March 2, 2009

Immigrant Chinese, Indian tech workers increasingly return home

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The U.S. economic magnet is losing some of its power to retain skilled immigrants from China and India, many of whom have come to Silicon Valley to study and work, according to a survey released today of more than a thousand returnees.

A powerful combination of career, family, culture and rapidly growing economies in their home countries is drawing them back, threatening U.S. supremacy in an increasingly competitive global environment.

The poll of 1,203 returnees to India and China by researchers at Duke and Harvard universities and the University of California also found the returnees thriving in their new jobs. Many rose through the ranks to senior management, with the number in high positions three to four times the number who held senior positions with their U.S. employers. About half said they planned to start a company in the next five years.

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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