @546 So you’re saying oracle is doing the “stealth layoff”. When people post that there will be a huge layoff I don’t think of a person here or a person there I think of 1000+ people in a clip.

    Comment by fbbq — February 27, 2009 @ 7:49 am | Reply

  546. Also whats the big deal about sales layoffs? That’s a real transitory job. You either sell or you are gone.

    Comment by fbbq — February 27, 2009 @ 7:50 am | Reply

  547. fbbq: Unfortunately, it may not be that simple. I’m all in favor for simple, easy to understand causes, but… More strategic, newer products may not have high sales numbers, yet, but you may have specialized sales folks that know them really well. Old, established “stuff”, or recycled products (older products with a new veneer or packaging like Audit Vault, for example) may sell well today, but may not have revenue potential in the future. I think one of the reasons that make it so hard for Oracle and others to innovate inside the company, as opposed to acquire outside, is that its sales force is driven to be so opportunistic, even forcing development to take on a sales role.

    Comment by NotSoHappy — February 27, 2009 @ 8:21 am | Reply

  548. Was there any layoff today ? If not, then we might be good for now.

    Comment by slave worker — February 27, 2009 @ 10:29 am | Reply

  549. @544 there is a reason why they selectively decided to ignore the layoffs questions in the psft meeting. A VP in IDC mentioned that we should expect marginal layoffs in all the domains.

    Comment by Ashish — February 27, 2009 @ 2:48 pm | Reply

  550. #554- I agree. There is a reason why they selectively ignore questions people send. It’s obviously on everyone’s mind. They also talked about retaining people and attrition rates. What a joke! How can you retain people if you lay them off?
    Can anyone confirm or deny whether managers went to a layoff training class earlier this week? All of our managers went to a class Monday and Tuesday, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the class they told us they were in, because they already had taken that class. It’s a required class for managers on how to lay off people, so they do it within the law. Can anyone confirm this?

    Comment by PSFTRules — February 27, 2009 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

  551. The managers are being asked to layoff people on some other reason like performance, breaking corporate policy, so that the company does not have to pay the layoff package. Big time opportunity for a law suite.
    All those people should unite at this site and file the suite.

    Comment by slave worker — February 27, 2009 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

  552. more sudden departure of staffs had happened…. some of them had served for years but just vanished without any appreciation’s notes…

    Comment by Anonymous — February 27, 2009 @ 10:14 pm | Reply

  553. The RED army (staff) is already surrounded by the enemy (economic crisis, bad news globally abt layoff, etc). All the Commanders trying to improve the situations via various means.

    However, one of the Commmander (probably contribute 30%) instead of standing by his army, he is totally demoralising them.

    Few proven track records generals who had fought endless battle (many Q) had left the RED eversince with this new Commmander. Those stayed behind are those either suck up to him or without any choice due to personal reasons.

    His vision seems to be telling the solders(sales) to become a cook (demand gen). His winning strategy is to gather classified info intelligences (cust info etc).

    From various feedback, no one respected this Commander. Some chose to leave the army. Some can’t wait to leave.

    The King will witness the downfall of this particular RED troops if he still believes this Commmander. The King should relook into this.

    Comment by disappointed worker — February 27, 2009 @ 11:13 pm | Reply

  554. Issuing PIP is easy and once mgrs have the minds set to remove, whatever stated in PIP will never be able to be accomplished. All planned and minds are set. This is called politics.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 27, 2009 @ 11:19 pm | Reply

  555. #557, In what state did that happened?

    Comment by concerned — February 28, 2009 @ 5:49 am | Reply

  556. H1B Hiring is still on in oracle .

    Comment by tonyalmeida — February 28, 2009 @ 11:45 am | Reply

    • Do you mean directly or thru bodyshops?

      Comment by DF — February 28, 2009 @ 3:41 pm | Reply

      • Most are direct hires .But there are a couple of contracters too.It was suprising.

        Comment by tonyalmeida — March 1, 2009 @ 9:30 am | Reply

      • What is wrong with H1B hiring?
        Oracle is not using TARP fund, so no restriction from hiring H1B. Every other company is doing so, either for cost cutting and / or for specific skill set.

        Comment by Orcell — March 2, 2009 @ 9:51 am | Reply

      • Nothing wrong with hiring H1B when there are so many residents of the US without a job?
        H1B is not for cutting cost, it is when you tell the Government I can’t find anyone else locally in the US to do this “special” job.
        Not getting TARP money is not an excuse to abuse the system.

        Comment by US Citizen — March 3, 2009 @ 6:09 am | Reply

      • Then , there is an issue with the system.. Govt should find these violators and seal their business.
        Oracle is not only company doing this.. 100s of companies..

        Comment by Orcell — March 3, 2009 @ 1:41 pm | Reply

  557. Being working with enterprise s/w generally, and having a very early exposure to computer systems, I can say with some amount of confidence that companies like oracle, who think they can charge whatever for proprietary software licenses, will eventually be cut down to size. Databases and middleware are now nobody’s exclusive reserve. Jboss is just as good as Weblogic, MySQL as good as 11g atleast for non-extreme performance related mainstream operations. The commoditization of enterprise software will shift the focus from licenses, to consulting, and finally to subscriptions (SaaS). Oracle aint gonna disappear anytime soon, neither is Microsoft, but if you’re a salesperson at oracle, selling licenses on shylock-like core based metrics, you might as well augment your skills and prepare to leave eventually.

    Comment by Prophecist — March 2, 2009 @ 5:19 am | Reply

  558. @560 I would love to be able to agree with you, but this just isn’t the case. People have been saying exactly this for years and it just won’t happen. There is a reason people pay Oracle (or IBM, BEA, etc.) that goes beyond just the products themselves.

    How many people do you know that are running JBoss and SQL Server in a production environment?

    I do agree with your conclusion. If you are an oracle sales person, you *should* augment your skills and prepare to leave eventually. Just not for the same reasons. :-)

    Comment by Ben Dover — March 2, 2009 @ 7:26 am | Reply

  559. 562 et al – I think what we are seeing now in the US is the start of a backlash against hiring foreign workers and off-shoring. This makes sense in tough economic conditions. Now that the government is bailing out so many companies, the taxpayer has a right to ask for something back. Maybe KM was right.

