December 3, 2008

Wall Street Journal launches “Laid Off and Looking” blog

According to and WSJ: “WSJ startes a new blog called ‘Laid Off and Looking’ and it follows eight out of work professionals (with MBAs) who are trying to find new jobs in this post-meltdown world. They hold MBAs from the likes of Kellogg, Harvard, UCLA and more. They range in age from 27 to 59 and have worked in finance (Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns, BofA), real estate and even in some tried-and-true type firms. They’re recounting their searches and the ups and downs of finding work. We’ll offer advice from career experts one day a week, too. We hope it will help others in the same situation.”

(Update 12-03-2008) comment: Laid Off and Looking = LOL (means that laid off people are full of optimism); sounds like we have a new brand!

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