January 10, 2009

Obama: Stimulus can save 4 million jobs

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According to CNN Money: “President-elect Obama said Saturday an analysis of his stimulus proposals shows that between 3 million and 4 million U.S. jobs could be saved or created by 2010, nearly 90% of them in the private sector.”

  • The analysis of Obama’s estimated $800 billion plan to lift the country out of a year-long recession
  • The proposal targets alternative energy and infrastructure for investments to save existing jobs and create new ones

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  1. The post election economy is Obama’s baby and he’s shown himself to be a miserable economic steward. He talks the economy down at every opportunity, and promises that government spending can solve all our problems. Right. Spending a trillion dollars today of our children’s tax dollars without any spending cuts? There’s no excuse for all the rampant borrowing and bailouts, especially considering the country can’t afford Medicare and Social Security.

    When will the Congress bailout the Technology industry? Never. You’ll never see it happen. Where is the fairness in helping only industries based in Northern States? That’s what they’re doing pure and simple. How pathetic and shallow are their politically motivated plans.

    Comment by wasting money already — January 11, 2009 @ 7:19 pm | Reply

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