February 11, 2009

US Airways to cut 233 jobs

US Airways Group Inc. will eliminate 233 fleet-service and passenger-service positions in 10 cities. The company cites reduced flights, the loss of service contracts with other airlines and decreased attrition rates.

The majority of cuts are slated to occur in Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and Tucson, Ariz. Affected employees will be offered jobs at other US Airways’ locations or severance pay.

Source: Charlotte Business Journal

December 16, 2008

Airline employment fell 5.7 percent in October

According to AP and Forbes: “The nation’s airlines cut jobs by 5.7 percent in October to the lowest total since 1993 as they operated fewer flights than a year ago, according to a federal report Tuesday.”
“The agency said U.S. scheduled passenger airlines employed the equivalent of 394,300 full-time workers in October. Two part-time workers are counted as one full-time employee.”

According to comments: “The biggest cuts by percentage were at United Airlines, down 9.9 percent; Delta, 5.7 percent; and Northwest, 5.1 percent. US Airways cut 5 percent of its work force; American trimmed 3.9 percent; and Continental Airlines cut 3.8 percent. Alaska Air grew by 0.2 percent.”

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