March 23, 2009

212 Boston teachers to be laid-off

More than 550 Boston school department employees could be out of a job and 212 of those employees are teachers.

WBZ has learned that Boston Superintendent Carol Johnson is scheduled to submit a budget to the school committee on Wednesday and that budget will call for lay-offs. Notices will then go out between Wednesday and May 1st.

Source: WBZ

March 13, 2009

California Teachers to Rally as 26,000 Job Cuts Loom

California teachers are set to hold protests in more than a dozen cities today as about 26,000 may lose their jobs because of spending cuts the Legislature approved last month to keep the state from running out of money.

School districts across the most-populous U.S. state have been warning thousands of teachers that they may be fired as a result of California’s declining tax collections.

Not all teachers receiving notices will lose their jobs. Last year, about half were ultimately let go, according to the teachers union.

Source: Bloomberg

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