January 16, 2009

Blue Cross to lay off 1,000

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan announced major cutbacks today, including a workforce reduction of nearly 1,000 employees by the year’s end, cutbacks to executive pay and compensation, and a reduction in discretionary spending by 25 percent, the nonprofit health insurer confirmed in a press release this morning.

The state’s largest insurer will also seek to raise rates across all of its individual lines of insurance, which combined cover about 300,000 Michigan residents.

Source: The Detroit News

November 21, 2008

University of Texas Medical Branch begins laying off 3,000 positions

According to The Daily News: “The University of Texas Medical Branch campus, where a chorus of ambulance sirens once was constant and thousands of workers conducted the daily business of keeping a 550-bed hospital running, was somber and quiet Tuesday as the first of 3,000 people learned they no longer had jobs.
Most had worked at John Sealy Hospital, where workers will take the brunt of the massive cut.
Many had never worked any place except the medical branch.
Some who had held out hope their jobs would be spared sat in disbelief at the news. Others, minutes after being dismissed, attended classes to brush up their job-seeking skills.

Then, there were those who didn’t yet know. They waited in dread to enter rooms where their supervisors would deliver the news.

The University of Texas System regents last week authorized cutting up to 3,800 full-time equivalent positions after Hurricane Ike devastated the island campus that had employed 8,000 people.”

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