March 5, 2009

NY state lost 25 pct of new jobs since last decline

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According to Reuters: “New York state, in the final quarter of 2008, lost over 25 percent of the jobs it had gained since the last downturn, a statistic that reveals the deepening recession, the labor department said on Thursday.

This means 110,300 people working at private companies lost their jobs in just three months.

These employers had hired more than 400,000 people from July 2003, when the last decline ended, to August 2008, when the economy peaked, the state labor department’s report said.”

January 31, 2009

New NY law gives workers more advance notice of layoffs

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As of Sunday, more New York employers will have to give workers a heads-up about a proposed plant closing or mass layoff, and give the notices much earlier.

The state Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification act, or WARN, is a tougher version of a federal law with the same name:

  • It covers companies with at least 50 full-time employees, versus 100 under the federal law.
  • It requires at least a 90-day written advance notice for a mass layoff or plant closing, versus 60 days under the federal statute.
  • It is triggered when at least 25 employees are laid off, if they make up 33 percent of the workforce, or when a company lays off at least 250 full-time employees. That contrasts with the federal provision, which is triggered when a company lays off 500 employees or 50 to 499 workers, if they make up at least 33 percent of the workforce.


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