February 10, 2009

Lawsuit is filed over Qimonda layoffs

A laid-off Qimonda worker is suing the Munich (Germany) DRAM chip maker for two months’ pay and benefits in a federal class-action case. It is alleged that the worker – Carl Jackson – and others were not given the 60-day written notice of their terminations, or 60 days’ pay, that the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification — WARN — Act requires.

Court papers estimated the damages sought at $20 million but, said New York employment-rights lawyer Raisner, “it could be much less, it could be much more,” depending on the number of employees affected and their actual wages and benefits.

Qimonda announced 1,500 layoffs — including Jackson’s, the court papers said — at its memory-chip plant in Sandston[,VA] this week. Those came on top of 1,200 job cuts last fall.

Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch

November 21, 2008

Qimonda night shift on edge about layoffs

According to NBC12: “Workers with Henrico’s Qimonda company headed into work yesterday, not knowing if they’d have a job come December. On Monday, the memory-chip company announced cuts to nearly half its Sandston-based workforce.

The plant that employs 3,000 people will soon be trimming its workforce nearly in half. Beginning in December, 1,200 employees at Qimonda will be laid off.”

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