March 3, 2009

Rumor: Apple Layoffs Today?

According to Valleywag: “One tipster tells us there are “major layoffs” at Apple. Another writes that “all sales teams have mandatory meetings today” and that “HR booked conference rooms in Cupertino.” Is Apple cutting salespeople loose?”

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January 13, 2009

Yahoo names Bartz new CEO

According to CNN Money: “Yahoo Inc. announced Tuesday that it had hired veteran technology executive Carol Bartz as its new CEO.”

“Bartz ran software company Autodesk (NASDAQ:ADSK) for 14 years, most recently serving as executive chairwoman. San Rafael, Calif.-based Autodesk, with just over 7,000 employees worldwide, is about half the size of Yahoo.”

“Bartz is taking over an embattled Yahoo. In mid-November, co-founder Jerry Yang stepped down after failed attempts to improve the company’s performance.”

January 8, 2009

Google Layoffs: 6000 Cut – Details Kept Off Web

WebGuild reports: Today, in documents obtain by the Associated Press, Google filed a paper document with the SEC stating that “a substantial number of temporary workers” had been laid off. The company has sought special exemption to keep the document from circulating on the Web.

The document states that Google has 24,400 employees, however on  September 30, 2008 the company reported  to the SEC that it had 20,123 employees when in reality it had 30,000. At that time Google did not report the 10,000 temporary employees to the SEC, because Google wanted the option to lay off employees on demand to meeting earning expectations without reporting to the SEC.

Now the company says 4,300 of the 24,400 employees are temporary. So why report temporary employees now and not then? Why get an exemption to keep the documents private?

Further the company reported 30,000 employees on November 24, 2008 and 24,400 on Dec 15, 2008. Where did 6,000 employees disappear to in 3 weeks?

January 6, 2009

Union tries to organize IBM workers

According to Yahoo Tech: “One message states that IBM will announce 16,000 layoffs on Jan. 23, affecting workers worldwide. Similar predictions are made in other recent posts on the site, which is run by the Alliance@IBM/Communications Workers of America Local 1701, a union that is trying to organize IBM workers.”

“The union, while still in an organizing phase and not yet recognized by IBM, has about 6,000 members, including IBM employees and retirees, according to national coordinator Lee Conrad. But because the union has not reached an employment contract with IBM, there is “not an awful lot” it can do except raise awareness of the issue”. Stay tuned for more info.

January 5, 2009

Rumor: Massive layoffs are coming to IBM later this month

An unofficial online employee Web site,, says massive layoffs are coming to Big Blue later this month, according to Times Herald-Record.

“All divisions in IBM will be affected,” says one entry, adding the majority of those cuts will be announced Jan. 23.

“Several more posts say approximately 16,000 employees, mostly in the U.S., will be affected.”

  • IBM has more than 386,000 employees worldwide, according to its Web site. If the rumored 16,000 figure proves accurate, then, it would equal roughly a 4% reduction in headcount.

IBM’s been cutting people every couple of weeks, but they’re small, silent cuts. What we’re concerned about is a massive one, according to various insider sources.

Update: Union tries to organize IBM workers

Update 1 (Jan 06, 2008): IBM Employees Buzzing About Layoff Rumors

Update 2 (Jan 11, 2009): IBM approves Obama’s IT stimulus package; $30bn will create 900,000 jobs, healthy IBM

Rumor (Jan 19, 2009): Massive layoff packages offered on 1/27

Update 3 (Jan 19, 2009): Stress levels rise at IBM as word of job cuts swirls

Update 4 (Jan 20, 2009):

  • Several sources warn of imminent job cuts announcement.
  • IBM Profit Tops Forecast; Outlook Better than Expected, according to CNBC: “The guidance of $9.20 is awesome… looks like their outsourcing, packaging, cost containment strategy is working. They executed really well..”

Update 5 (Jan 21, 2009):

  • According to rumor, IBM started to cut sales and engineering positions in US.
  • The arguably more-important indicator of IBM’s performance — its top line — fell 6.4%, according to WSJ

Update  6 (Jan 22, 2008):

  • IBM confirms job layoffs: “28 out of 45 cut,” according to a another entry, from Austin, Texas. “Young and old, top and bottom performers. Never show me great 4Q numbers again.”, according to Betanews
  • IBM employees reported yesterday that the layoffs are already happening in IBM software and distribution divisions in the US and Canada, according to multiple news sources

Update 7 (March 11, 2009): Scattered layoffs in IBM can touch 4,600

Update 8 (March 25, 2009): IBM to Cut 5,000 U.S. Jobs, Shifting Work to India

~ Please feel free to comment this info and/or send us your updates regarding IBM layoffs. ~

December 30, 2008

AMD reports more job cuts, higher restructuring costs

According to BizJournals: “AMD said in a regulatory filing on Monday that it cut about 100 more jobs than it originally targeted, resulting in higher than expected restructuring costs in the fourth quarter.