    Comment by Concerned of California — March 2, 2009 @ 9:22 am | Reply

    • 562 – you just replied to your own posting – something going on here

      Comment by Worried of Wyoming — March 2, 2009 @ 9:32 am | Reply

  560. The dollar rally is not helping either.The dollar is at 3 year high against most euro and asian currencies.This is not good news for multi national companies like Oracle.

    Comment by bailout US — March 2, 2009 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

  561. any major announcements expected durings earnings release time?

    Comment by ss — March 2, 2009 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

  562. #560. Sounds like someone – an angmo.. no sales experience heading the sales org. heard not open to comments from lower level. face turns red once agitated.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 2, 2009 @ 6:07 pm | Reply

  563. In Oracle, can direct report have affairs with boss?

    Comment by Anonymous — March 2, 2009 @ 6:08 pm | Reply

  564. sorry. referring to #556, not #560.
    Sounds like someone – an angmo.. no sales experience heading the sales org. heard not open to comments from lower level. face turns red once agitated.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 2, 2009 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  565. Yes. You are right. Located in a beautiful green city.

    Comment by disappointed worker — March 2, 2009 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

  566. Most companies who buy Oracle software are not going to want to maintain open source products. Just because an open source product doesn’t cost any money to buy doesn’t mean that they are free. If you want to deploy JBoss and MySQL, you pay a premium for people who can maintain the software in house. People buy Oracle so that they don’t have to worry about those things.

    Comment by RJH — March 2, 2009 @ 6:54 pm | Reply

  567. Open source is the first thing to go with O. They either want to own or hit the highway……at time a lousy and arrogant strategy.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 2, 2009 @ 7:02 pm | Reply

  568. disappointed worker: where is the beautiful green city? in apac?

    Comment by anonymous — March 2, 2009 @ 9:16 pm | Reply

  569. #566 : Yes, that happens pretty often. atleast happens in the India offshore sales division. One manager married his report, but she did resign after that, so everyones happy.

    Comment by orcl_indian — March 3, 2009 @ 1:44 am | Reply

  570. #439 Mr Ben Dover, you wrote this : Now, I am curious. What does “Chud Chut kar, Aage Peechhe ka surakh Ek Hua” mean?

    Its the hindi equivalent of saying ” After f#*king continuously, both orifices from the front and rear has converged into a tunnel”

    Comment by orcl_indian — March 3, 2009 @ 1:56 am | Reply

  571. situated at SG.

    Comment by disappointed worker — March 3, 2009 @ 2:41 am | Reply

  572. orcl_indian: That’s ok. What I am referring is those with “underground” affairs. Isn’t this conflict of interest?

    Comment by Anonymous — March 3, 2009 @ 9:05 am | Reply

  573. Layoff just occurred in Austin, Texas office. This morning.

    Comment by anonymous — March 3, 2009 @ 9:54 am | Reply

  574. how many were affected 576?

    Comment by laidoff — March 3, 2009 @ 11:39 am | Reply

  575. I was rif’d 1/9. I heard it was going to happen a week before by a friend in HQ. The same friend has informed me another round is this Friday 3/6. Anyone else hear this? (Why do I care?) After 8 years and good performance and bonus’s… I’m not bitter.

    Comment by bleedingheart — March 3, 2009 @ 12:16 pm | Reply

  576. @576 were any in NAS org or alliances/channel org

    Comment by Anonymous — March 3, 2009 @ 12:36 pm | Reply

  577. @577 and 579:

    Austin, TX probably means former BEA employees working in sales. I don’t know that for sure, but I was rif’d on 1/9 and that’s the only org I knew of in Austin.

    Comment by N — March 3, 2009 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

  578. #578 – I was told that if it looked like we were going to make our numbers, the layoff would be after the quarter. If we were going to miss, it would be within the quarter.

    Who knows if this was true or not. Same person told me that it was going to happen 2 weeks ago. I guess its wait and see.

    Comment by orcl — March 3, 2009 @ 2:11 pm | Reply

  579. 577,579 and 580. 10 to 12 people from Oracle Retails were let go today.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 3, 2009 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

  580. # 582,

    Oracle Retail (Development, Sales, Marketing, Support, Consulting) – which group?

    Any news from Fusion, EBS, PS Development?
    How about marketing and/or sales group?

    Comment by Please.... — March 3, 2009 @ 10:43 pm | Reply

  581. Hi I heard today there is Layoff happened in ORACLE-Retail grp.. is it true?

    Comment by Unknown — March 4, 2009 @ 12:04 am | Reply

    • Yes there was and I was one of them. I was located in Minneapolis

      Comment by Anonymous — March 4, 2009 @ 6:59 am | Reply

  582. Oracle Q3 results on 03/18/2009

    Comment by keep_going — March 4, 2009 @ 1:25 am | Reply

  583. When January’s layoffs occurred, the Payslip application was hidden from all employees. That application has just been hidden again. That tells me we’re looking at layoffs tomorrow.

    The company perhaps wants to control when an employee is told they’ll be laid off instead of letting employees look at their payslip to see whether they’ve been paid off-cycle.

    Comment by The Payslip Oracle Says Layoffs — March 4, 2009 @ 8:01 am | Reply

  584. There is definitely another layoff this friday, march 6. I was laid off on jan 9 and have a friend who is a manager doing layoffs this week.

    Comment by laidoff — March 4, 2009 @ 8:29 am | Reply

  585. It is not conformed yet but no one knows about it when they are going to layoff whom. let us look at the numbers head count

    Comment by test — March 4, 2009 @ 9:58 am | Reply

  586. I just hear Keith Block is laying himself off to free up enough salary to keep 25 others on board. :) Keep your chins up – there is life after Oracle!

    Comment by bleedingheart — March 4, 2009 @ 11:01 am | Reply

  587. Hey Safra,
    ready to cut some more peoples jobs?
    You’ve recently sold shares:

    Yup – 30 million bucks!!!! enjoy it while we all collect $300 / week unemployment.

    Can you say corporate greed? I mean corporate resposibility?

    I hope Wall Street enjoys your cost cutting measures.

    (I’m not bitter)

    Comment by bleedingheart — March 4, 2009 @ 11:09 am | Reply

    • i don’t blame her. she is not the sole cause of all problems
      i have done the same thing – sold my stock – and i don’t even have 0.1% of what she has
      any average employee knows all the problems

      Comment by Santo — March 5, 2009 @ 5:32 am | Reply

    • I would think that these are options that were given to her as part of her job, and she is selling them because they are running out. I don’t really understand how this is “greed”. Stock options are much more reasonable than the bonuses that many people get, because their value depends on the performance of the company.

