January 16, 2009

Accenture Philippines lays off 500 workers

Outsourcing firm Accenture said it is laying off at least 500 workers in the country due to a “redundancy” program.

This affects approximately three percent of its total workforce in the Philippines or approximately 500 out of a total headcount of more than 16,000 employees.

Source: We have also received a report of Accenture layoffs in India coming February.~


  1. In India situation is more or less same.1000 layoffs in last two months.More are expected as bench size is voluminious-around 3800 people idle in Accenture India.
    Some people told me that bench size is so huge that managers telling programmers not to come to office .instead visit shopping malls adjacent to company
    Some are even asked to develop some hobbies and go on forced leave.

    Comment by Ram Narain — January 16, 2009 @ 11:35 pm | Reply

  2. Hi may sasabihin lang ako tingin ko off-topic dito pero I just wanna get this out. Matagal ko na itong alam pero since one year na ko wala sa Acenture I don’t care na. Some might be offended pero I resigned because I disliked the management and I have a feeling dati pa lang na maglayoff sila so I looked for a greener pasture. I don’t even care if you think may motive ako for posting this pero just take note of the facts na lang po okay.

    Meron akong kilalang dalawa dyan nandyan pa din even now, yung isa taga solutions at yung isa services. Yung services boardmate ko at yung sa solutions friend ko matagal na. Long story short academic honored sa PUP friend ko, but silent hardworker nga lang. Etong boardmate ko inamin nya sakin na all she does is to be nice and close to her lead, you know ‘PR’, then easy lang at work since they don’t have tight deadlines daw and I noticed naman. Eto one time she left her payroll on her desk and computed she earns 30K plus monthly, about 5K more than my friend. Ouch! Knowing 1 year nag JSE and 2 years SE na friend ko, samantalang si services girl 2 years pa lang experienced hire level F (SE din). And honestly on the skill I would say far more madiskarte and ‘detail-oriented’ friend ko kesa sa kanya especially in terms of admin tasks. I can’t say anything bad about the personality of the services girl, pero my friend is working herself to death with a client facing project and friendly din naman sya. Does she deserve that lower salary?

    By the way, I earn more than them but im on higher level.

    My point is being lucky depends on who your lead is. I usually encounter the lead of the services girl laging nakangiti pero biased yung guy sa subordinates na likes nya, and so I heard nasa loob daw ang kulo kahit laging happy face. Yung lead ng friend ko sabi nya protects his people, pero hindi nga lang biased. I told my friend about it yesterday..she will resign na this year..or siguro volunteer to join retrenchment.

    The only reason companies invented (promoted) the idea that salary is confidential and disclosing it is unprofessional..because it gave them the reason to better compensate people ‘advantageous’ and ‘close’ to them while they compensate less for hardworking people they consider ‘useful’ but not of their same ‘class’. They also capitalize the ‘insecurity’ natin that we are being judged by our salary..which is bull obviously dahil sa disparities ng basis even for two people doing the same job in different places. Buti na lang may payscale and glassdoor and the likes so we can anonymously disclose our salaries kahit hindi naman talaga kelangan anonymous. This way we can be informed if we are compensated lesser by our bosses compared to our peers and make better decisions of our precious time and life.

    Saka tama yung napansin ng iba dito..parang may backers Accenture they now hire teams of bloggers or commenters to damage control these days? Kasi kahit sa glassdoor yung positive comments almost parang iisa lang theme nung message kahit galing sa multiple posters. Sila din kaya yung backroound investigators? Sigh…

    Do you really believe accenture laid off people because of financial crisis? You need to know their history..that’s not the main reason..yet.
    Do you really believe Intel totally closed some assemblies (including Philippines) and cutting 6,000 jobs because of financial crisis? Partially yes..but you also need to know what’s happening at these sites to know the primary reason..especially at Cavite.
    Do you really believe Microsoft in process of slashing 5,000 jobs because of financial crisis? Partially yes..but you also need to know the advantage contracting companies provide during times of uncertainty.
    Financial crisis..a convenient excuse for house cleaning purposes..why waste it when it will really affect the company eventually anyway?

    Comment by mayet — January 25, 2009 @ 7:47 am | Reply

  3. Hey! Mayet, That’s a cool comment regarding lay off issue. Honestly I was affected by the situation. My husband was a former MIS supervisor from a Non Government Office. Fortunately he was referred by an old friend to apply at accenture and with a favorable response he was hired. So he resigned and accept the job offer hoping that everything will be just fine. Accenture has good offers such as regularity, medical benefits, project promises, incentives and increase. So he was there, upon staying for 3 months without project, unecpectedly received an email that he was forced to leave for 1 month for christmas vacation. After 3 days of coming back to work, then he found out that he is part of the employees lay off. That was so bad!!! imagine, ok naman ang work niya with his previous job ng dahil sa mga promises ng accenture na yan e nasayang ang dati niyang work. That’s unfair!! Sana bago sila mag hire “MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WILL BE IN THE RIGHT PLACES..”

    Comment by Lohlah — January 25, 2009 @ 8:36 pm | Reply

  4. my heart goes out to those who were affected by the recent layoffs.. it is a global economic phenomenon but we must continue to be headstrong.. as they say, this too shall pass..

    Comment by Krame — January 25, 2009 @ 9:58 pm | Reply

  5. Hi guys! Good Day!

    I also have something to share. Sorry out of topic din. But anyone who could help me is highly appreciated. =)

    I applied with accenture first week of december 2008. Fortunately I got hired and I signed the contract. But the training will begin 3rd week of december 2008 pa. I badly need a job that time and one of the company na pinag-applyan ko called me also and sabi i passed and pwede n daw ako mg-start immediately so i grab it.. The thing is nawalan nko ng time asikasuhin ung clearance papers ko with accenture cause im already woking. Pinadalan ako ng accenture ng demand letter that i have to pay daw 100thou pesos for the company’s bond daw. Is this true? the thing is i never attended the training nor do i get salary from them. Siguro yung mali ko is hindi ko masyadong binasa ung contact.. Do they really file charges sa mga ganitong situation? or nag-hahabol ba tlaga sila sa mga employee na nag “AWOL”? anybody how has the same situation or who can help me pls reply here.. thanks guys! cheers!

    Comment by mr.clay — February 17, 2009 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

    • How very stupid of you that you did not read the contract very carefully. Sorry for that but its true. That’s stupidity. There are bonds indicated on the contract depending on your position. I am assuming you are a team lead or software engineer? That’s what you get for not honoring the contract.

      Comment by Brian — March 6, 2009 @ 5:30 pm | Reply

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