The Sunnyvale chip maker (NYSE:AMD) said it reduced its work force by 600 and will see $70 million in costs related to that move, instead of the 500-worker cut with $50 million in costs originally announced in November.”

AMD also said it isn’t through, saying in the filing that “further cost reduction actions will result in additional charges in the first half of fiscal 2009, which the company cannot estimate at this time”, according to New Mexico Business Weekly

Update: So the rumor we published earlier regarding possible additional layoffs at AMD is confirmed.

December 23, 2008

Yahoo’s Holiday Bonus: A Lawsuit Settled

According to Vallewag: “If you thought Google’s “dogfood” holiday gift was chintzy, check out what Yahoo employees got: $50. To donate to charity. Some others, though, are stuffing their stockings with a $10 million legal settlement.”

“The suit, Salsgiver v. Yahoo, has been settled and checks have been issued, with some plaintiffs getting $10,000 to $12,000, before tax, for their troubles. (One plaintiff tells Valleywag that 75 percent of the settlement came in the form of taxable salary, with the rest paid as a penalty.)”

Google to Employees: No Christmas Bonus, Here’s a G1 Instead

According to Gizmodo: “Googlers looked forward to cash bonuses that topped $20,000. This year, they’re getting $180 worth of “dogfood” – a  T-Mobile G1 cell phone”.

December 22, 2008

Unisys slashes 1,300 jobs

According to Reuters: “IT services company Unisys Corp said Monday it will slash 1,300 jobs, or more than 4 percent of its work force, and suspend matching contributions to its U.S. 401(k) plan as it moves to cut $225 million in costs.

In addition, Unisys said it will forgo salary increases in most of its markets next year.

A company spokesperson said the job cuts would be worldwide but did not give further detail. The headcount reductions have already begun and will continue into 2009. Unisys also plans to consolidate facilities.”

WARN: Layoff announcements in January – February 2009 in California Hi-Tech

According to California EDD WARN statistics, the following layoffs are scheduled for January – February 2009 in hi-tech companies with number of employees greater than 50:

ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED, Location: SAN FRANCISCO, Layoff date: 2/3/09, Employees affected: 75

CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS, INC, Location: SAN JOSE, Layoff date: 1/4/09, Employees affected: 245

NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION, Location: SANTA CLARA, Layoff date: 1/13/09, Employees affected: 151

PALM, INC, Location: SUNNYVALE, Layoff date: 1/19/09, Employees affected: 107

SANDISK CORPORATION, Location: MILPITAS, Layoff date: 1/11/09, Employees affected: 96

SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY LLC, Location: MILPITAS, Layoff date: 1/3/09, Employees affected: 48
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY LLC, Location: MILPITAS, Layoff date: 4/3/09, Employees affected: 43

SHUTTERFLY, INC, Location: HAYWARD, Layoff date: 1/16/09, Employees affected: 70

SIEMENS, Location: LOS ANGELES, Layoff date: 1/30/09, Employees affected: 6

SIEMENS MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, Location: MOUNTAIN VIEW, Layoff date: 1/5/09, Employees affected: 2

Location: SACRAMENTO, Layoff date: 1/5/09, Employees affected: 3
Location: SACRAMENTO, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 2
Location: EL SEGUNDO, Layoff date: 1/5/09, Employees affected: 1
Location: EL SEGUNDO, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 1
Location: IRVINE, Layoff date: 1/5/09, Employees affected: 4
Location: IRVINE, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 3
Location: MENLO PARK, Layoff date: 1/5/09, Employees affected: 19
Location: MENLO PARK, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 6
Location: PLEASANTON, Layoff date: 1/5/09, Employees affected: 5
Location: PLEASANTON, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 7
Location: SAN DIEGO, Layoff date: 1/5/09, Employees affected: 2
Location: SAN DIEGO, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 2
Location: SAN FRANCISCO, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 4
Location: UNIVERSAL CITY, Layoff date: 1/18/09, Employees affected: 1

Location: CUPERTINO, Layoff date: 1/19/09, Employees affected: 55
Location: MOUNTAIN VIEW, Layoff date: 1/13/09, Employees affected: 38

VISHAY SILICONIX, Location: SANTA CLARA, Layoff date: 2/6/09, Employees affected: 97