      Also, the money from the stock sales is hers, not Oracle’s. She can’t use it to directly pay employees to continue working.

      Comment by RJH — March 5, 2009 @ 8:00 am | Reply

  588. 586 – That makes sense since according to CA law, you must pay all back pay, vacation, etc. (anything that is truly OWED versus severance) on the last day of employment. So those checks are being cut now for Friday.

    Comment by Fmr O — March 4, 2009 @ 12:30 pm | Reply

    • 586/591:

      Vacation and to-date wages earned checks are typically hand-checks, not paid through direct deposit or viewable through Payslip. They are typically delivered to the ex-employee’s home address via FedEx (in the US) two or three days after termination. All withholding, deductions, 401(k) contributions, etc., are supplied on the hard-copy pay stub so there is no need to post that information to Payslip. Whether the termination is voluntary or not, you are owed this money as 586 says. For a sizeable layoff, Payroll would prepare these checks in advance but not send them out until the day of or the day after the RIF. Oracle may be insensitive, greedy and stupid in many areas, but this process they have pretty well under control (can you taste the irony here?).

      Severance pay — separate from vacation and to-date wages owed — require that a RIF-ed employee must first sign a release of claim against Oracle before receiving any severance. That check is also a hand check and is delivered to the RIF-ed employee’s home address upon Oracle’s receipt of the signed release.

      That’s not to say there aren’t shenanigans with Payslip but my experience was that payroll data viewable on Payslip was always made available late on the day of payment at best, and usually with a 24-48 hour lag. So it’s a bit like closing the barn door after the horses are out.

      Full Disclosure: As far as I know, these procedures only apply to US employees. I left Oracle late last year for a better gig (so I know about vacation and wages to-date pay procedures) and I have also had to lay off employees while at Oracle (so I know about the release of claim procedure).

      Comment by Former OraSieb — March 4, 2009 @ 3:05 pm | Reply

      • I *think* the requirement is that payment is made on the last date of employment, not trailing by a day or two. Having RIF’d while I was at O, I always had the check in hand for the meeting with the employee. And if you could not do it in person (not always possible for a RIF of multiple employees across multiple sites) it was sent fedex to the employee’s home for arrival the day of the RIF. So as a manager you got to pay beat the clock with the Fedex truck, trying to get in touch with the RIF’d employee before the doorbell rang. Also the source of many of the complaints of ‘I found out when I recieved the Fedex envelope’. People tend not to answer the phone on RIF days, and are then *shocked* when they find out from the FEDEX guy.

        Comment by Fmr O — March 4, 2009 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

      • Is the employee escorted out immediately or given time to clean up/pack up things till the end of business day?

        Comment by Part of life — March 4, 2009 @ 10:57 pm | Reply

    • It’s thanks for your contribution and out the door. You are not supposed to allow anyone to stay in the building once they are fired, whether it’s a RIF or for cause. It sounds cruel, but who wants to be the one to let the 1 crazy out of 1000 stay in the building?

      Comment by Fmr O — March 5, 2009 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

  589. You guys might be interested in this:

    Q3 could be the worst quarter, that Oracle has reported in 15 years!

    Comment by Ashish — March 4, 2009 @ 1:46 pm | Reply

    • Another set of waves coming soon..

      Comment by AnyExOrcl — March 4, 2009 @ 7:22 pm | Reply

  590. Currently the employee strength ticks at 75,547. Lets track this # for next week…

    Comment by Current OraSieb — March 4, 2009 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

    • 75,421 now, missing 126 people in one day.

      Comment by HR — March 5, 2009 @ 8:45 am | Reply

      • It could be because of emp resignations also.

        Comment by Not yet — March 5, 2009 @ 10:25 am | Reply

  591. Retail Layoffs???

    Was it Development or Sales?

    Comment by Dhere — March 4, 2009 @ 8:56 pm | Reply

  592. Looks like yesterday there were some Layoffs in Oracle Retail Group in Bangalore as well. Can someone Confirm?

    Comment by Santosh — March 4, 2009 @ 10:54 pm | Reply

  593. Retail group – Development or Sales?

    Comment by where — March 5, 2009 @ 7:40 am | Reply

  594. It has dropped to 75,421 as of Thursday morning. It was 75,547 yesterday.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 5, 2009 @ 7:48 am | Reply

  595. I just checked the payslip application and it’s working. I don’t know what 586 is talking about. I DO know that there have been a ton of upper mgt meetings this week.

    Comment by anonymous — March 5, 2009 @ 8:30 am | Reply

  596. Hi,

    If a person is laid off after a month stay on Bench, do Oracle force to apply vacation or do they pay all dues along with Severance?

    Also what about the bonus due for the last quarter?

    Comment by Orcell — March 5, 2009 @ 9:32 am | Reply

  597. I was laid off back in January, 2005 during large layoff after Oracle acquired Peoplesoft. I was working from home and got a phone call 30 minutes before the end of the day notifying me that I was laid off. I had to make an appointment to bring back my computer and other company equipment I had at home. Someone met me outside the building to take the stuff. Someone also packed my desk for me, although I think they would have allowed for me to be escorted up and watched while I packed it myself. That was too humiliating to consider, so I just kept my fingers crossed that they packed everything. The final paycheck did not reflect anything abnormal. I received a separate check for unpaid vacation. I cannot remember if that check also included the severance money or if that was yet another check. I can tell you that it took several weeks to get the severance money. The separation package delivered via fedex only has all the paperwork regarding cobra and what they calculate they owe you for severance, along with a form you must sign and return in order to get the severance. That form says that you agree not to sue them. I recommend taking the money and walking away. I hated the job and my manager barely spoke English. It was horrible. I had saved 6 months worth of emergency funds so I had money to pay bills while I looked for another job. I eventually went into business for myself and am much happier. I don’t make as much money now but I’m in charge of my own destiny and my new boss is great (me)!

    Comment by old laid-off gal — March 5, 2009 @ 10:05 am | Reply

    • One of the best items…thanks and very inspiring note. BTW, what do you do now?

