January 8, 2009

Google Layoffs: 6000 Cut – Details Kept Off Web

WebGuild reports: Today, in documents obtain by the Associated Press, Google filed a paper document with the SEC stating that “a substantial number of temporary workers” had been laid off. The company has sought special exemption to keep the document from circulating on the Web.

The document states that Google has 24,400 employees, however on  September 30, 2008 the company reported  to the SEC that it had 20,123 employees when in reality it had 30,000. At that time Google did not report the 10,000 temporary employees to the SEC, because Google wanted the option to lay off employees on demand to meeting earning expectations without reporting to the SEC.

Now the company says 4,300 of the 24,400 employees are temporary. So why report temporary employees now and not then? Why get an exemption to keep the documents private?

Further the company reported 30,000 employees on November 24, 2008 and 24,400 on Dec 15, 2008. Where did 6,000 employees disappear to in 3 weeks?


  1. Yeah, it is bad out there. The tech jobs are becoming fewer and fewer– sucks to be looking for work right now. To see some actual numbers, check out where you can see job postings for programming, sysadmin skills, etc are down 25-30% across the board over 2 months.

    Comment by cool dude — January 9, 2009 @ 12:22 am | Reply

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  3. Even the mighty Google must deal with business cycles …

    Comment by Dave — January 12, 2009 @ 8:54 am | Reply

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  5. Hi Guys,

    I’m really sorry about the layoff’s but if you are looking out for a job then.

    ***Opportunity 1***

    Location : Bangalore, India
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    – There could be an opportunity If any of you guys are technically qualified (software) and are looking out for a technical training position with a BPM software product company. Training experience is preferred.

    ***Opportunity 2***

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    Skill set
    Hands on experience with programming ASP.Net / C# /.Net

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    Coding and verification of application against SR doc
    R&D for projects and tech team

    Please leave a note with contact info on this Blog and I will get in touch with you.

    Do pass the word around.


    Comment by T — January 14, 2009 @ 8:36 am | Reply

  6. By leaks from inside (Google, Mountain View, CA): most contractors are gone by now (or cleaning up their lockers); no bonuses; no free meals; the situation is more-less stable.

    Comment by DF — January 15, 2009 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

  7. If you can’t grow, what are you worth? Business is about allocating resources to growth opportunities, and layoffs indicate you can’t grow. Layoffs are an admission of no growth plans, and that means you are heading straight into the Swamp. Read more at

    Comment by adam hartung — January 15, 2009 @ 8:51 pm | Reply

  8. Bad news from Google, according to different sources:
    – to close offices in Austin, TX, Trondheim (Norway), Lulea (Sweden)
    – to close
    – Jaiku team to stop project development, publish source code
    – to close Google Mashup Editor
    – to discontinue new file uploads at Google Video
    – to discontinue catalog search at Book Search service

    Comment by DF — January 17, 2009 @ 1:08 pm | Reply

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