December 16, 2008

India: Mass IT Layoffs in December 2008

According to information from different sources:

Mastek Ltd (Mumbai, India): 200 positions lost  (75% in recruitments);

Zapak (Mumbai, India): 45 positions (about 25% of total workforce);

Tanla Software Solutions (Hyderabad, India): 200 IT consultant, PM positions (about 50% of total workforce);

Wipro Technologies (Bangalore, India): 1400 IT consultants will be affected;

JBA Infotech Pvt Ltd (Bangalore, India): to cut 75 IT consultant positions;

Gupta Equities Pvt Ltd (Bangalore, India): 50 IT and Sales employees will be affected;

HP-STSD (Bangalore, India): 350 management positions will be eliminated;

Infor Global Solutions (Bangalore, India): 60 full-time positions (IT, mid-level management) will be cut.

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December 8, 2008

Rumor: Cisco Systems to lay off IT contractors

According to rumors from insider sources*, Cisco Systems to cancel several internal projects (including Web 2.0 and R&D projects), laying off IT contractors, most of them are H1B visa workers. Cisco IT contractors are not actual Cisco employees, they are working through ‘vendor’ companies (also known as ‘body shops’). But the layoffs are real. Most likely these layoffs will not be listed in the Company layoff statistics.

Update (02-04-2009): Cisco Systems: Possible large (up to 10 percent) jobs cut in 2009

Update (02-24-2009): Rumor: “1800 More just got laid off at Cisco”, Austin, TX

Update (02-25-2009): Cisco Confirms Global Job Cuts

Update (03-12-2009): Cisco quietly downsizing through outsourcing

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December 5, 2008

Rumor: H1B Layoff at Navis (a Zebra Technologies Company)

Rumor (according to insider info): “A Zebra Technologies Company to close their project called Navis, laying off software engineers, including H1B-visa holders. Severance package: 3 month”.

Submitted update  from one of our readers Christine: “Zebra Technologies, Vernon Hills, IL eliminates much of industry marketing department and several other positions in US and Europe. Including staff at RFID businesses as well as core barcode scanner businesses. Cost cutting to make the budgets and projects for the year likely to continue…”

December 3, 2008

Adobe cuts jobs, lowers revenue outlook

According to Reuters: “Adobe Systems Inc on Wednesday lowered is revenue outlook and said it will eliminate 600 jobs, or around 8 percent of its workforce, due to the weak economy, sending its stock down 7 percent in extended trading.

“The global economic crisis significantly impacted our revenue during the fourth quarter,” said Shantanu Narayen, the company’s chief executive, in a statement. “We have taken action to reduce our operating costs and fine-tune the focus of our resources on key strategic priorities.””

November 20, 2008

Layoff Tracker update (11/20/2008)

According to TechCrunch Layoff Tracker(11/20/2008, 12:00 pm PST):

Total Layoffs Since August 27, 2008: 225
Total Employees: 77,151

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