      Comment by where — March 5, 2009 @ 9:03 pm | Reply

  598. I was laid off on Jan 9 and here is how it works: You get your bonus for any past quarters that have closed, but will not get your bonus for any quarters that are still in progress. I was former bea so we got our severance, final pay, unpaid vacation all in the fedex envelope that arrives by noon on layoff friday. (Bea people didn’t have to sign a waiver for the severance, but everyone else did) Some managers call you early in the morning, usually on a friday and some make you come in. They will set up the meeting earlier in the week so if you are being forced to do a one on one con call or a meeting on a thursday or friday that is not regularly scheduled, then you are probably getting laid off. Payslip only doesnt work for those getting laid off, it works for everyone else. The week I was laid off, payslip did not work for me. Oracle is laying off some groups this week per my manager friend.

    The layoffs are not performance related but are tied to the sales performance of the district and group you are in. They look at factors like pay grade, hours booked with customers, overtime claimed, sales performance of the district, needed skills that you have etc. All the managers of all groups in the region get together and stack rank everyone and that is how the cut list is made. They have a cut list made for the rest of the year, with cascading layoffs coming each month and each quarter if needed.

    Comment by laidoff — March 5, 2009 @ 12:15 pm | Reply

  599. #599,
    It is true what #566 is talking about payslip. I was laid off on Jan 9th, and I was unable to view my past payslips from self-service on Jan 8th and 9th. Luckily, I saved all the copies on Jan 7th as I was “given a hint” about my layoff on Jan 6th by my manager. I received all my accrued vacation pay, to-date pay and all the other paper work on Jan 9th.I recevied the severance pay after I sent HR, my signed release form. I got my previous quarter’s bonus too some time later.

    Comment by Peoplesoft_Consultant — March 5, 2009 @ 12:51 pm | Reply

    • The day before I was laid off I could not get into payslip either. I thougt it was just a server issue and was going to talk to my manager about it on the following day which is the day I was laid off. I was let go. Oh he was let go and his manager too. The wacked pretty much my whole department.

      Comment by Anonymous — March 5, 2009 @ 9:36 pm | Reply

  600. Just got a notice that the Westchester, IL office will be shutting down here in the Chicago area. Looks like company trying to save some money, I’m sure more people getting laid off and will be next.

    Comment by hanginthere — March 5, 2009 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  601. any updates for today – Friday…

    Keep us posted…

    Comment by where — March 6, 2009 @ 7:20 am | Reply

  602. i figure we will start seeing the postings around 10:00 PST

    Comment by xoracle — March 6, 2009 @ 7:32 am | Reply

  603. Count is at 75,418 currently.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 6, 2009 @ 8:02 am | Reply

    • The count is down to 75,362, down from 75,547 on March 4th. Down 185 in 5 days.

      Comment by Anonymous — March 9, 2009 @ 5:28 am | Reply

  604. they wont be purged from Aria for a couple of days so check it on Monday

    Comment by Anonymous — March 6, 2009 @ 8:22 am | Reply

  605. that count wont change until the day is over. I would give it until Monday to check ARIA again

    Comment by xoracle — March 6, 2009 @ 8:29 am | Reply

  606. This was published in the New York Times today:
    If you have a flexible spending account — use it. Here’s a little known bonus in the employee’s favor:

    Let’s say you signed up to contribute $1,000 this year through payroll deductions to your health care flexible spending account. So far you’ve only put in about $200. No matter. “Companies must still reimburse you for the full amount you’ve elected even if you haven’t contributed the total to the account yet,” Mr. Billet said.

    In this example, if you file claims for $1,000 of eligible health care expenses before your last day on the job, you will get the full reimbursement — not just the $200 you’ve paid in.

    Comment by Not Yet — March 6, 2009 @ 9:02 am | Reply

  607. Ericsson, Plano Needs an Oracle DBA…

    Required Skill Set:

    Hands on experience with Oracle SOA Suite including grid control

    Experience with designing and blueprinting SOA solutions

    Producing scripts with Perl, PL/SQL, and Stored Procedures

    Hands on experience of database performance tuning

    Hands on experience of database backup and restore

    Hands on experience of Unix shell script

    Preferably worked in telecommunications related projects

    Can perform abstract designs

    Ability to write design documents

    Knowledge of Data exports and ETL experience (i.e. Informatica)

    General Data Warehousing experience

    Can work on a variety of Operating Systems including Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows Vista

    Good presentation and communication skills, both oral and written

    Comment by Dont_loose_hope — March 6, 2009 @ 9:05 am | Reply

  608. 596….That is true…not sure of numbers…hearing that 50 were laid off in Oracle retail bangalore….reasons quoted were performance related.

    Comment by Bob — March 6, 2009 @ 9:11 am | Reply

  609. 595…all in development…

    Comment by Bob — March 6, 2009 @ 9:13 am | Reply

  610. Was there any layoffs occuring in the Washington D.C. office this week or today?

    Comment by concerned — March 6, 2009 @ 9:19 am | Reply

  611. OH CRAP

    Comment by OHBOY — March 6, 2009 @ 9:49 am | Reply

  612. I think, people are fearing layoff only comes to this blog. Many laid off people not posting or they don’t know about this blog.. So it is hard to find what is happening. ARIA also does not give true picture as O is merging / buying companies & updating ARIA is not accurate…

    Comment by Orcell — March 6, 2009 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

  613. I guess no layoff today ?

    Comment by ss — March 6, 2009 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

    • I guess we are safe till next Friday

      Comment by Anonymous — March 6, 2009 @ 12:36 pm | Reply

  614. I hear there is a large round coming next week (Tuesday). Best wishes to all.

    Comment by Wayne — March 6, 2009 @ 3:21 pm | Reply

  615. Hey #618, Do you know what groups? NA sales/Dev/consulting?

    Comment by anonymous — March 6, 2009 @ 4:43 pm | Reply

  616. There r few who r given till end Q4, to either transfer to leave Oracle. This is in apac

    Comment by Anonymous — March 6, 2009 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

  617. # Any layoff news for today?

    Comment by Maine Apni Khud Marwai — March 6, 2009 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  618. Any updates from sales – if any layoffs occured today.