VIRGIN MOBILE USA, Location: WALNUT CREEK, Layoff date: 1/1/09, Employees affected: 192

Location: ANAHEIM, Layoff date: 1/1/09, Employees affected: 5
Location: ANAHEIM, Layoff date: 1/22/09, Employees affected: 2
Location: EL SEGUNDO, Layoff date: 1/1/09, Employees affected: 8
Location: EL SEGUNDO, Layoff date: 1/22/09, Employees affected: 3
Location: HUNTINGTON BEACH, Layoff date: 1/1/09, Employees affected: 19
Location: HUNTINGTON BEACH, Layoff date: 1/22/09, Employees affected: 42
Location: LONG BEACH, Layoff date: 1/1/09, Employees affected: 50

Source: California EDD WARN

December 18, 2008

(Rumor) Oracle: Major layoffs are to come in January 2009

According to rumors from different sources: “There were several layoffs reported between November – December, 2008 in Oracle’s North America consulting unit. The reduction in force included 140 IT consultants specializing in Siebel, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, and Hyperion products.”

Rumor: “A bunch of people were laid off from Oracle’s business units including utility and retail. Major layoffs are to come in Jan 2009”.

Rumor: “at least 2 people were laid off from PeopleSoft/Oracle unit with no warning.”

Rumor: “20% of the Education staff was let go”.

Update: According to Dow Jones and CNNMoney: “Oracle Corp.’s (NASDAQ: ORCL) fiscal second-quarter net income fell slightly, with the stronger dollar dragging on revenue and profitability.
Revenue for the quarter was lower than Wall Street expected, reflecting both the currency impact and weaker information-technology expenditure, but cost control and a strong flow of maintenance support revenue helped Oracle hit its quarterly earnings per share guidance.”

Update 2 (1-09-2009): According to rumors:

  • SAP layoffs: “A source reports that SAP is making some deep cuts in SAP’s Strategic Growth Enterprise (SGE) unit (focused on the SMB space). A 300 sales-related positions were affected in North America.”
  • Infor layoffs: A source reports that “Infor just laid off a staggering 85% of their senior managers and executives across UK and Europe.”

Update 3 (1-11-2009):

  • India’s Oracle office in Bangalore lays off 40 people, according to The Time of India.
  • Oracle India has an extensive network of more than 400 channel and alliance partners in India, which includes Infosys, Satyam, Sonata, Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro.

Update 4 (1-12-2009):

  • Reports said that after the acquisition of i-Flex, Oracle was planning to lay off almost all employees of that company, though the decision was scrapped after intervention of Oracle’s management, as the layoff of all i-Flex employees could project a failure of the acquisition, according to rumor

Update 5 (1-13-2009):

Update 6 (1-13-2009):

  • Oracle cut around 500 positions in its North American sales and consulting businesses last Friday (January 9, 2009), according to WSJ and other sources.
  • Investors had anticipated a larger scale of the job cuts thanks to the rumors last week that the company was aiming to eliminate thousands of its employees, according to Yahoo Finance
  • Oracle  employed 86,657 globally at the end of November.

~ Please feel free to comment this info and/or send us your updates regarding Oracle layoffs. ~
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December 16, 2008

Gaia Online has laid off 36 employees

According to Techcrunch: “Gaia Online, a social network/virtual world hybrid that includes one of the web’s most popular forums, has laid off 36 employees, or around 13% of its staff. Of those laid off, 16 were full time and 20 were contractors.

December 12, 2008

Fairchild Semiconductor cuts 1,100 jobs

According to AP and BusinessWeek: “Fairchild Semiconductor said Friday it plans to cut 1,100 jobs, or about 12 percent of its work force, and reduced its revenue guidance for its fiscal fourth quarter.”

December 11, 2008

Rumor: Silicon Graphics to cut up to 20% of the workforce

According to InsideHPC:  “sources inside SGI has confirmed for insideHPC that layoffs are expected at the company today.”
“Additional word from those in a position to know is that Bo sent out an email last night putting the size of the layoffs at between 10% and 20% of the workforce, and it looks like it might be Friday before we know which 20%. Details on the timing are still sketchy.”

December 10, 2008

Advice for Yahoo!s, from Yahoo!s published a few useful job tips for the laid off Yahoo!s: “Then there are the scores of former Yahoo!s running fast-moving start-ups around Silicon Valley. Here are excerpts from interviews with former Yahoo!s with advice for those who have just left the company, or anyone pondering their next career move.”

Job tips covered in the article:  “On finding the right job”, “On flexibility”, “On the next big thing”, “On Yahoo!’s alumni network”, “On recharging”, “On keeping your head up“. Read full story

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