December 5, 2008

Useful tips at Career Change ( portal

Lots of useful tips could be found at BusinessWeek | Career Change portal: “Switching jobs is one thing, but changing careers is an even bigger challenge. This topic covers today’s best strategies and advice for executive, managerial, and professional career changers.”

December 2, 2008

5 tips for keeping your job

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Fortune comes up with 5 tips-how-to-keep-your-job article:”The numbers just keep getting scarier. Sun Microsystems is laying off up to 6,000. For Pepsi Bottling it’s 3,150. And that Citigroup figure still sends chills down your spine. So how do you hold on to your job when it seems like no one is safe?”

According to Fortune, the tips are:

“1. Be visible
2. Don’t be a maverick
3. Manage yourself
4. Network
5. Don’t blow off the Christmas party “.

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