    Comment by Main Hoon Chutia No 1, Gandu No 1 — March 6, 2009 @ 7:56 pm | Reply

  619. Quiet…

    May be quietness before a big storm… :)

    Comment by screwed — March 7, 2009 @ 9:09 am | Reply

  620. Is anyone hearing what the plans are for Oracle Retail? I hear that as much as 50 people in development were laid off. I’m wondering if I should stay in the group or try and find another role in the organization if any. Additional insight to what anyone is hearing about the future direction of the Retail group would be helpful. Thanks.

    Comment by Oracle Retail — March 8, 2009 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

  621. @ 623

    See, now what the hell sort of a post is that? This thread is chock-full of postings like yours, which add zero value, and potentially up the fear for no reason. Yes, I’m sure that Oracle are deliberately not laying off, just so it’s more of a bang when they do. That was sarcasm, by the way.

    And besides which, there’s always quiet before storms. Otherwise it would just be all storm!

    Comment by Anonymous — March 9, 2009 @ 1:58 am | Reply

  622. More posts about “Friday” every week. stop stirring the pot.

    Comment by fbbq — March 9, 2009 @ 7:53 am | Reply

  623. There will ne no layoffs at Oracle.Larry has decided to take a 1$ salary and no bonuses this year till the economy recovers.Also he is selling all his fancy toys and homes to pay for the 75K + employees.Safra is next in the line to take a 1$ salary.

    Comment by BailoutUS — March 9, 2009 @ 8:51 am | Reply

  624. Are there any layoffs occurring in the Orlando area?

    Comment by Inquiring Mind — March 9, 2009 @ 11:27 am | Reply

  625. #627 Great Joke.. to add to that.. Oracle is going to Hire 30000 in 3 months…

    I think Oracle should hire all the unemployed now…

    Comment by Orcell — March 9, 2009 @ 12:12 pm | Reply

  626. Headcount was down this morning, 75,321 when I last looked. So there was a credible difference between last week and this week, in other words, layoffs are ongoing. I really don’t believe it’s about 100 people gone due to people quitting.

    Comment by PSFTRules — March 9, 2009 @ 4:20 pm | Reply

    • 100 people gone corresponds to 0.13259%. When extrapolated to 52 weeks, that corresponds to 6.7% p.a. This is still an insignificant figure that is accountable by attrition. I am not saying that this is not a layoff, I am just saying that if the total figure was 200, it would most likely indicate layoff, but for 100 it could be attrition/PIP.

      Maybe Oracle is being very clever in the way they are going about this.

      Comment by GBP — March 9, 2009 @ 8:35 pm | Reply

    • if their are layoffs, you should be first one to go because of wicked practical knowledge…i really didn’t knew that PSTF guysa are so dumb

      Comment by Oracle — March 10, 2009 @ 9:03 am | Reply

      • Well dude, at least we can type!

        Comment by PSFTRules2 — March 10, 2009 @ 2:49 pm | Reply

        • if thats the case you should work for :P

          Comment by Oracle — March 11, 2009 @ 3:07 am | Reply

          • Nah! I’ve never liked that pseudo sport copied from baseball…

            Comment by PSFTRules2 — March 12, 2009 @ 10:35 am | Reply

  627. One of my friend, resigned his oracle job today, was working in Ireland, 39K euros + bens, got new job with one of Oracle’s client, for 45K + bens euros ….

    It is not all that bad !

    Comment by The Dude — March 10, 2009 @ 3:25 am | Reply

  628. I guess there’s no more layoff…

    Comment by concerned — March 10, 2009 @ 5:19 am | Reply

  629. #632, normally earnings season time is prone to layoffs or announcements. so we have to wait till March 18 before we can breathe easily

    Comment by ss — March 10, 2009 @ 12:01 pm | Reply

  630. 633 how does January 9th figure into your earnings season? That’s when about 500 got the boot from NAS

    Comment by filled_with_hate — March 10, 2009 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

    • that could be a carryover from previous qtr. ORacle was kind enough not to spoil holiday session of 500 families.

      Comment by ss — March 10, 2009 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

  631. hey 590 RJH, Safra is the 15th most powerful women in the world. I’m sure she could save peoples jobs if she cared to. Business can be cold cruel and rutheless. That’s why she excells!

    Comment by filled_with_hate — March 10, 2009 @ 2:17 pm | Reply

  632. Hi
    Is there any lay off in GC area?

    Comment by Little John — March 10, 2009 @ 6:28 pm | Reply

    • Also interested.

      Comment by Anonymous — March 12, 2009 @ 11:52 pm | Reply

  633. Just shocked to see all above… I have Oracle offer for Oracle Communications Consulting group in CGBU India but now very puzzeled to consider it seriously.
    Pls anyone have any info of Oracle CGBU department , any blood bath goin around there…??

    Comment by shail — March 10, 2009 @ 7:30 pm | Reply

    • how much they are paying .. it all depends on ur cost ..

      Comment by Oracle — March 11, 2009 @ 3:08 am | Reply

      • its quite ok looking by current industry standard around Rs 1200K per annum. Whts ur guess judgment..????

        Comment by Shail — March 12, 2009 @ 6:23 am | Reply

        • for 5-6 yrs of exp, this is fine.. no need to worry

          Comment by oracle — March 12, 2009 @ 10:03 pm | Reply

  634. I am having a Tech interiew with Oracle – B’lore with “BI” skills. How are doing on “BI” front ? Layoffs over there? Any suggestion will be of great help.

    Comment by Sandy — March 11, 2009 @ 3:12 am | Reply

    • if they are hiring you they need you. but whether it is for 3 months or 6 mo or longer, nobody knows. a lot will depend on your performance. You will need to knock the ball out of the park…

      Comment by ss — March 11, 2009 @ 6:46 am | Reply

  635. The hiring process is a big mess even for ex-oracle employees. I was layed off after putting in many years of lot of long hours of hard work during siebel acquisition in 2006. I gave numerous interviews in Oracle US since then but the hiring managers just wasted my time by calling me onsite and later saying that either they don’t have budget or it is for internal transfers which inturn effected my current position. Quality people are long gone from orcl so the innovation has died.

    Comment by ex-oracle — March 11, 2009 @ 9:17 am | Reply

  636. hi 638(Sandy)

    can u tell me who is gonna interview you and to which office at bangalore u had been called to for the BI opening?

    Comment by x — March 11, 2009 @ 11:46 am | Reply

  637. Anybody heard of any layoff occuring in Washington D.C. this week?

    Comment by concerned — March 11, 2009 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

    • There won;t be layoffs but after the Q3 report… I am guessing Friday March 20 (??)… Although, we’ve seen layoffs on Mondays recently…

      Comment by BirdMan — March 11, 2009 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

  638. I heard one of the top sales management in APAC whereby his direct reports all left. It’s such a pity to see talents leaving as this top management is useless.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 11, 2009 @ 6:26 pm | Reply

  639. Just returned from OU Mississauga office. My training was cancelled because of bunch of instructors were laid off last month!!

    Comment by waiting to be laidoff — March 12, 2009 @ 6:04 am | Reply

  640. I was laid off 1/9, along with 500 of my closest friends. I have been looking at this site 3-4 times a week ever since. It is depressing. Today is the last time. It is depressing to look back, more important to move forward.

    I wish everyone good luck and continued success. Soon the economy will turn and we will be up to ears in opportunities. I have a feeling computers aren’t going away, so as a person with good tech skills, and money in the bank, I am one of the lucky ones.

    Cheers everyone! You’re not here for a long time, your here for a good time!

    Comment by depressed — March 12, 2009 @ 2:50 pm | Reply

    • Good luck, man!

      Comment by DF — March 12, 2009 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

  641. Does anyone know if any new offers have gone out in the past 2 weeks in oracle US.

    Comment by ax — March 12, 2009 @ 3:43 pm | Reply

  642. I guess big one will not come until after April 29; one year after BEA acquisition. I think ORCL will take the golden opportunity to do one major house cleaning so even non BEA will get impacted. I think there no point to laying people off group by group, this will just hurt the morale.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 12, 2009 @ 6:58 pm | Reply

    • I have to agree anon. There WILL be layoffs. They have already included severance payout in the budget. After April 29, they are not bound by the BEA severance agreement.

      Comment by Ben Dover — March 13, 2009 @ 4:18 am | Reply

  643. Oracle India Laid off 15% Retail development staff, which becomes close to 100, on 3-Mar-09. For India, they say it is for 1 yr and no more Lay off will happen in near future. Around 25 US Retail sales and pre sales employees too were sacked. There is no activity in other Verticals. I was surprised that Indina Media could not pick that up. I was working on a project with my US collegue and he got Laid off along with Bangalore office staff.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 12, 2009 @ 8:41 pm | Reply

  644. 50% cut in retail dev team in austin on 3rd March 2009.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 12, 2009 @ 9:40 pm | Reply

  645. Now, it is hitting to Europe as well, it was announced that there will be 66 persons will be gone from Oracle Germany from various departments, such as Consulting, Sales, Facilities, Education, Support and ACS etc..

    Apparently 27 persons got already pink slips in French Counter part mostly from consulting.

    Comment by müller — March 12, 2009 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

  646. I’ve been offered an ongoing position at Oracle in Canberra but have also got another offer from the federal Govt. Knowing that we’re really only scraping the top of the current financial crises, with potential for it to continue its downtrend for the next few years, I’m curious to hear what other people would do in such a situation. I would also be appreciative for any insight in being an Oracle employee, especially around long work days.

    As it stands, Oracle hasn’t had the impact like the other large corporations have had. Does this mean doom is just around the corner? I hope it isn’t…

    Comment by Curious... — March 13, 2009 @ 12:13 am | Reply

    • A lot depends on your financial situation, family etc, pay differences, preferences ( stability vs more money etc), severance package in oracle contract if any. it is really an individual’s decision. if the difference in compensation are not that much and you have a family and like stability, fed govt job is not bad. you can always join oracle when things are good, but viceversa maynot be feasible.

      Comment by ax — March 13, 2009 @ 8:53 am | Reply

  647. Do not know why people are so pressimistic here. Oracle is one of a few top companies in world.

    Comment by SomeOne — March 13, 2009 @ 6:59 am | Reply

  648. What no friday layoff warnings this week? O.o

    Comment by fbbq — March 13, 2009 @ 8:21 am | Reply

  649. Anybody heard of any layoff occuring in Washington D.C. this week?

    Comment by concerned — March 11, 2009 @ 3:42 pm | Reply


    Comment by Anonymous — March 13, 2009 @ 9:16 am | Reply

    • You forgot Orlando.

      Comment by Ben Dover — March 13, 2009 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

    • It does not really matter.

      Comment by concerned — March 13, 2009 @ 7:22 pm | Reply

  650. I know one sales person in Bangalore got laid off. Do not know how many more?

    Comment by sales — March 13, 2009 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

    • Sales person – what was (s)he selling? Was it retail?

      Comment by Curious — March 14, 2009 @ 5:28 pm | Reply

    • sales people are transients.

      Comment by fbbq — March 14, 2009 @ 5:48 pm | Reply

  651. Some forms of income in India are tax-exempt, subject to the conditions specified in Indian law, as follows:

    A standard exemption of INR 100,000 on the income of an Indian resident.
    Income from a tax – exempt dividend held by the recipient but the company is liable for a dividend distribution tax.
    Compensation from an insurance company.
    Severance pay in accordance with the provisions of Indian law.
    A pension from work.
    That part of income from a salary that is for rent, vacation, recreation, education of children and more, subject to the specified ceilings.
    A capital gain from transfer of a residential property that has been held for a long term when the proceeds are invested in the purchase of another residential property.
    Capital gain from the sale of listed shares held for a long term.

    Comment by Indian — March 15, 2009 @ 1:01 pm | Reply

  652. Check this out,

    especially myth 8. I quoted below

    “MYTH 8. Mass layoffs reward investors. In the 1990s, news of layoffs would boost a company’s stock for several weeks. Stock traders lauded bosses for tightening their belts, so it was smart to buy or hold the shares. But mass firings no longer impress investors. Lately, firms as varied as Allstate, Boeing, Caterpillar, Dell, Macy’s, Mattel and Starbucks have all announced enormous layoffs — only to learn that, if anything, doing so spooks the market even more. For example, on the day in January when Allstate axed 1,000 of its 70,000 employees, its shares fell 21%.

    Truth: Don’t buy a stock thinking that a layoff will help profits. More likely, trouble’s brewing.”

    So I hope top mgmt aware of this.

    Comment by Zen — March 15, 2009 @ 8:13 pm | Reply

  653. Thanks, Zen, for the excellent posting. This makes a lot of sense. Investors would consider that companies which can avoid layoffs will come out stronger if the economy improves, because every layoff will inadvertently let some top performers go that were mis-labeled, somehow, in the (never really free of politics) layoff- or stack ranking process. Killing the wrong employee, even in sales, can take whole customer/supplier eco-systems down. Strong companies don’t lay off, unless they absolutely have to.

    The other “myths” are worth reading, too.


    Comment by Andy — March 16, 2009 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

  654. layoffs make operating margins look better. good question to ask: are any of the decision makers measured on( i.e., get bonuses based on) margin? ;-)

    Comment by pleasekickme — March 16, 2009 @ 1:29 pm | Reply

  655. Hey 651,
    Why so pessimistc? hmm I wonder. If you worked for a “top company” for ten years , and then got laid off, would you still love that company?

    Comment by optimistic — March 16, 2009 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

  656. #656, that’s not really true. Wall Street demands bodies when either a take over occurs or the company does not meet their numbers. In these times, ORCL can possibly get away with not giving bodies because ALL is bad right now and their numbers aren’t that bad.

    The sad thing is whenever a takeover takes place, at least half of the top employees leave before lay offs even occur. Those that get laid off are just victims of stock holders that want to see a body count. That’s the reality of it.

    Comment by anon — March 16, 2009 @ 7:01 pm | Reply

  657. Is there any Layoff in Siebel??

    Comment by Unknown — March 17, 2009 @ 5:38 am | Reply

  658. #660 wait until tomorrow when earnings are announced and they report that this was the worst Quarter in the past 15 years for Oracle, then tell me how good they are doing!!!

    Comment by oracle knows all — March 17, 2009 @ 5:46 am | Reply

  659. Hi !!!! is it better to join oracle b’lore now as a contract employee ?????

    please comment !!!!

    Comment by anec — March 17, 2009 @ 6:39 am | Reply

    • As opposed to staying unemployed? No.

      Comment by Amused — March 17, 2009 @ 8:37 pm | Reply

  660. I heard consulting bonus payouts are close to nothing. I should go to work for AIG.

    Comment by Redeye — March 17, 2009 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

  661. Highly plausible. Their earnings are way off. Others including SAP and Ariba have announced similar lay-offs. Not a question of when, but how deep and what units are impacted. Would expect more from SAP, Oracle and Ariba and other enterprise software companies.

    Comment by JerryGarcia — March 18, 2009 @ 11:25 am | Reply

  662. Oracle Q3 results are out and they are good.. So, we can expect no more layoff’s atleast until next quarter :-)

    Comment by orcl emplyee — March 18, 2009 @ 12:41 pm | Reply

    • hey 666, are you Satan? are you lying to me? is my job safe then?

      Comment by martir — March 18, 2009 @ 1:41 pm | Reply

  663. Bcos of the silent layoffs only they were able to save lot.. & show good result.. Layoff might continue until market demand goes up…

    Comment by Orcell — March 18, 2009 @ 1:20 pm | Reply

  664. Look at the supplemental table at the O investor page:
    Q1 headcount: 85,188
    Q2 headcount: 86,657
    Q3 Headcount: 86,588

    It does not tell of any big layoff.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 18, 2009 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

    • Yea.. if O acquires a company every month, and lays off in 1000s silently , #s doesn’t change much…

      Comment by Orcell — March 19, 2009 @ 6:04 pm | Reply

      • The internal employee count reads very similar, so you’re saying they silently lay off a thousand one month, and buy another company with a thousand employees to hide it? Right, so *that’s* why they constantly buy so many companies…

        Get real.

        Comment by Anonymous — March 22, 2009 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

  665. Excuse my ignorance but ARIA today reflects 75,394 headcount. Why is the O investor page reflecting 10K more?

    Comment by ANON — March 18, 2009 @ 2:53 pm | Reply

    • As has been mentioned here before, not all of Oracle’s subsidiaries are listed in ARIA.

      Comment by Ben Dover — March 18, 2009 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

  666. Wow, earning beat analyst expectation…impressive. Giving out dividend somemore, first in 30 years ! Will the employees be getting big bonus and salary adjustment soon? :)

    Comment by Anonymous — March 18, 2009 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

    • Be happy that you have a job in this economy. Don’t get too greedy. That’s the prerogative of Wall Street bankers.

      Comment by Amused — March 18, 2009 @ 5:41 pm | Reply

      • agreed. oracle is prudent about the spending. that’s probably why it is still sound during this economy.

        Comment by Ray — March 19, 2009 @ 12:40 am | Reply

    • In your dream……ha ha ha

      Comment by Little John — March 19, 2009 @ 3:02 am | Reply

  667. Several Layoffs today in the Tax Global Business Unit.

    Comment by Not Yet — March 19, 2009 @ 7:15 am | Reply

    • Yeah, I’m one of them.

      Comment by Anonymous — March 19, 2009 @ 1:00 pm | Reply

      • Total number is 9 in TUGBU (Tax and Utility) Global Business Unit. 7 in Tax and 2 in Utilities.

        Comment by Not Yet — March 22, 2009 @ 5:24 am | Reply

        • New people become easy prey, regardless of talent/importance to project.

          Comment by wrong place — March 22, 2009 @ 11:43 pm | Reply

      • from what department? sales? professional services?

        Comment by Anonymous — March 24, 2009 @ 10:02 am | Reply

        • Mainly professional services.

          Comment by Not Yet — March 24, 2009 @ 4:15 pm | Reply

          • is it in the US?

            Comment by Anonymous — March 25, 2009 @ 8:59 am | Reply

        • Is this in North America?

          Comment by Anonymous — March 25, 2009 @ 9:13 am | Reply

          • Yes, all in the US.

            Comment by Not Yet — March 26, 2009 @ 5:03 am | Reply

  668. Is there going to be some reorg within NASA? Arthur Filip, the new guy heading this, is going to change things. Is this true?

    Comment by ?? — March 19, 2009 @ 10:31 am | Reply

    • I don’t think so…

      Comment by Anonymous — March 19, 2009 @ 7:16 pm | Reply

  669. hey, any idea what will happen to oracle campus hires this year? will they get offer letters?

    Comment by Anonymous — March 19, 2009 @ 8:15 pm | Reply

    • There is probably no consistent policy on this – it will depend on the situation. Knowing Oracle, all such decisions are taken up at a very high level at the last minute.

      Comment by GBP — March 22, 2009 @ 1:13 am | Reply

      • LOL! That is ABSOLUTELY the way things happen at Oracle. Or the decision is made at the top NOT to decide (like a pocket veto) and the teams that execute have a choice: go ahead with un-approved plans or forget about the whole thing (guess what happens to managers who opt for the former?). Having said that, college recruiting has always been near and dear to LJE’s heart; maybe it’s repentance for having publicly lied about getting a degree from U of Chicago.

        Comment by Ex-O — March 26, 2009 @ 7:27 am | Reply

  670. Any layoff in ORACLE UK yet ? Any one ?

    Comment by The Dude — March 22, 2009 @ 8:28 am | Reply

  671. Anybody heard of any layoff occuring in Washington D.C. this week?

    Concerned doesn’t seem to be around anymore, so I’m taking the reigns.

    Comment by notreallyconcerned — March 23, 2009 @ 11:00 am | Reply

  672. Bigger bonus? Fat hope…after so many years with the company, they have never paid good bonus.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 23, 2009 @ 10:02 pm | Reply

    • Nope, there will be no layoff in D.C. area…

      Comment by GD — March 24, 2009 @ 7:19 pm | Reply

  673. According to unconfirmed sources, major Layoffs are due by the end of Next Week (i.e. 3rd of April’09) across all practices of NAC !

    Comment by truthshallprevail — March 24, 2009 @ 3:05 pm | Reply

    • We have tons of UNCONFIRMED Sources and NEWS.. TELLS US CONFIRMED NEWS..

      Comment by Orcell — March 24, 2009 @ 4:17 pm | Reply

  674. sometmes instead of laying off employees, oracle should consider looking at the management level. In situation like this, sales can be boosted with giving morale speeches, etc. But sad to say, the top guy in XX fails to do it. Worse, he never listen to recommendation by lower rank employee.

    Comment by OD sales — March 24, 2009 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

    • Yes, and I knew people who were subsequently laid off after asking questions about raises and bonuses at an allegedly “open” Q&A at the end of a team off-site.

      Comment by Ex-O — March 26, 2009 @ 7:29 am | Reply

  675. One only has to look at the results to determine that consulting turned into a horrible performance.

    Click to access 3q09-supplemental-tables.pdf

    Consulting revenue (worldwide)
    FY08-Q3 – $843M
    FY09-Q3 – $758M
    Almost a $100M drop. Margins in consulting aren’t near as nice as license, and bodies doing nothing well, do nothing.

    compare that to the tech revenue (Worldwide, BEA exlcuded in 08 I believe)
    FY08-Q3 – $1,165M
    FY09-Q3 – $1,120M
    Only a $45M drop. Now it hurts as bea was most likely excluded. But margins are much nicer, and I doubt the tech sales force is that much bigger.

    Comment by wayne j. — March 24, 2009 @ 8:15 pm | Reply

  676. This top guy in XX sounds like someone familiar. Is he from US and now working in APAC? If so, he is never in sales before.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 24, 2009 @ 8:22 pm | Reply

  677. This has become a useless source of information

    Comment by Anonymous — March 25, 2009 @ 10:01 am | Reply

    • I agree, 681. I’m going to stop coming to this site and maybe start my own and if anything like #677 gets posted it will be immmediately removed. “uncomfirmed sources”? puleez.

      Comment by ANON — March 25, 2009 @ 11:15 am | Reply

  678. In layoff times, especially as Oracle is now distributing dividend, we, as employee representatives are deeply concerned about the fairness and ethic practices of our company.
    We call the company for a cancellation of planned layoffs worldwide.

    In times where The Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act is coming back in front of the stage, we are also especially cautious about the Cayman & Luxembourg Oracle holdings and associated financial flows.
    We do want companies to pay taxes in the countries where they layoff people, not leaving the public welfare the whole burden of unemployement management.

    As those offshore/off law islands are somewhat sensitive, we ask you to report any possible miscounduct you may have encountered directly to us, in order to have a transparent employee driven, accounted investigation.
    Thanks to a growing network all over the world, we have already started to get means of pushing for a better “socially responsible” company.

    Comment by FR CFDT Labor Union — March 25, 2009 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

  679. 682, your post is an embarassment. Go work for the government someplace – you don’t belong in a profit-making enterprise. May I also suggest you use spellcheck on your blog.

    Comment by Fmr O — March 26, 2009 @ 6:39 am | Reply

    • You are rude…You don’t belong here…

      Comment by GD — March 26, 2009 @ 12:57 pm | Reply

  680. Wow, this blog used to be helpful, but now its just negative and weird!

    Comment by Anonymous — March 26, 2009 @ 9:09 am | Reply

    • Yep. This is the place where ‘ex-O’s and ‘not-Yet’s are hanging around. Join us

      Comment by Anonymous — March 26, 2009 @ 11:06 am | Reply

  681. Even Oracle EMEA is doing lay offs now. Apps sales and apps consulting are downsizing all over the place. Rumours has it that overlay sales will be hit next

    Comment by Viking — March 26, 2009 @ 12:35 pm | Reply

  682. #682, I do agree. Time has come for a better way of doing business and beeing responsible towards employees and customers and governemental institutions;
    EMEA is very keen to adopt transparency regulations :,3343,en_2649_33745_1903251_1_1_1_37427,00.html
    O. can be a great company and can afford to keep its employees, which contribute to be customers at the end.

    Comment by Carlo — March 26, 2009 @ 2:08 pm | Reply

  683. One interesting strategy Oracle exhibits – they layoff under the radar. Then they let the balance sheet speak for itself. I wonder about the reality of the numbers on Yahoo vs. Aria – Yahoo reports 84,233 employees, and Aria is ??? I think it’s clever to NOT publicize your layoffs.

    Comment by optimistic — March 26, 2009 @ 2:51 pm | Reply

    • Aria has been around the mid-70k ballpark for many many months now.

      Comment by notreallyconcerned — March 27, 2009 @ 2:48 am | Reply

  684. Hmmm, Aria may be consistent but I just heard of 3 people who got the RIF call today. All in US, different orgs.

    Comment by disposable — March 27, 2009 @ 11:36 am | Reply

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